Thinking About Change: Lighting Technology And Lighting Enterprises In The New Era

- Jun 25, 2018-

The lighting industry from the white school to LED lights, is a subversive change, driving the rapid growth of the lighting industry over the past few years, with the LED lights into thousands of households, the popularity rate has been increasing, the new problems followed, the next round of LED lighting growth will come from?——LED lighting

On -11 June 9th, the twenty-third Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was successfully held in the exhibition center of Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. The theme conference invites global lighting elite and experts, leading enterprises and high-tech companies inside and outside the industry, covering more than dozens of different topics of speech, and heated discussion on lighting frontier ideas and latest technologies around lighting technology innovation, intelligent material association, and the impact of lighting technology change on industry. The opening session was presided over by Mr. Tang Guoqing, chairman of SEMI China LED Industry Committee.——LED lighting

Moderator: Mr. Tang Guoqing, chairman of China SEMI LED Industry Committee

In the conference, Bao Sifeng, a member of the board of the Frankfurt general company, and the chairman of the Guangzhou Guangya Convention and Exhibition Group, and the director of the Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., respectively, delivered a speech by Dr. Pan Wenbo. Mr. bausion first expressed his heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all of you. He also said: "the Frankfurt lighting exhibition is the top industry event in the world and a platform for displaying lighting solutions." For a long time, we have invested a lot of resources to actively develop this exhibition market and develop exhibition business in various parts of China. "——LED lighting

Mr. Bao Sifeng, member of the board of directors of Frankfurt General Corporation.

Dr. Pan Wenbo also expressed the warm welcome to the guests and the audience, and said: "Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is not only a business platform, but also a gathering of global industry wisdom and industry experts. The future of lighting is full of possibilities. We hope that the participants can inspire themselves here, plan new ideals and bring about new breakthroughs.

Dr. Pan Wenbo, director of Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Group and director of Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd.

The next forum is Mr. Xiang Diming, general manager of professional channels of China, Mr. Shao Haigang, director of Development Department of HUAWEI technology limited, Ms. Cao Lei, manager of the project manager of the Internet of things of China Mobile Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Han Min, sales director of OSRAM China, Yao Mengming, Ou Puzhao flying China District lighting design, Ou Puzhao and Ou Puzhao The chief technical officer, director and deputy general manager Mr. Qi Xiaoming, Mr. Hong Xiaosong, vice president of Rex, President and chief executive officer of OSRAM China and chief technical officer Liu Guoxu of yimemei Light Technology Co., Ltd. have also made excellent speeches and exchanges.——LED lighting

Speaking in big cafe, the idea of lighting is wonderful

Mr. Xiang Diming, the general manager of China's professional channel, has brought a speech entitled "NB-IoT landing", which mainly expounds the application of NB-IoT technology in intelligent city and intelligent lighting. He proposed that lighting enterprises should reflect on two aspects of "whether lighting is a good carrier of the Internet of things and whether urban road lighting is more meaningful to intelligent cities". Next, he enumerated the significance of turning street lights into intelligent street lamps based on NB-IoT, including the management of street lamp assets. "Through the analysis of data, the mining of large data, including the integration with the other smart cities and the data link, we can see the feasibility of bringing about the management of urban wisdom more easily." At the same time, from Xin Nuo Fei's existing products such as environmental sensors, noise sensors and road sensors, he proposed a two-way cooperative creation by the Future Ltd.——LED lighting

Mr. Xiang Diming, general manager of the professional channel of Xin Nuo Fei China

The speech of Mr. Shao Haigang, director of HUAWEI chip industry development, is entitled "5G, building an intelligent world of all things". He introduced the specific meaning and advantages and disadvantages of eMBB, mMTC and uRLLC, and then explained the advantages of the comparison between NB-IoT and GPRS, including long battery life, gain, low cost and large connection. He also introduced the relationship between 5G and NB-IoT, "the narrow band in 5G will be implemented by NB-IoT and eMTC, so the evolution of the NB-IoT technology is carrying on the big connection of 5G, and the big connections of the future 5G can be seen with the bulk of the NB-IoT application technology." For the specific application of NB-IoT, he listed "intelligent control of street lighting, road management, water meters, smoke, smoke detectors and traffic signs" and so on.——LED lighting

Mr. Shao Haigang, director of the development of HUAWEI chip industry

Ms. Lu Yan, product director of OSRAM Asia Pacific, has published a report entitled "future urban development". "There are three main aspects of the future city brightening trend: in order to improve urban vitality, urban managers actively expand the city's nightscape lighting; at the same time seek advanced urban management and new technological means to carry out more intelligent implementation; the city is actively expanding to the city of wisdom." However, for the challenges faced by urban lighting, enterprises need to tap these needs. She also stressed that "B2B is to dig deep to understand the core of the requirements of the owners, and only by truly understanding it can we make a powerful creation." In her speech, she also introduced the company's new platform, SymphoCity, including its system architecture, functions and differences.——LED lighting

