Track Down The Curtain, And The Journey Is Full.

- Oct 24, 2018-

The "Visit to the Central Plains, Mu Song Glory" tour, sponsored by China Decoration Architecture Association and co-sponsored by Opel Lighting, ended on October 23. Excellent lighting designers and industry designers in the final of the 10th Zhurong Award in 2018, with the love of lighting design industry, start from here to find the source of Song Dynasty culture.——LED lighting

Before the official opening of the inspection, the three organizers, Zhurong Award Organizing Committee, launched a "fanning" link to build friendship for the designers who met for the first time. In the final stage of the reception, Mr. Zhang Yufeng, the Secretary-General of China Architectural Decoration Association, and Mr. Wang Yu-dong, the design director of Opel Lighting Business Department, were led by the sponsor and the co-sponsor. In the witness of the whole audience, they stamped the start of the event as a journey of Zhurong Award.——LED lighting

Reflections on interactive design of historical monuments

The Longmen Grottoes, excavated in the reign of Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty, are one of the treasures of Chinese stone carving art that attract many visitors to see the magnificent features. Designers have experienced the vicissitudes of history from the caves. They feel the impression of the times in the museum at close quarters, and keep close contact with nature during the visit. The designer has explored the unknown way of design.——LED lighting

Searching for the unique oriental culture of Ru kiln culture

"It's hard to be perfect without you in the Museum of the World." The research group in Ru Porcelain Museum of Ruzhou explored the origin of Ru Porcelain. Ru kiln, as an important part of culture, has a very high artistic taste. In order to feel the porcelain forged by the kiln fire, the delegation arrived at Zhujiaru kiln. Zhu Xiaohui explained Ru porcelain culture, extraordinary craft and implicit oriental aesthetics for the delegation, and the unique essence of the art palace of the Northern Song Dynasty imperial palace. China has nowhere to go.——LED lighting

Sharing and listening to Chinese style design

At the symposium, Professor Zhu Yimin, the architect of Luoyang Guoyuan Architecture Project and the assistant professor of the Department of Architecture, South China University of Technology, shared his experience on the field construction cases. He believed that the architect's control over the construction materials and techniques was an urgent problem to be solved. To construct a complete building with a professional attitude, we should make the tradition and the present. We should make good use of new materials and concepts, keep good communication with the construction party, and expound our own views on other specific construction operations.——LED lighting

This trip to Luoyang has yielded fruitful results. During this trip, the designers of Zhurong Award were impressed by the unique craftsmanship, the profound culture and the spirit of craftsmen. Farewell Luoyang for the time being. As the photo of Opel, the spirit of searching for the source of Chinese design will continue.——LED lighting

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