Unveiling The First Intelligent Light Pole Project In Guangzhou City

- Dec 21, 2018-

Set thousands of "affirmations" in one, the leadership gives great praise!

At the approaching of the first World Eco-Design Conference, the Guangzhou Iron Tower has done a great thing in Conghua Eco-Design Town, Guangzhou. Within two weeks, seven sets of intelligent lamp poles with functions of communication base station, LED display screen and video surveillance have been erected on the original flat road at the speed of "thunder and lightning".

On December 14, the first World Conference on Eco-Design opened in Conghua District, Guangzhou. The World Conference on Eco-design was initiated by the China Industrial Design Association (CIDA) in association with design organizations, enterprises and universities in more than 30 countries and regions, aiming at promoting the integration and sustainable development of design, ecology and society worldwide.

The leaders of the government affirmed and supported the intelligent ecosystem of the shared system created by the intelligent lamp pole of the Guangzhou Iron Tower and the transmission and monitoring system of the Radio Group. Leaders also conducted field visits and guidance to the smart lamp pole, and carefully inquired about its functions, materials, standards and specifications. They appreciated the use of 5G smart lamp pole layout.

So, why can this project get so much attention and appreciation? Xiaobian will unveil its "mysterious veil" for you.

"Fast Work, Fine Work" is a different smart light pole project.

In fact, the smart light pole project of Guangzhou Iron Tower is the first pilot project of smart light pole in Guangzhou. It is also the first smart light pole project with the most complete functions. At the same time, it is also the smart light pole project successfully completed in only two weeks.

Appearance of Smart Light Pole

According to the light pole wisdom editorial, the project is led by Guangzhou Industrial and Credit Commission, and Guangzhou Branch of China Railway Tower (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Railway Tower") is responsible for overall construction, implementation and coordination.

The project has seven sets of intelligent lamp poles, five of which are 9 meters high. The installation site is near the road of the venue; two sets of 6 meters high intelligent lamp poles are installed in the parking lot.

According to the principle of adapting measures to local conditions, the 9-meter high intelligent lamp pole integrates intelligent lighting, communication base station, LED display screen, video surveillance, meteorological monitoring, wireless WIFI and broadcasting functions; while the 6-meter high intelligent lamp pole is equipped with intelligent lighting, charging pile and broadcasting functions, and a series of applications such as intelligent parking will be considered in the future.

Intelligent lamp pole with multiple functions

In addition, it is worth mentioning that under the guidance of ecological design, green coordination and other concepts, the Guangzhou Tower perfectly combines wireless communication with smart lamp pole. It is installed at the top of the 9-meter-high smart lamp pole in the form of a set antenna. The micro-base station is placed in the distribution box at the bottom of the lamp pole. The size of the micro-base station is about A5 paper.

According to the light pole wisdom theory, Guangzhou Iron Tower has reserved a location for the future 5G base station. Among the 5 sets of 9m high smart light poles, three sets of light poles are used for the 4G micro-base stations of telecommunications, Unicom and mobile operators, while the other two sets reserve the installation location of 5G and the corresponding wireless frequency band.

Behind the Smart Light Pole Project, there is always a great "history of blood and tears"

In my heart, it's not easy to complete a smart light pole project. It's even more difficult to complete the smart light pole project in 2 weeks and to satisfy all the leaders.

Staff of Guangzhou Tower told Xiaobian that due to time constraints and burning eyebrows, they had to reverse their work plans according to the final delivery date. In addition, they have to communicate and coordinate with the site construction parties and other units, but the good thing is that they can determine the feasible scheme and adjust the scheme in time according to the actual situation.

The supplier completes the delivery on time and is the best teammate.

In the project of smart lamp pole in small town of ecological design, besides the Guangzhou Tower, there are many suppliers to help.

According to Lightpole Wisdom, Xiaobian understands that the suppliers involved in this project include Haikangwei, Shenzhen Broadcom, Tailong Xianzhi and other companies.

Xiaobian learns from the head of Tailong Zhixian that Tailong Zhixian has provided 10 sides of 600*1200 double-sided LED energy-saving display with brightness of P3.84,7000CD according to the requirements of Guangzhou Tower, which can be controlled by intelligent cluster.

When referring to the difficulties encountered in this project, the head of Tailong Zhixian said that the biggest difficulty is that the project delivery and acceptance cycle is short, only 6 days. Ultimately, they adopt the form of A and B programs to cope with the problem (A program takes 6 days; B program is an alternative, takes 2 days), and ultimately achieve early delivery under the condition of guaranteeing quality.

Heaven rewards diligence, in the supplier staff overtime, joint efforts, all products are successfully delivered!

Intelligent lamp pole has become a new protagonist in urban construction

In the editorial view, every smart light pole project is different, such as different construction address, different delivery time, different qualification requirements, suppliers may not be the same...

However, every smart pole project is the same, because they are full of the hard work and expectations of all participants.

No matter how high the mountain is, it can always reach the top; if the road is longer, it will surely reach it! Smart light pole has become an indispensable part of many scenic spots, parks and municipal roads. We believe that with the strong support of governments at all levels and the joint efforts of builders and industry chain suppliers, the wisdom lamp pole will usher in a bright future.

2019, worth looking forward to!

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