This Week's Brilliant Collection Of LED Circle Enterprise Actions And Various New Technologies

- Mar 19, 2019-

Recently, LED Circle has been reorganizing its business, changing its personnel and adjusting its strategy to cope with the changes of various internal and external environments, such as acquisition, investment company, enterprise replacement, sale, clearing operator company, etc. On the other hand, in the research of LED technology, there are constantly new discoveries that make people bright, showing the unlimited possibilities of the development of the LED industry.

[Selected news]

Delta buys US LED lighting schemes and expands lighting product portfolio

Delta Electronics announced its acquisition of Amerlux, a U.S. LED lighting company, on August 8. The two sides have completed the signing of the contract and are expected to complete the transaction in the second quarter of 2019. Delta said the goal of the acquisition was to strengthen the product mix of lighting fixtures, improve the intelligent green solutions, and move towards the goal of sustainable smart buildings and smart cities.

Eaton Lighting Business Hitty, a leader, focused on building new companies

On March 1, Eaton, an American lighting company, announced in an e-mail to customers and channel partners that it would split its lighting business and establish an independent listed company, hoping to complete the split by the end of this year. In a letter to customers and channel providers, Eaton said Curt Hutchins would join the team to lead Eaton's lighting business. In the new position, Curt will be committed to the establishment of a new company and the success of the company's business.

Tailong Lighting intends to invest 3 million yuan to set up a joint venture company of lighting engineering

On November 11th, Tailong Lighting announced that it plans to establish a joint venture company Zhangzhou Tailong Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. with Li Ying, senior manager of the Engineering Department of Tailong (Fujian) Commercial Lighting Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the joint venture company is RMB 5 million. The company contributes RMB 3 million yuan in monetary form, accounting for 60% of the registered capital; Li Ying contributes RMB 2 million yuan in monetary form, accounting for 40% of the registered capital.

Guoxing Optoelectronics 15.7 million yuan to sell 100% stake in subsidiary Xinye Guoxing

On the 14th, Guoxing Photoelectric announced that it would transfer 100% of the shares of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Xinye County Guoxing Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd., for 15.7 million yuan. Recently, Guoxing has signed the Property Rights Transaction Contract with Jinmao Standardized Factory Investment Co., Ltd. in Xinye County.

Infineon and Abyson cancelled their subsidiaries and Sun respectively.

On the 12th, Infineon and Ibsen announced the cancellation of their subsidiaries and Sun Corp. respectively.

Intel announced its decision to liquidate and cancel its Cayman subsidiary. Cayman subsidiary was established on May 11, 2018, with registered capital of 50,000 US dollars. Since its establishment, it has not carried out actual business. Considering the current global strategic planning of the company, it will further integrate and optimize the allocation of existing resources and achieve the company's global strategic layout.

According to the company's business development plan, in order to further integrate and optimize the allocation of existing resources, reduce management costs and improve the overall operating efficiency of the company, Abyson decided to cancel the wholly-owned Sun Company, Shenzhen Qianhai Abyson Commercial Services Co., Ltd., and has recently completed the cancellation.

[New technologies, new discoveries]

Motorcycle clothing is equipped with LED light module, and road visibility is improved.

Motorcycle clothing manufacturer Held is working with Osram to improve road visibility by adding OSRAM LED modules to its existing product line. This can provide better visibility and safety for motorcyclists at night, in foggy weather and similar conditions.

Danish primary schools adopt dynamic color-matching LED lighting to promote students'learning

According to foreign media reports, Herstedlund Primary School in Albertslund, Denmark, has put in dynamic color-matching LED lighting, which can switch between warm color temperature (3000K), cold white temperature (4000K) and cold color temperature (6000K) in order to improve students'attention during the afternoon break. Change lighting mood three times a day on average.

Light affects the physiological rhythm. Lighting may help people to get up difficultly.

KAIST has proposed that blue-enriched LED light can effectively improve morning wakefulness. This research has become a further support for the development of human-induced lighting, and provides a basis for dramatically changing future lighting strategies.

New Discovery: Vertical Integrated GaN LED Helps Develop Micro LED Display

Researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States have designed a new vertical integrated GaN LED structure, which can help improve the efficiency of micro LED display. They integrated nanowire GaN field-effect transistors (FETs) with GaN LED. In this innovative new structure, transistors are placed under LEDs for control and dimming.

Increasing knowledge and proper lighting can help reduce food waste

It is reported that in order to solve the fading problem of meat products, British supermarket Coop used Philips InteGrade narrow-beam lamps (using low-power LED chips and 30 degree narrow-beam technology) to carry out experiments. The results showed that the proper use of LED lamps was the first choice to reduce the fading problem of meat products, and helped to reduce food waste.