Undriven Technology Is Expected To Become The Mainstream LED Lighting Market Within 3-5 Years

- Jul 09, 2018-

Driving power supply has always been an integral part of LED products, it provides the energy-saving lamps and lanterns lighting electricity and computer related parts need electricity, is an integral part of LED light-emitting products.

However, an undriven technology is now becoming popular in the market, which not only reduces the probability of product failure caused by driving, but also greatly improves the continuity and stability of products.

Through investigation and interview, we have reason to believe that as a new technology, undriven technology is the inevitable result of the development of the industry.

In serious product homogeneity, the price war is, the more intense the competition today, no drive technology is likely to be breaking the bad competition vicious circle, at the same time, it may become a driving technology upgrading of traditional catalyst.


When was undriven technology born?


Seoul semiconductor research and development has been the first production nine years


Undriven technology is not undriven, it's actually driven, but it's driven by new technological innovations that make it more efficient, smaller, and less expensive.


No drive technology in the industry jargon is AC LED, LED is compared with traditional AC DC LED, do not need the AC/DC conversion, can be directly plugged in 220 v or 110 v alternating current (AC) using LED lighting technology.

AC LED light source is LED grain in the packaging and the key technologies of the special permutation and combination of technology, at the same time, using LED p-n junction diode rectifier, characteristics and multiple grain by the semiconductor production process integration on a single chip, namely the high power single grain (single power chip) LED technology, and by using the matrix of staggered arrangement process of bridge type circuit, so that the AC current to the double, implementation.

AC LED grain glows through the body after connecting with AC, so only two leads need to be imported into AC source to make the work luminous.


No drive Technology abroad is very early has emerged, as early as 2005, Seoul, South Korea, the semiconductor has light invention can drive directly with an alternating current of AC leds, the second is the beauty with III - N Technology, 3 N Technology development of MOCVD growth Technology of gallium nitride for bottom, can improve lighting and the application of sensors, and reducing the cost and improve production efficiency, provide 6 inches to large and small silicon light emitting diode production Technology.

3 n invented by single chip communication light-emitting diode (LED) AC, established a comprehensive portfolio of patents, in order to protect and improve the technology, firmly establish its proper position, is the first one refers to the large-scale commercial production of AC leds products.


In addition, Taiwan's industrial technology research institute in 2008 also complete system solutions can be industrialized production and application of AC LED products, can be directly plugged in the history of 60 hz or high frequency AC 110 v AC voltage AC glow, used in lights, neon lights, low wattage lamp, can effectively solve the existing LED not directly under AC power use, application of the high cost caused by faults.


What are the advantages of undriven technology?


Small size, high stability and long life have popular elements


"Undrivelled technology is currently a relatively cutting-edge technology in the LED industry, but it's not a conceptual technology."

Wang junhua, deputy general manager of juke lighting co., said that there is no advantage in driving technology.


Compared with traditional drive products, AC LED features small size, high stability and long life.

According to fan zhikai, general manager of zhuonaipu, currently, the AC LED developed and produced by zhuonaipu has the following advantages: direct exchange of 110/220vac input, no need for external AC/DC conversion;

Integrated IC technology, no electrolytic capacitor and transformer, longer life;

The product is small in size, allowing the lamp design to be more flexible and creative.

High power factor (>0.90), low total harmonic distortion (<20%), easy to pass EMC certification;

The power conversion rate is high (>90%), and the overall scheme has high light efficiency (>80lm/W).

Suitable for electronic dimmer and partial SCR dimmer.


"In the vast majority of cases, the failure of the LED is caused by a problem in the driving power supply," fan said.

In addition, AC LED products have now basically met dimming, including segmented and ungraded dimming.


In addition to the high evaluation of AC LED by manufacturers, application enterprises are also optimistic about its prospects.

McGonagall blue as a manufacturer of LED modern lamp, its lamps and lanterns in appearance with a very high demand, the marketing director Sun Rijiang on AC LED expressed the view like this: "I'm AC leds have tended to favor, LED development direction in the future should be to drive, AC LED has small volume, high service life, more for the development and innovation of the LED.

Now, McGonagall blue also in use AC leds, and have introduced a number of products, one of the lamps and lanterns, for example, if you don't use AC leds, but the use of traditional drive power supply, so we had a modern lamp will not have this kind of feeling and aesthetic feeling."


Chen zhongyi, general manager of iming optoelectronics, said that the advantage of AC LED lies in the replacement of light source and the embarrassment of replacing the whole light caused by the damage of traditional drive.


What's wrong with the no-drive technology?


Quality factors or AC LED application constraints


Although the future of AC LED is broad, it is not mainstream in the domestic market at present.

"If any new technology is not recognized by the market, it will not be recognized by the dealers.

As a new LED technology, undriven technology has not been around for a long time in the domestic market. Although it is expected to become the mainstream of the market in the future, it still needs to pass the test of 2-3 years.

"Said Chen.


The main reason why AC LED cannot become mainstream in the domestic market is that dealers, consumers and the market distrust the quality of new products.

Sen this photovoltaic brand's reputation marketing vice President luo said: "this photoelectric as an enterprise of light source, the AC LED attention for a long time, and, because has the character of save cost, high voltage AC LED, we are also considering whether to start to this aspect development.

