TrendForce:Micro LED Huge Transfer Technology Still Needs To Break Through

- Jul 17, 2018-

TrendForce LED Research (LEDinside) held an annual heavyweight seminar "Micro LEDforum 2018:Micro LED key technical scheme and application market" at the International Conference Center of Taida hospital 12 days. This seminar invites domestic and foreign leading manufacturers and experts from eLux, Uniqarta, QMAT, KIMM, Nitride Semiconductors, Topcon, Macroblock and other domestic and foreign leaders. The bottleneck of the Micro LED six major process is thoroughly parsed.——Micro LED

Micro LED & Mini LED business opportunities broke out in 2022, and output value was close to 1 billion 400 million US dollars.

The symposium was unveiled by LEDinside Research Association, which talks about the development and potential business opportunities of external concerns. At present, Micro LED has gone over LCD and OLED in technical life, contrast, energy consumption, reaction time and visual angle. Leading manufacturers such as Apple, Sony and Samsung have already been actively laid out, and Hon Hai is more heavy to create Micro LED whole industry chain, which will help promote the commercial process of Micro LED.——Micro LED

In addition, as Samsung, Sony, AUO and other big factories have shown the conceptual products of Micro LED in 2018, Samsung even has the desire to produce large size Micro LED television, driving more manufacturers to invest in development. According to the latest LEDinside report, it is estimated that the market value of Micro LED and Mini LED will reach $1 billion 380 million in 2022, of which $694 million will be contributed by Micro LED.——Micro LED

Micro LED technology is expected to import special display products in the early stage of technology.

However, at present, Micro LED still faces layers of technology bottlenecks, including six aspects of epitaxy and chip, transfer, full color, power driver, backboard and detection and repair technology. In the key transfer technology, with the advent of various transfer schemes, such as Pick & Place transfer, fluid assembly, laser transfer, and roller transfer, it is expected that more competitive technology will emerge in the future and will have the opportunity to speed up the development of Micro LED.——Micro LED

According to LEDinside, the initial Micro LED technology will have the opportunity to import special display applications, especially the specifications that LCD or OLED displays cannot reach, and will be complemented by Micro LED technology. The Micro LED technology will be introduced in the short term, including the AR micro projection device with high luminance, the vehicle HUD projection application, and even the super large display kanban.

Micro LED six major technology bottlenecks and the latest breakthrough

As mentioned earlier, to develop Micro LED display still faces six technical bottlenecks at present, in the full color and detection link, Nitride Semiconductors introduces a technical scheme to stimulate the full color pattern by the near ultraviolet LED chip in the meeting, and the V-Technology's RGB photoresist uses inorganic fluorescent material to prolong the service life; Topcon band The latest Micro LED brightness and chroma detection methods are introduced, and KLA-Tencor introduces the Micro LED surface defect detection scheme.——Micro LED

The next half of the agenda focused on the critical mass transfer. Hon Hai's American new venture, eLux, has patented the fluid assembly and positioning technology to achieve maximum assembly speed. The eLux founder and technology leader Paul Schuele also shared how to actually use the fluid assembly transfer method to make light-emitting displays. SelfArray, a new US company, shows self directed assembly technology and transfers Micro LED chips to PCB substrates through magnetic means. In the field of laser transfer, LEDinside invited the US new venture, Uniqarta, to introduce LEAP laser advanced placement technology; QMAT matched the detection scheme and used laser to do location transfer (Beam-Addressed Release). Finally, KIMM, a research organization in Korea, proposed roller transliteration technology. Through the massive transfer plan shown by the representatives, participants can understand the technical feasibility of different schemes.——Micro LED

In the driver section, the accumulation technology introduces the latest Micro LED driver IC solution, as well as the current Micro LED's progress in display devices. Taiwan's factory and lotus photoelectric company analyzed the business opportunities of Micro LED technology in non display applications.

In summary, although Micro LED involves a wide range of industries, including precision machinery, semiconductor manufacturing process, testing and maintenance, huge transfer technology still remains to be broken and can not reach the level of mass production in the short term. However, from the current development trend, leading manufacturers are actively participating in the R & D of Micro LED, and some of the technologies have been progresses. In the second half of 2018, we will see the mass production of high-order products. Therefore, Micro LED still has great potential in the future to become the next generation of display technology, and business opportunities can be expected.——Micro LED

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