United Nations Regulations Can Replace LED Lights With Headlights

- Apr 11, 2018-

   The United Nations regulations make a series of necessary and detailed provisions on various technical parameters of the headlight source to ensure the safe operation of the lighting and signal light fixtures after the replacement of the light source. Accounts in addition to the regulations on the lamp and head lamp device using the light source of general technical requirements, as well as other specific regulations respectively narrative of the front fog lamp, adaptive top system and all kinds of head lamp headlamp rules on replaceable LED light source and the relevant correction. Therefore, the use of replaceable standardized light sources has many advantages. Compared with other light sources, the standardized LED light source has detailed requirements including heat, photometry and chromaticity, which greatly simplifies the design of headlamps. Therefore, this paper introduces the current situation of the simplification of the law of light source. The content is divided into four parts:——LED light source

Regulations of the United Nations on light sources.

There are three main sources of light source code, they are aimed at three different light source technologies:
Rule 37: incandescent lamps with radiant glow.
Rule 99: gas discharge light source.
Rule 128: LED light source.

    When the gas discharge light source is used in the field of automobile lighting, the regulation of 99 is specially formulated, and the special performance of the gas discharge lamp is different from that of incandescent lamp. At the same time, in order to ensure the color of color, the minimum red component of radiation is proposed. The luminescent area of the gas discharge source is not as obvious as the thermal radiation source, so the special description of the curvature and diffusivity of the arc is also necessary.——LED light source

    The introduction of LED light source technology needs to increase the corresponding regulations again. Unlike other light sources, the luminosity and chromaticity performance of LED are mainly determined by the temperature of the crystal, and the output of the light is completely different from that of the thermal radiation source with the change of the applied voltage. The luminescence characteristics of different LED arrays are different, and the characteristics of luminescent regions and the distribution of light intensity need to be classified.——LED light source

    All three regulations ensure the safe operation of lighting and signal light fixtures after replacing the corresponding light source.——LED light source

The simplification of light source regulation by law.

    In order to reduce the administrative burden caused by the regulations, the regulatory authorities want to reduce the number of lighting regulations.——LED light source

    The ideal goal is to pass a law that contains all kinds of lighting, standing on the technology of neutral as far as possible, to guide in the performance point of view to ensure that technical innovation, and don't need to modify the existing laws and regulations in the technological innovation.——LED light source

    For a light source, it is impractical to reduce all regulations to a single rule because of the types and performance complexities mentioned above. But experts have found a way to reduce the variation in light sources when promoting technological innovation. In the past, a large part of the revision of rules is limited on the introduction of new light source category, because different category contains only one type of light source products specification for other specific parameter, does not focus on how to adapt to other categories of laws and regulations.——LED light source

    The new method contracts three kinds of light source code into management regulations, technical requirements and test three pieces of content. The definition of the type of light source and category becomes part of it, making it easier to propose and introduce new classes in existing technologies.——LED light source

Regulations on the LED light source of the headlamp system.

   Currently, the rule 128 for LED light source does not include the application of headlight. The regulations on the former fog lamps and headlamps do not provide for the use of LED light sources.——LED light source

    In general, the light source is used for the headlamp function, which needs to be satisfied with the more strict thermodynamic conditions, greater light pass and more strict geometric constraints. Experts are, therefore, to further increase the 128 regulations, the definition and requirements on the LED light source, in order to ensure the safety of the light source to replace, even the highest requirements for beam dipped headlight, also can balance the maximum visibility and minimum glare as much as possible.

   The thermal stability test with thermodynamic classification and maximum allowable temperature can support the optimal performance of headlamp under practical application conditions. Different thermodynamic level the choice of light source can be used in different applications, such as low thermal boundary conditions of motorcycle headlamps and vehicle front fog lamps, thermal boundary load large multifunctional near the internal combustion engine vehicle headlamps.——LED light source

    Specific provisions for the contrast and uniformity of the light source area can help the headlamp design have a smaller glare level and a more visible cut-off line. Therefore, the law provides for the minimum contrast of LED light sources used for near-light bulbs (generally greater than halogen lamps).

    The uniformity requirement reduces the brightness difference between the crystal elements in the luminescent area and avoids the influence of the black spots. In short, the quality of the beam that is replaced by the light source will not decrease.
    Finally, it can avoid interference to road users from different angles.——LED light source

Advantages of alternative light sources.

    The application of standardized LED light source in automotive lighting can reduce the complexity of customized headlights and taillights. Comprehensive thermal radiation light source and the experience of gas discharge light source, the standard light source for suppliers to provide greater choice space, promote the development of the market and improve the performance of, bring more stable, reliable and competitive not rely solely on the development of the technology supply chain. Different from non-standardized, non-replaceable source or light source modules, the design of the car lighting manufacturer is simplified with the replaceable light source, and the damaged parts can be replaced effectively.——LED light source

    For all safety related regulations detailed provisions of the technical parameters of the final also makes the vehicle tail lamp and head lamp quality supervision, inspection and approval process is more simplified, and non-replaceable light sources or light source module may need to be done for every kind of new type additional technical test.
    That is to say, the use of alternative light sources and standardized light sources makes it more feasible to simplify the performance - oriented headlights.——LED light source