Two Sets Of LED Enterprises In August Earnings Report, Revenue Increased By Ring Compared With The Same Period Last Year

- Sep 08, 2018-

In September, a week ago, Taiwan LED plant began to disclose its August earnings report. Recently, Crystal Power and Guangbao also announced August revenue, although the year-on-year decline, but the ring performance is better.——LED lighting

Jingdian reported August revenue yesterday (7) due to the traditional peak season delay, Jingdian August revenue climbed to a record of 1.904 billion yuan (NT$, the same below), a monthly increase of 4.97%, but showing an annual decrease of 18.37%; quaternary LED, blue LED are booming due to the peak season, the current order visibility can be seen in October.——LED lighting

More than 300 MOCVDs have been fully loaded, and Blu-ray LED production capacity is being enhanced through the project of removing bottlenecks. The company said that many customers on the mainland's 11-long vacation this year will not have a holiday. The specific reason is unknown, and the company may also respond to overtime work.——LED lighting

The combined revenue of Guangbao Science and Technology in August was 18.593 billion yuan, an increase of about 20% a month and a decrease of 0.15% a year. The cumulative revenue of Guangbao Science and Technology in the first eight months of this year was 137.321 billion yuan, a decrease of 2.3% a year.——LED lighting

Guangbao said that the photovoltaic sector accounted for 15% of revenue in August, of which the demand for invisible LED market continued to grow and the market share of LED components expanded, coupled with the smooth delivery of LED automotive lighting, the photovoltaic sector revenue exceeded 10% a year.——LED lighting

The revenue of the information products sector accounted for 59% of the total revenue. The revenue of the information products sector steadily increased year-on-year, thanks to the continued growth of shipments of cloud computing high-level servers, Netcom equipment power management systems, server chassis and AI smart home equipment power products, as well as the market share of computer peripheral products such as keyboards and mice. Long.——LED lighting

At the same time, the storage unit accounted for 20% of total revenue in August, thanks to growing demand for cloud applications, and its revenue rose by 30% in August.——LED lighting

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