This Group Of Shenzhen City Construction Participants See Shenzhen Lighting Show Like This

- Feb 21, 2019-

The Economist commented: "In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the most remarkable practice in China is the special economic zone. There are more than 4,000 special economic zones in the world, and the number one success model is the Shenzhen Miracle.

Looking back on the great course of reform and opening up in the past 40 years, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is undoubtedly an important window for China's reform and opening up and an important specimen for testing the achievements of China's reform and opening up.

On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, Shenzhen presented the fortieth anniversary of reform and opening-up with a large-scale lighting show with the theme of "Window of Reform and Opening-up", which aroused wide attention of people from all walks of life. For a while, there were mixed praises and criticisms for the lighting show. Shenzhen, as a window and experimental field for the reform and opening up of the whole country, what does this lighting show bring to Shenzhen?

On October 12, 2018, Aladdin National Urban Lighting Survey Shenzhen Station invited representatives of Shenzhen's government departments, associations of societies and engineering design units to conduct a field survey. As participants in Shenzhen's urban construction, how do they see the lighting show?

Zhong Zhenzong, Minister of Landscape Lighting, Shenzhen Lighting Environment Management Center

This round of landscape lighting in Shenzhen has been carried out since the end of 2017. The design comes from well-known domestic design enterprises. The construction team mainly comes from the local double-A units in Shenzhen. They have a better understanding of the development of Shenzhen city and the practical experience of participating in the construction of landscape lighting in Xiamen, Hangzhou, Qingdao and other cities. Therefore, the improvement of landscape lighting has basically achieved the initial expected effect.

The media curtain wall is used in Futian Central District of Shenzhen and Houhai Central District of Nanshan, but each has its own characteristics. The Citizen Center is located in the central area of Fukuda, which links 42 buildings around it to form a "U" shaped space. The Citizen Square is in the middle of the "U" shaped space and becomes the best viewing point. The theme of lighting performance is divided into four chapters: the city of mountains and seas, the window of reform, the capital of innovation and the harmonious environment. At the end of the performance, Shenzhen welcomes you. It shows that Shenzhen is an open and inclusive city with all kinds of rivers and rivers. It also reflects the spirit and characteristics of Shenzhen's open and inclusive city.

Before the landscape lighting upgrade, Shenzhen made a detailed upgrade plan. In addition to completing the lighting performances along Shennan Avenue and the central urban area, it also focused on improving the functional lighting of pedestrian scale, including pedestrian overpasses, underground passages and so on. Street trees along Shennan Avenue and small sculptures along intersections, surrounding small squares and parks have been upgraded for functional lighting.

In terms of landscape lighting management, Shenzhen's urban landscape lighting management has exchanged experiences with many cities in China, and formulated management methods suitable for Shenzhen, such as the Yangtze River Delta region for the city's management is relatively sophisticated and humane, which is worth learning.

Xu Chaopeng, Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen City Lighting Society

From this year's upsurge of landscape lighting lighting, it is not difficult to find that lighting designers are playing an increasingly important role in the whole project. From the traditional one-hit finalization, to now fully respect the original design, Shenzhen's landscape lighting upgrade has set a good benchmark for the industry, which is a breakthrough!

As a third-party platform of the industry, it has the responsibility to disseminate positive energy for the industry. The development of the industry is a continuous process, we need to give the industry a strong heart, and the industry can continue to develop, enterprises can really be full of vitality.

Secretary-General of Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Promotion Association

On the fortieth anniversary of the reform and opening up, great changes have taken place in Shenzhen. Urban construction is changing with each passing day. Landscape lighting has been gradually promoted, such as the brightening of Shennan Avenue, Citizen Center, Nanshan Shenzhen Bay and Talent Park.

This round of promotion of Shenzhen's urban night lighting can be described as "beautiful", showing the unique urban temperament of Shenzhen. Since the "Shenzhen City Lighting Special Plan" was promulgated, from 2017 to 2018, the Shenzhen Municipal Government has invested a lot of money, the overall design of avant-garde fashion designers and Shenzhen's highly concentrated industrial advantages, which make Shenzhen's urban night scenery magnificent and glorious. Colors are more attractive than daytime.

