Under The Influence Of Off-season, The First Quarter Of The Crystal Power Reached A New Low Interest Rate.

- May 07, 2018-

The first quarter of the LED factory was not against the new productivity pressure of the land plant, with the traditional off-season and sinks, whether it was the crystal electricity of the chip factory, or the vertical integration of the manufacturers in the last quarter of the quarterly earnings, the profit of the 4 season was new, and the EPS was only 0.37 yuan (NTD, the same); Longda turned to loss, and the net loss of 0.08 yuan per share in the first season.

The first quarter earnings were announced last week with 5 billion 147 million yuan in the first quarter and 10% per year. The gross profit rate and profit rate were 17.22% and 2.47% respectively. The profit of the business was only 127 million yuan. The interest rate was the record of the 7 season, 400 million yuan after tax, and only 0.37 yuan after tax.

It is reported that the mainland chip factory continues to open new capacity, the expansion of production this year is up to 1 times, the expected chip price will be loosened, the current LED chip procurement is a single hand, the atmosphere is strong, crystal single production, the price decline is good, but the Taiwanese businessmen to LED chip price resistance ability is still poor, crystal electricity in addition to It has raised the main profit - four yuan LED to 40%, and also actively explore new products including VCSEL, Mini LED, Micro LED, gallium nitride power components, and hope to dilute the specific proportion of the traditional blue light LED.

In the first quarter, the first quarter was 2 billion 648 million yuan, a quarterly reduction of 1.8%, a gross profit rate of 12.2%, a 2.6 percentage point reduction, and a net loss of 38 million 420 thousand yuan after tax, and a share tax per share. Net loss of 0.08 yuan was the first loss since the last 5 quarters.

Longda said this year will strengthen the backlight customer layout and Mini LED development, and improve the proportion of high order grain and packaging products such as car lighting applications. Lighting products will strengthen the customized design and technical services of the lighting module, and also accelerate the development and market layout of the first terminal photoelectric applications such as vehicle, sensor, biometric, UV and so on. .

In addition to continuously adjusting the product mix, Longda converges the lighting product business, and accelerates the construction of the new factory in Chuzhou. At present, the new factory of Chuzhou has entered the trial production according to the progress, and carries out the recruitment and training of talents. The production projects include grain, package, piece and finished product assembly.