U.S. Customs Tariff Measures Impact On China's LED Industry

- Jun 22, 2018-

U.S. Customs Tariff Measures Impact on China's LED Industry

    On the evening of June 15, 2018, Beijing time, the U.S. government issued a list of goods subject to tariffs, which will impose a tariff of 25% on about 50 billion U.S. dollars of goods imported from China, of which about US$34 billion will be goods from 2018. On the 6th of this month, the implementation of tariff escalation measures and the introduction of tariffs on about 16 billion U.S. dollars of goods began to solicit public opinions. One hour later, China immediately announced that it would impose anti-tariff tariffs on the United States, imposed a tariff of 25% on 659 items of approximately US$50 billion in imports from the United States, of which 545 were about US$34 billion worth of goods since July 2018. The implementation of tariffs will be implemented from day to day, and the implementation time for additional tariffs on other goods will be announced separately.

    It is understood that the first batch of US$34 billion in taxation lists issued by the United States on June 15 contained 818 items of various commodities, of which the electronic products were mainly concentrated in PCBs, passive devices, and some LED products.led bulb light

    With regard to the impact of the US announcement of the tariff product list on the lighting industry and Alto Electronics, securities analysts said that there are 85414, 85419, 9033 and other projects involving the LED industry, but these projects account for a very low proportion of the overall export value of China's LED industry. Only within 5% of the export value of the industry, and the export of Chinese LED products to the United States is mainly in the form of finished products, such as LED lighting fixtures, LED display modules and displays, etc., which are not within the scope of the list restriction. In addition, Alto’s US business revenue in the region accounted for a very low proportion, and trade friction or patent litigation has a small impact on company performance.

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