With the development of nightscape economy, promoting the consumption of night tourists and stimulating economic growth will bring more benefits than disadvantages. Everyone likes the beautiful night scenery of a city. The night scenery of a city represents the economic prosperity or not of a place. As practitioners, we hope to make the city more beautiful and colorful with perfect lighting.

Vice President of Qiu Weiliade Lighting Co., Ltd.

Urban lighting is divided into functional lighting and landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is the utilization and development of landscape resources to improve the quality of the light environment. Shenzhen Special Administrative Region has long had this recognition. The government has set up Shenzhen Lighting Environment Management Center as the management function department of urban lighting. In view of this round of Shenzhen landscape lighting promotion, Futian Central District, Nanshan Shenzhen Bay District and Luohu Business District have all been very successful. Other regions also have their own characteristics. With Shennan Avenue as the main axis, the surrounding dynamic and static are appropriate. Lighting shows in Citizen Center Square transform public space into shared space and become the trigger point of night scenery. Its demonstration effect affects China and even the whole country. The world.

However, most of the different voices come from the industry. Some people think that the lighting show is too flashy and light pollution exists. Others compare it with developed areas in Europe and America. As professionals, we should recognize that landscape lighting benefits many aspects of urban development. According to official data, during the 11th anniversary of this year, the Citizen Center attracted nearly a million people from both domestic and foreign tourists. What is more intuitive than voting by foot?

The window of China's reform and opening-up and the frontier cities are full of expectations for Shenzhen. The achievements of improving the lighting environment that we are experiencing now make me feel the splendor of the city night! "Innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing" concept of development has been implemented in Shenzhen's promotion action, and the drainage effect produced further confirms the light show brought to the city. The city's sense of acquisition.

Wang Danqing, Executive Director of Design Institute of Shenzhen Mingjiahui Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

When the media curtain wall is rising all over the country, it is also the time when the public's opposition to landscape lighting is at its peak. In fact, the media curtain wall is only a form of lighting. The media curtain wall can not represent the landscape lighting, but the landscape lighting can control the performance of the media curtain wall. As a lighting practitioner, we should see that the emergence of the media curtain wall represents the progress of science and technology and lighting products. Imagine if there were lamps and prices of the media curtain wall twenty or thirty years ago. How exciting the accountant will be, how happy the owner will be, in fact, this is the most intuitive feeling brought about by technological progress.

Mingjiahui participated in the Shenzhen Bay project in Nanshan. The original design idea was to highlight the characteristics of Nanshan. It has not only the lively Festival mode, but also the structural characteristics of the building itself in the normal mode. For example, some buildings are one of the buildings in the whole stage of performance. If they want to be integrated into the whole stage of performance, they need to present the pictorial effect we give them, and they need the media curtain wall to realize it. But what can the lighting design of this building do without participating in the grand performance? Can it reflect the three-dimensional sense and texture of modern architecture and the scientific and technological sense of art of technology companies? Art creation is very important, which requires designers to exert their imagination to examine and understand the design subject in depth, to refine and summarize the artistic effect.

As a direct participant in the promotion of landscape lighting in Shenzhen, we turned on the lights smoothly under tight time and heavy tasks. When the lights came on, we saw the approval from the eyes of the citizens, and the burden in our hearts really fell. Although the front-line workers and designers on the scene were tired, they were very proud at that time because we were all fighting for the same goal. We are all Shenzhen lighting people!

Yuan Weiming, Director/Assistant Chairman of Design Center of Shenzhen Kaiming Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd.

Taking the opportunity of the fortieth anniversary of reform and opening up, Shenzhen has promoted the overall night view of Futian Central District of Shenzhen, and prepared a feast of light and shadow for the citizens, commemorating the fortieth anniversary of reform and development, the "brilliant new era" lighting show.

