Transparent Screen, Small Spacing As The Main Highlight-direct-hit Shenzhen International LED Exhibition

- Feb 25, 2019-

On February 21, the 15th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition, the 11th Shenzhen International Digital Signage Exhibition and the 17th Shenzhen International Advertising and Logo Exhibition opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center for three days. As one of the important "wind vanes" of the LED industry, the exhibition attracted major manufacturers to come to the exhibition.

It is reported that the exhibition gathered nearly 600 exhibitors, buyers from more than 100 countries and regions, 4 pavilions and 7 thematic conference forums, showing products such as LED display, advertising light source lighting, digital signboards, high-end traditional advertising signs and so on.

Now let's follow the editor of LED inside to see the grand occasion of this exhibition.

Exhibition entrance

At 9:00 a.m., there were a large number of people waiting in long lines to enter the exhibition. I believe that it is not too much to use the term "crowds gathering" to describe it. The friends present must have had a deep experience.

In this exhibition, transparent screen has become a highlight. Many manufacturers have exhibited their transparent screen products. Because of its transparency and beauty, LED transparent screen has been widely used and its market share has gradually increased. Nowadays, with the progress of technology, transparent screen can meet most of the creative display needs, especially in the fields of commercial display or stage design. The gorgeous patterns and colors, coupled with creative imagination, make many visitors stop to watch. Liad, Lehman, Jufei, Lamp Optoelectronics, Dongshan Precision, Miyou Optoelectronics, Hida Electronics, Nova Technology, Powerful Colour, Decai, Easy Star, Carlett and other mainstream industries all participated.


In addition to conventional small spacing products, Liad also exhibited a 100-inch touch LCD display for commercial display, which can receive 10 input points at the same time, making office demonstration more convenient.


Blue Optoelectronics

Lamp optoelectronic highlights the Niu Dun N series outdoor display products, especially the 0.5*1M display seamless stitching integrated module launched by Lamp, which is made of pure aluminium and has the characteristics of ultra-light and ultra-thin. Moreover, the simplest design method is adopted, which integrates the cabinet and power supply into the module. It is very convenient to disassemble and assemble DIY seconds, and can be maintained before and after.

Gather fly photoelectric

Jufei Optoelectronics exhibited 1020 display devices and 3012 transparent screen devices in this exhibition. In addition, Mini LED module, vehicle lighting module, lighting LED, lamp bar, and various backlight LED devices were also displayed. The new 1020 device has less metal cutting area and low burr probability, which is helpful to improve the yield of the application end patch. Compared with the traditional 1010 product, the patch efficiency is nearly doubled, and the welding thrust is doubled. It is applied to the P1.2 display screen. It has more advantages in protection and cost-effective than the traditional 1010 product. 3012 product, used for P8 transparent display screen, easy to patch, high permeability, uniform light output, excellent display effect. During the exhibition, the latest product introductions, including 1020 and 3012, as well as the latest Mini LED products, will be held on Feb. 22 at 11:00-11:30 and Feb. 22 at 15:30-16:00.

Dongshan precision

Dongshan Precision Exhibition launched a number of advanced technology products, including 0808, 0606 and 0505 ultra-small spacing indoor SMD RGB devices, are products that can be mass produced. It is understood that 0505 is the smallest single SMD RGB device up to now, with a relatively high technical threshold. Dongshan Precision is one of the few manufacturers that produce 0505 products with domestic energy. Although the market demand for 0505 ultra-small spacing products is relatively small due to the high application threshold of downstream screen factories, it is enough to demonstrate the leading position of Dongshan Precision in the field of LED display packaging technology. In terms of scale, Yancheng base was put into operation in 2018, and its production capacity doubled. At present, in the field of display screen packaging, both production capacity and revenue scale have entered the top three in China.

Mei you photoelectric

Jiangsu Miyou Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a new force in the field of LED display packaging. At present, the total capacity of conventional and small spacing has reached 2000KK/month, and will expand to 8000KK/month in the future. The exhibition focuses on the most cost-effective outdoor 1515 products, to solve the problem of high cost of small outdoor spacing. It is understood that the outdoor 1515 products of Miyou Optoelectronics adopt copper wire special packaging technology. While ensuring product stability, it greatly reduces the comprehensive cost. The terminal price is 30% lower than that of the conventional 1515 products on the market.

Cedar Electronics

Changchun Xida exhibits HDR display screen and minimum distance P.7 products. According to Xida electronic staff, the products involve three core patents: acquisition and correction, flip-flop COB and die packaging.

Nova Technology

Novartis exhibits HDR and all in one controllers to provide better picture control for high-end displays. In addition, a cloud publishing solution is also displayed, which can remotely control the display screen and make the operation more simple.

In addition, LED inside editor visits found that small spacing is still the main highlight, many enterprises showed Mini LED products. Because micro LED has not made a breakthrough in technical solutions and equipment, major manufacturers have made great efforts in mini LED to transition to micro LED.

According to the latest research report of LED inside, "Global LED Display Market Prospects for 2019 - Cinema, Rental Market and Price Trends", it is estimated that the global LED Display Market will reach 9.349 billion US dollars in 2022 with the increase of the demand of LED Display in the rental market, HDR market application, retail department stores and conference room market, and the compound growth rate is 12% in 2018-2022. Among them, the size of indoor small spacing market is expected to grow to US$197 million in 2018, with an annual growth of up to 39%, mainly due to the continuous fermentation with the trend of ultra-small spacing in the future, and its compound growth rate will reach 28% in 2018-2022.

Because Mini LED can greatly improve the quality of display and present better color effect, it can be comparable to OLED in wide gamut, super high contrast and HDR display. With the gradual reduction of cost, large-scale production will soon be realized.

Joint Optoelectronics

Cart let

As the New Year begins, let us also start a new life. At the Shenzhen International LED Exhibition, many manufacturers expressed their caution about the economic situation, saying that although the pressure of competition is enormous, as long as they do their best, do things step by step, and keep up with the trend of industry development, they will make great achievements in the future.