Understand Two Parameters, LED Lamps Are Not Offered

- Jul 26, 2018-

Understand two parameters, LED lamps are not "offered"

    Compared with traditional light bulbs, LED bulbs can save a lot of electricity bills. However, the product details to be paid attention to when purchasing LED bulbs are not different from traditional halogen bulbs. Brightness, color, and energy efficiency must be considered in order to change in the home. After the LED bulb, it can save electricity, eyes and feel comfortable.

    The higher the lumen value, the better the energy efficiency.

    ·Lumen value → brightness, the higher the value, the brighter the illumination

    When purchasing an LED bulb, you should pay attention to the “lumens value” and “K value”. The lumen value represents the brightness. The higher the value, the brighter the illumination. As for the wattage of the bulb, it is the power consumption. Therefore, the power saving performance of the LED bulb can be judged by the brightness that can be emitted per watt of power consumption. The higher the value of the lumen, the better the energy efficiency.led bulb light

    ·K value → color temperature, the higher the K value, the more white the light

    Another "K value" is commonly known as color temperature. The higher the K value and the lighter color are white, the white light used in the home living room is usually 5000K to 6500K, and the soft yellow light suitable for the bedroom is 3000K.led tube light

    It is worth noting that the LED bulb design has a "half-period light" in which half of the ball is bare and the other half is a lamp holder, and the lamp holder is only covered with one-third of the "full-circumference". The “half-period” illumination angle is small, which is suitable for avoiding the choice of people who are too glaring indoors; and the “full-circumference” illumination angle is wider. The thinner and more glaring the public can see through the translucent outer casing of the LED bulb.led ceiling light

    When purchasing LED fluorescent tubes, the matters needing attention are the same as those of LED bulbs. The manufacturer reminds that although LED fluorescent tubes can be used to remove and start the traditional fluorescent lamp, the LEDs are suitable for DC, and the traditional lamp holder circuit is AC, it is recommended that the public ask professional technicians to pull the line back home.led flame bulb

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