Tianjin Will Transform Street Lamps And Create Night Scenes Of Lights To Comprehensively Improve Urban Lighting

- Jul 17, 2019-

On July 12, tianjin municipal administrative committee announced the organization and implementation plan of tianjin street light "1001 project" and the implementation plan of comprehensively promoting urban management to welcome National Day, respectively concerning the renovation and upgrading of street light facilities in tianjin and the creation of nightscape lighting to comprehensively improve urban lighting.

We will transform and upgrade street lighting facilities and promote the construction of smart cities

According to the official information, in order to fully implement the "regulations of tianjin city lighting management", further improve the urban lighting management level, beautify and brighten the urban night environment, and improve the urban environmental quality, the decision was made to upgrade the street lighting facilities in tianjin city and implement the "1001 project".

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of this project, the organization and implementation work plan of tianjin street lamp "1001 project" was formulated.

According to the implementation plan, this project mainly includes five tasks.

It is to transform ageing equipment, eliminate safety hidden danger.

The existing aging lamps, lamp posts, cables, box transformer and other street lighting facilities will be intensively updated and renovated, so as to make up the deficiencies of the facilities and ensure the people's livelihood and safety.

To tunnel, culvert, overpass, back street, alley and other lighting weak points, blind spots to upgrade.

Second, optimize the power supply network to achieve intelligent monitoring.

Optimize the street lamp power supply network in the central city to improve the reliability of power supply;

We will improve the coverage of all kinds of intelligent monitoring equipment, and carry out single-light monitoring transformation in important support areas such as the vicinity of the municipal government as planned, so as to improve the intelligent monitoring capacity.

Third, carry out pilot applications and build smart street lamps.

South railway station to tianjin, tianjin west railway station, tianjin station and youyi road, five avenue, Italian custom area, such as the key part for the pilot, to carry out intelligent street light construction, implementation to light pole as the carrier, through the front-end awareness and network coverage for municipal, transportation, security and other professional services, to build to build, work, and win-win Internet ecosystem, support tianjin wisdom urban construction.

Fourth, adopt energy-saving products to achieve green development.

Transform the existing mercury light source, replace the high-energy-consumption and low-efficiency lighting lamps with high-efficiency and low-energy-consumption LED lighting lamps and energy-saving lamps, and realize the green and sustainable replacement development of lighting facilities.

Fifth, the formulation of special planning, improve the lighting system.

On the basis of absorbing other urban lighting planning practices and ideas, professional personnel, professional teams and social forces are organized to make careful planning, careful organization and scientific planning, so as to ensure the completion of tianjin urban lighting special planning with high standards, high standards and high quality by the end of 2019.

It is understood that the three-year transformation cycle of the project (2019-2021) will be completed within 36 months after the approval of the project.

Previously, tianjin finance bureau learned that the city financial administration arranged 300 million yuan for the street lamp "1001 project" project.

The construction of this project mainly includes renovation of existing aging street light sources, lamps, transformers, switch cabinets and other facilities, and promotion of replacement and renovation of intelligent comprehensive light poles, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan.

The implementation of this project will realize the development of urban lighting quality, effectively improve the urban lighting effect, and enhance the technological content of street lighting facilities.

Efforts to create a night lighting, the overall improvement of urban lighting

Tianjin city management commission issued "on the implementation plan for the comprehensive promotion of urban management to welcome National Day" mentioned that tianjin will focus on creating night lighting and comprehensively improve urban lighting.

On the one hand, tianjin will further enhance the management of night lighting construction.

That is to do a good repair of the facade media lighting, the Olympic sports center, haihejinwan square, maoye building, holiday inn and other key areas to carry out a piece-by - block inspection, eliminate lighting discontinuity, opening and closing synchronization, picture instability and other problems.

Promote the night lighting effect in youyi road, youyi north road and xiaobailou area, consolidate and improve the lighting group around the back square of tianjin station, promote the "four simultaneous" construction of night lighting for new projects on both sides of haihe river, and strive to create a beautiful "night tianjin", highlighting the charm of an international metropolis.

Strengthen daily management, do a comprehensive investigation, ensure that the city night lighting on rate and completion rate of 100%.

On the other hand, tianjin will further improve the street lighting maintenance management.

As "zero fault, street lamp without flashing, work zero error, service zero complaint" as the goal, the lighting facilities to carry out the inspection tour, to organize of overhead line, the lack of lighting lamps and lanterns and light source, run unstable, and so on and so forth comprehensive management, to ensure that the level of road lighting rate of 99%, secondary and tertiary road lights on rate of 98.5%.

Timely solve the problem of no lighting, broken lighting and other problems reported by the masses, to ensure that the treatment cycle of all kinds of lighting faults does not exceed 48 hours.