However, at present, we still have some concerns about AC LED. The main concern is whether its cooling technology is mature.


Also put forward for AC LED light on, general manager of lighting RuanYang quality question, he thought: "AC LED to circulate on the market face, apply the technology of the enterprise is not much, but as a new technology, new products, its quality whether pass is hard to get research, it is for this reason, many companies now are still in wait-and-see period for AC LED."


"There are a lot of AC LED products on the market, and the quality is different," sun said. "the low price AC LED has poor stability and it is difficult to guarantee the service life of LED lights."

Li gaoze, President of wanqi lighting, said: "whether AC LED is fully mature in technology remains to be confirmed. As far as I know, it needs to be strengthened in voltage control."


What are the current applications of undriven technology?


A large number of domestic light source enterprises focus on the application of enterprises have also been used


In recent years, many domestic LED lighting enterprises have also begun to focus on the field of undriven technology, and have introduced and started independent innovation.


In 2012, zhuonaipu, juke lighting, xinli light source and other light source enterprises became the first domestic enterprises to introduce non-driving technology, and rapidly developed supporting products.

Juke lighting launched its G40 series at the end of 2013, and zhuonaipu has now fully promoted its integrated IC light engine products. Xinli light also launched a number of AC LED light engine products in April this year.


ZhuoNai, began to focus on no drive technology since 2011, according to Fan Zhi open: "at that time, the Seoul semiconductor just push in its AC LED research and development production, then we will think AC LED the technology in the future will become mainstream, so, we will begin to pay close attention to AC leds at the time, and early in 2012 the introduction of this technology, began to independent research and development production AC LED products, currently has a comprehensive production, and get the market for sure."


Development of AC LED Wang Junhua also expressed a similar view: "there is no drive technology has been developed in abroad is very early production out, three years ago, Taiwan gradually rise, a land AC LED research and development of China's earliest production.

Mainland China in 2012, is develops slowly, only when the poly department is the first mainland one of the import and innovation of the technology enterprises, then, companies like SONY light source to drive technology research.

By this year, many companies have been rolling out products that use undriven technology.


In addition to production enterprises, the current application of domestic enterprises also begin to pay close attention to and applied to AC leds, according to Fan Zhi open, AC LED prospects at home is very big, for now, even though the market has not been popular, but there are a lot of enterprise has been accepted and application of the technology, and also has a giant enterprises begin to cut into the AC LED field, such as philips, market popularity also is only a short time.


Basic implementation of a whole series of LED applications


Outdoor waterproofing needs to be strengthened


In the product application, different enterprises have expressed different views.


Li said, now the AC LED for voltage control and its application is only for more chips, small power light source products, including LED hutch defends lamp, T5 / T8 stent lamp, etc., which has been booming in T5 / T8.


However, as a light source enterprise and AC LED manufacturers, poly and drap have put forward different views.

"At present, AC LED products have basically achieved the popularization of indoor lighting and can be applied in outdoor lighting, but its waterproof performance has yet to be improved," wang said.

However, because AC LED is a cutting-edge product, because its price is high, it is mainly used in high-end lamps and lanterns, and such products are generally not selected for low-end products.


Sun Rijiang also thinks: "AC LED now is mainly applicable to the relatively higher price of high-grade products, and the higher requirements on the appearance of modern lamp products, products mainly for high-end consumer groups."


Fan zhikai also said that AC leds can be used in indoor lighting and outdoor lighting can be used in large scale to solve problems such as water proofing and lightning protection.

"At present, ZhuoNai AC leds have been able to meet your full range of LED application product specification is complete, like a ball steep light can do 3 w, 5 w, 7 w, 9 w, 12 w, absorb dome light can achieve 10 w, 15 w, 20 w, canister light can do 5 w, 7 w, 9 w, 12 w, 18 w and 24 w, 30 w, and high power engineering products also introduced matching products."


What kind of change will undriven technology bring?


AC LED promotes revolutionary change of products


Or become the driving force of lethal strikes


In the process of the interview, respondents hold the view that there is no drive technology has now passed bud, is in rapid development, from the point of view of its developing tendency, no drive technology will inevitably become a direction of the development of the industry.

It will bring another revolution in the development of LED industry.


And this revolution basically lies in 3 respects: exterior revolution, concise, compact, style 100 change, broke traditional lamps and lanterns to connect the heavy face of big drive;

The integration revolution, the big drive smaller drive, the patch type installed in the chip, simplified the old complex installation procedures;

The revolution in cost, compared with the traditional drive, has reduced costs by about 10%, saved electricity, and created a green army.


Li gao said that when AC LED matures, its price will tend to be reasonable and standardized, which will greatly help the whole LED market.


Fan Zhi open when it comes to this respect said: "AC leds will inevitably drive the revolutionary change of LED industry, because it not only can greatly reduce labor cost, improve production efficiency and the stability of products, can also make more creative better used in LED products.

When AC LED really becomes mainstream in the market, I think it will have a major impact on traditional drive enterprises.


Ann is lighting, managing MuBinJun think AC LED in the future will become a mainstream technology of the LED industry, and widely used in LED products, but it cannot completely replace the traditional drive, in some ways, the traditional power supply still have a certain advantage.