Union Intelligence Latest UM9000 Unlimited Potential To Open A New Era Of Smart City

- May 02, 2018-

The accumulation of cultural materials and the progress of science and technology have evolved with the city. At present, the construction of intelligent cities has been paid more attention by the state and vigorously promoted by various governments, and more and more intelligent cities will be present in front of the people. The intelligent city realizes the optimization and upgrading of the urban system, making the urban systems more perfect, more intelligent, more coordinated and more developed, making the people and things in the city more intelligent and harmonious, making the life of the people in the city happier.

At present, in the world, the construction of smart city is in the process of gradually arriving at a concept. According to industrial research data, the size of China's smart lighting market in 2017 reached 26 billion 400 million yuan. It is expected that the size of the intelligent lighting market will reach 38 billion 700 million yuan in 2018, up 46.6% from the same year. Street lighting is a necessary public facility in people's daily life. With the help of more effective management and energy saving schemes, the management of intelligent lamps and lanterns, which are increasingly diverse and more capable, has become the focus of management. The automation control and intelligent management of urban street light management system have emerged as the times require. One of the symbols of the development of the city's modernization.

Intelligent intelligence road lighting management system to create core technology

With the rapid development of Internet technology in China, relying on the momentum of all industries in China, the new era of Internet + has been put into the new era model innovation. Lighting industry is also the same. Lighting intelligent and building energy saving environment has become the focus of many big factories. Recently, Zhejiang superior Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has released the latest scientific research results, UM9000 intelligent road lighting management system, which provides five major functions, such as single lamp intelligence, remote control, report statistics, automatic fault detection alarm, intelligent work system and so on. The system has more wireless communication and intelligent management system. Control, standard interface, energy saving and environmental protection, cost saving and development platform and other six Super superior characteristics, not only greatly meet the user's use management needs, but also economic and environmental interconnection.

Mr. Huang Jianxiang, an intelligent chairman of Zhejiang Union

Mr. Huang Jianxiang, the chairman of the United States intelligent Federation, said in an interview with the reporter that one of the single light intelligence functions is a core intelligent technology of the UPU intelligence, and the constant illumination, the mid night brightness and the compensation for light decline have become the three major technical highlights. At the same time, the standard interface also solves the problem of interface disintegration encountered by different manufacturers, greatly simplifies the complexity of the system design, can quickly butt the products of different street lamp manufacturers, so that the same product of the manufacturer can match a number of items, so that the production cost can be reduced and the same product can be produced through mass production. The product can adapt to different functional requirements, only a simple replacement of superimposed lamp control equipment, and even the use of wireless push to update can be upgraded, so that the cost of engineering, maintenance costs and cost of use greatly reduced.

Networking technology is definitely a major part of smart lighting and IoT. The technology that enables the device to transmit messages to each other is also numerous. According to the different transmission distance, location, security, energy saving, and the amount of data carried, various manufacturers and alliances have developed a multi specification communication technology.

There is a year of smart lighting, but it does not see its demand in the consumer market rising obviously. The Smart Union intelligence knows the current problem is to sell intelligent lighting products directly to the end consumers. Therefore, with the products easy to install and do not need the two big selling points of network bridge networking, the intelligent union intelligence, in addition to continuing to develop intelligent lighting products, also endeavours to improve the public awareness and interest in intelligent lighting.

At present, the Zigbee technology of a series of intelligent products has been widely used in all intelligent applications of intelligent city construction, which brings new changes to the development of wireless intelligent control technology. Zigbee is a brand new, low - power, low - cost, low - speed medium and short range wireless network communication technology that can work in 3 free free radio bands in the 2.4GHz (global pop), the 868MHz (European pop) and the 915MHz (American popular).

Industrial standardization leads the efficient development of Intelligent City

"The instrument is natural, the standard is no false". As a yardstick and criterion, standards play an important role in the healthy development of the industry. For the wisdom of the city, the current industry pain Huang Jianxiang said, "Internet plus city Shirupozhu, smart city construction in the spring has come. However, it is of great significance for enterprises to build a national unified technical standard as soon as possible, especially the standard of data interconnection and interoperability, which will be of great significance to reduce the potential obstacles to future development. Standardization will support the construction of intelligent cities in the aspects of seamless information and interoperability. "

Aware of the importance of standardization to promote the construction of "intelligent city", the intelligent equivalent adopts the international universal NEMA plug and play interface standard, with almost no technical threshold for the lamps and lanterns manufacturers, so that a large number of lamps and lanterns who have not been able to independently develop the intelligent management control system can quickly upgrade their own products. Meet the needs of market projects and support the "zero waiting" of smart city and beautiful countryside construction.

The construction of smart city will rely on the new generation of information technology to open a new chapter in urban governance. Talking about the advancement of 5G technology, Huang Jianxiang thinks, "with the advent of the 5G era, the network transmission of large capacity and low delay will become reality, and human beings will enter the Internet age of all things interconnected, and the construction of intelligent cities will enter a new stage." 5G is springing up with its springing up to the ground, which means that domestic 5G technology is becoming more and more mature. The 5G era is close to us, and the new trend of the interconnection of all things is about to be presented.

Relying on the strong strength of Shanghai Langjun intelligent Polytron Technologies Inc (837588.OC) of the parent company, the intelligent technology innovation of the United States is based on the domestic market, in depth combined with the changes in the international market and the development trend of the industry technology, it continues to launch the technology leading products, and strives to be the leader of the intelligent city with international vision. Guide. For the future, Huang Jianxiang is full of confidence, "the Smart Union smart station on the shoulders of giants, on the basis of real market pain points and difficulties to guide the development of intelligent system, which also determines that our system has a strong advantage in the landing and docking. In the future, we will continue to integrate more intelligent device resources that can be applied to smart city system applications, as a recommendation and push for the main body of smart city construction.

Of course, there are still many problems to be solved before achieving this goal. With the further improvement of smart city, especially the technological progress, we will achieve large-scale application in the future. Just as Huang Jianxiang said, single tree is hard to become a forest. Smart city and beautiful countryside need a large number of enterprises to participate in building success.