Toshiba Plans To Close A Lighting Plant, Japan's LED Lighting Market Will Peak?

- Sep 23, 2018-

On March 14, Toshiba Lighting & Technology, a subsidiary of Toshiba, announced in a press release that, in order to improve production efficiency, the mutsu plant producing LED Lighting will be closed at the end of March 2019, and production will be concentrated in the lutsu plant, which is expected to expand production space to produce products currently produced in the mutsu plant.

As of September 1, 2018, the number of employees at the numazu factory was 235 and the number of employees at the numazu factory was 367.

LED has advantages such as power savings over fluorescent lights, but the price competition has intensified, the nikkei reported.

Although LED lighting continues to grow in Japan's domestic lighting market, it is estimated that the market will peak in 2020, and there is increasingly fierce competition between domestic LED lighting manufacturers such as Panasonic and Hitachi Appliances and overseas manufacturers such as mainland China and Taiwan.