As early as 15 years ago, Kaiming had the privilege of participating in the lighting design and construction of the Citizen Center in 2003. Therefore, this year's renewal of the frontier with the Citizen Center seems to be a kind of romantic meeting as scheduled. Citizen Center covers an area of 910,000 square meters, about twice the area of Tian'anmen Square. The spacious square should have been a place for citizens to concentrate on playing. However, due to the special geographical location, fewer citizens come here for activities. Therefore, the biggest challenge of this lighting show is how to let the citizen center stay in the hearts of the citizens, so as to realize the ideological purpose of the citizen center to establish the "government without walls" in that year.

As a local unit in Shenzhen, we hope to give Shenzhen citizens and Chinese and foreign tourists the night scene lighting with Shenzhen's imprint. We combine Shenzhen's own personality and characteristics to create, and carefully control and sublimate the content of the lighting show, so as to arouse the resonance of Shenzhen citizens and give Shenzhen's hard-working young people a reason to stay in Shenzhen.

According to official statistics, during the 7 days of National Day, 860,000 people have been "punching in" at the civic center, which is undoubtedly an affirmation of our "brilliant new era" lighting show in Futian Central District of Shenzhen. From the preliminary debugging to the present, we have also received many voices of doubt, summed up three points: first, the waste of taxpayers'money; second, the whole project is very power-intensive; third, the light pollution problem. In fact, the total investment of the project is about 238 million yuan. Compared with the construction of parks, stadiums and other places, it is a public construction project with high cost performance. As for energy consumption, according to the holidays, there are three times a day, and the electricity charge for each event is 839 yuan. When there is no light show, the whole media facade is in the basic mode. All the lighting brightness and dynamic changes are strictly controlled in a color system. The time of each show is also strictly controlled, and the brightness is controlled at the lowest standard.

Special Assistant to General Manager of Domestic Lighting Department of Liu Banglei Sichuan Jiuzhou Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

"Brilliant New Age" Shenzhen Central District People's Square Nightscape Lighting Show bursts the circle of Chinese friends, is not as well known. This time in Futian Citizens'Center, experience a series of shocking technology, as well as the 40 years of reform and opening up in Shenzhen, which fluctuated with the joy of the crowd, brilliant, beautiful, passionate. Along Shennan Avenue, we can enjoy the functional lighting along the central axis of the city and the brightening night scenery of the buildings. The four chapters of Shenzhen Lighting Show, the City of Mountains and Seas, the Window of Reform, the Capital of Innovation and the Land of Harmony, are characterized by grand structure, momentum and exciting time. They are deeply imprinted in my mind by "passion for innovation and the beauty of my country".

This year, I have the honor to visit and enjoy some urban landscape lighting projects. Each city has its own characteristics in its lighting manifestations, and its urban characteristics and regional cultural connotations are also different. But it's not hard to find that everywhere emphasizes that the landscape lighting style should conform to the cultural style of the city. And how to use landscape lighting, building lighting means, more profound, rich, three-dimensional display of a city's cultural heritage and spiritual implications, it is worth every landscape lighting industry practitioners to think deeply.

Relying on its unique advantages of manufacturing industry clustering, as well as the forward-looking urban development consciousness of Shenzhen's administrative departments and the strong engineering design and implementation force of enterprises, Shenzhen has perfectly dedicated a splendid visual feast of "69th anniversary of the founding of New China, 40th anniversary of Shenzhen's reform and opening up" to the citizens and Chinese at home and abroad, which fully embodies Shenzhen's "new" and "passionate" city. Culture.

Ten years to see Shenzhen, the "miracle city" of the reform tide; a hundred years to see Shanghai, China's modern trend charm model; a thousand years to see Beijing, ancient civilized capital, modern international metropolis; a thousand years to see Xi'an, witness the vicissitudes of the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

Shenzhen, as the representative of the pilot cities of China's reform and opening up, is a window for China to go to the world and attracts the attention of the whole country. Shenzhen does not need to rely on landscape lighting to stimulate local economic development. She pays attention to improving the quality of life of citizens, improving people's living standards, and showing the world her spiritual style. This is Shenzhen Humanities, which is the real value and social significance of this Shenzhen "brilliant new era" night scene lighting show.