Ms. Lu Yan, product director of OSRAM Asia Pacific Region

Mr. Qi Xiaoming, chief technology officer, director and deputy general manager of OPPLE lighting, discussed cross border cooperation to create the value of light. He first analyzed the current situation and changes in the lighting market, including the development of lighting technology, the application of lighting and the change of intelligent control methods, and published the views on the intelligent ecosystem. "We are also an extremely large ecological environment, all the mobile ecological environment, from the beginning of exploration, development, maintenance and so on." There will be a difference in every ecology. " Next, he introduced the process of OPPLE lighting products from the real needs of users to R & D and manufacturing. He stressed that before the research and development of the design of the product must be to develop the performance of the product and the application of the smart ecosystem, "we have a full understanding of the system architecture, such as sensor, bus structure, APP, communication protocol, these three pieces are good to do a real smart lighting solution base. The foundation. "——LED lighting

Mr. Qi Xiaoming, chief technology officer, director and deputy general manager of OPPLE lighting

Gu Na, President and chief executive officer of OSRAM China, delivered a speech on "people and lighting" from the perspective of OSRAM. First, OSRAM's transformation background and new mission. "We should make good use of the potential of lighting and improve people's lives." He said. With its mission, OSRAM has developed from three areas: mobile travel, mobile travel is a very important field in the context of the development of cars, environmental pollution, the pursuit of fresh air in big cities, and the urbanization of China. Two is the smart city, the population base of China is large, market and industry, especially In the digital and electronic industries, the development of intelligent cities is promoted. The three is intelligent terminals and intelligent devices.

Mr. Gu Na, President and chief executive officer of OSRAM China

The title of Mr. Liu Guoxu, chief technical officer of yimemi Light Technology Co., Ltd. is "high light quality, healthy lighting: the innovation and development trend of LED packaging devices". He first introduced the specific connotation of high quality health light, "high quality lighting, first of all the comfort, followed by authenticity, that is, the saturation of color, and then safety and health." With regard to the scheme of high quality white light, two methods are proposed, one is to simulate the light source of high quality and full spectrum produced by natural light, and the two is to produce a high quality full spectrum light source by modulating the color temperature and brightness. At the same time, Mr. Liu Guoxu focused on the full spectrum and the natural regulation of circadian rhythm. Finally, he said: "LED lighting has risen from the demand for light and cost to the pursuit of light quality and health. We use phosphor and LED encapsulation technology to simulate the continuous light power distribution of standard light sources, reduce high energy blue light, supplement the absence of green light, enhance the lack of red light, and realize full spectral lighting."——LED lighting

Mr. Liu Guoxu, chief technology officer of Yimei core technology Co., Ltd.

The expert discussion, the lighting point of view drastic collision

At this time of thinking of lighting and thinking about the theme of changing the theme of "understanding", in addition to the speech of the big CAFA in your industry, the audience also exchanged in - depth with all the guests on the field, and discussed some of the puzzles in the lighting industry.

The guests talked about their ideas around the "new era and new lighting". Shao Haigang said: "the combination of lighting and lighting started from NB-IoT, and HUAWEI started from NB-IoT to develop the Internet of things, thus promoting the development of lighting in smart city". Ms. Cao Lei, from the cooperation of China Mobile in intelligent street lighting and the development of 5G network, emphasized that intelligent lighting is closely related to everyone's life. Mr. Han Min points out that the change in the lighting industry comes from the entry of LED and communications, from a system of mechanical processing to a little electronic machinery industry to an electronic communication industry; he also stresses that "there is a great variety of possibilities for smart lighting."——LED lighting

Yao Mengming believes that the lighting industry is changing and unchanged, the change is the demand for lighting and the enthusiasm for the industry. It is becoming more and more important in the whole market of China and more people from various industries to join the market. Mr. Qi Xiaoming said: "with the development of LED and the Internet of things, the lighting market is changing very much. We are constantly strengthening cooperation to make things more beautiful." Mr. Hong Xiaosong, as an example of Rex, emphasizes that "a very important point in lighting is to meet the needs of people's life form" and that "how to use the means of lighting and new technology to meet the needs of our lives in various forms is a new topic for lighting people."——LED lighting

On the topic of "how to change the new lighting in the new era," Mr. Shao Haigang explained from the combination of NB-IoT and the lighting industry and the price of the chip in two aspects. Ms. Cao Lei suggests that enterprises will introduce some sensor technologies to reduce the cost of lighting industry rapidly through scale effect. Han Min uses the six words of "positioning, focusing and changing" to describe the direction of enterprise transformation. Mr. Yao Mengming stressed that "innovation is still something we must insist on doing". Mr. Qi Xiaoming believes that enterprises should build the value of new light together with the power of all platforms. Mr. Hong Xiaosong said: "we should pay more attention to the concept of" people based lighting "in the field of lighting.——LED lighting

On the subject of our theme "thinking and changing the grid", Han Min believes that "the changes in the lighting industry are the best time for Chinese enterprises." We expect that with the constant changes in the lighting industry and the continuous introduction of new technologies, the lighting industry will usher in a better new era.——LED lighting

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