Two Major Lighting Companies Have Merged To Become The Largest Independent Professional Lighting Distributor In The Country

- Jun 21, 2019-

Kelvin Lighting, a leading professional Lighting dealer in Scotland, has been bought by Atrium, Britain's largest Lighting dealer, according to foreign media reports.

The combined company will be the largest independent specialist lighting distributor in the UK.

Kelvin Lighting was created by Scott Kelly in 2007.

After the merger, it will be a trading department of Atrium, which will continue to be called Kelvin Lighting in Scotland.

Ulysse Dormoy, managing director of Atrium, said: "this is a very exciting time for our market segment, which continues to grow through technological innovation". "we look forward to the next phase of growth in our combined business."

Upon the merger, Scott Kelly will join the Atrium board as a shareholder and director.

"It's business as usual for customers in Scotland, but there is an additional iconic lighting brand," he says.