To Improve Students'attention, Danish Primary Schools Use Dynamic Color-matching Lighting

- Mar 12, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, Herstedlund Primary School in Albertslund, Denmark, has put in dynamic color-matching LED lighting, which can switch between warm color temperature (3000K), cold white temperature (4000K) and cold color temperature (6000K) in order to improve students'attention during the afternoon break.

Lighting is controlled by the lighting management system with internet function and APP. There are four pre-set lighting scenes, which can be controlled by teachers, changing lighting mood three times a day on average.

In addition, teachers can adjust the color setting and light intensity of all the lamps in the classroom independently.

It is reported that seasonal sunshine differences and classroom layout will have an impact on lighting conditions.

Generally speaking, the 6000K color temperature is cooled to cope with the low energy period after lunch, while the warm white light provides a relaxing atmosphere for rest.

Researchers used lighting infrastructure and lighting management systems to collect data on the use of light in classrooms over a three-month period.

The findings are now summarized in a recently published study which claims that lighting promotes learning in primary schools.