Urban Lighting Research: Suzhou Temperament

- Jan 26, 2019-

Over the past decade, landscape lighting in Suzhou has been upgrading and renovating. In 2009, the special urban lighting planning of Suzhou (hereinafter referred to as planning) came out, which is more to put forward requirements and direction for the construction of night landscape city.——Urban lighting

Recently, EUI (Economist's Think Tank), a well-known British economic analysis think tank, published the Global Livable Cities List 2018, which ranks 140 cities worldwide based on 30 latitudes, including environment, culture, urban safety, education and infrastructure. There are 10 livable cities in China.——Urban lighting

Among them, Suzhou ranks 74th, ranking first in the mainland cities.

Suzhou, formerly known as Wu, also known as Gusu and Pingjiang, has a history of nearly 2,500 years. From Wu Zixu's founding of the city, from Pingjiang Prefecture to the present, Suzhou City still retains the unique style of "rivers and streets adjacent, land and water parallel". Zhuihe family, Daiwa green wall, landscape, Wu Nong soft language, Suzhou is famous for "paradise on earth", "land of silk", "Oriental Venice" and "city of gardens".——Urban lighting

"Heaven on earth, free Suzhou" is its latest slogan of city image. The beauty of Suzhou is not only limited to gardens, embroidery and bullet appraisal, but also nurtured a large number of cultural monuments through thousands of years of historical accumulation. It not only has the classical elegance of Jiangnan waterfront, but also has the trend of international fashion. It has the coexistence of ancient charm and modern style, vigor and charm, and the attractiveness and reputation of Suzhou are increasing day by day.——Urban lighting

As far as Suzhou, an ancient and modern city is concerned, the night scenery also has a unique flavor of the south of the Yangtze River. The virtual and real lights and shadows show the charm of traditional architecture, and the neon flashes without losing the charm of the city. This is the city memory shaped by lights. The ancient city rivers, elegant and leisurely riverside roads, and light water and ink Jinji Lake all come into this city. The light behind the city is worth watching. Whether it is pavilions, pavilions, walls, tiles, bridges, running water, skyscrapers, building space, lakes and shores, all reveal a delicate exquisite spirit and spirit.——Urban lighting

Under the lights and shadows at night, the light and shadows are stretched together, and the city's long history and profound culture annotate the past, present and future of Suzhou.——Urban lighting

The plan covers seven areas, including Canglang District, Pingjiang District, Jinyan District, High-tech Zone, Industrial Park, Wuzhong District and Xiangcheng District.——Urban lighting

The area of 380 square kilometers, with the ancient city as the core, radiate the whole city, select important sections, scenery, node for night landscape design. The overall planning framework of Suzhou Nightscape consists of five districts, eighteen landscape galleries, three types of riverside interface, one ring elevated boundary and eleven landscape nodes, forming the space vein of night landscape displaying the characteristics of Suzhou city.——Urban lighting

Old City: It consists of Shantang River, Shilu Commercial Street and the inner area of Waicheng River. Landscape lighting mainly embodies three contents: 1. History and culture: Beishi Pagoda, Canglangting and other famous gardens are full of the atmosphere of traditional culture; small rivers in Pingjiang Road and other cities express the interest of Oriental Venice in Suzhou City; Riverside around the ancient city is a grand review of ancient and modern scenery; 2. Inheritance and development of water townships in the south of the Yangtze River: Ganjiang Road, Renmin Road, Qianjie Street, etc., with complete interface and unified style; It has strong modern architectural features of water towns; 3) bustling commercial districts: Guanqian Street, Shilu Commercial Street and Nanmen Commercial Street make the city full of vitality; Linton Road and Fenghuang Street show the custom of "crossing business" in Suzhou.——Urban lighting

High-tech zones: The municipal public construction zones are composed of the areas surrounded by He Shan Road, Jinmen Road, Yangtze River Road, Shishan Road, Sanxiang Road and Yanxu Road. Landscape lighting design mainly reflects the development of Suzhou modern city and modern architectural features. Buildings are mainly concentrated on Shishan Road and Sanxiang Road, such as large public buildings, sports centers, hotels, etc. The building zones are clear, the outline of streets is clear, and the urban space is open and sparse.——Urban lighting

Industrial Park: It is composed of high-tech industrial belt, public facilities service belt, tourism and cultural industrial belt. These three belts are the key contents of night scenery. Landscape lighting mainly shows the characteristics of industrial parks, commerce and residence.——Urban lighting

Wuzhong District: The southwest part of this area is the Shihu Scenic Area and Taihu Scenic Area. In the landscape lighting design, we should pay attention to the role of traffic corridor from the ancient urban area to the scenic area, that is, from Renmin Road - Dongwu North Road - Taihu West Road (beside the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal) - to the Shihu and Taihu Scenic Area. The night scenery of the Shihu Scenic Area should consider the overall composition of mountains, waters and people. The night scenery of scenic spot should consider the integral integration of water, riverside landscape belt and architectural form of lakeside resort, and the lighting should be quiet.——Urban lighting

Xiangcheng District: The spatial structure of the area is mainly "double core, double cross, three garden and double chessboard". Nightscape planning and design emphasizes the regional role of double core, namely "face" landscape; emphasizes double cross, showing the landscape corridor "line" landscape; emphasizes "lotus pond moonlight" water theme park and Yuanhe Tangdong cultural entertainment area, showing the natural ecological landscape.——Urban lighting

One Ring of Elevated Boundary: Elevated roads as urban expressways play an increasingly important role, while elevated roads have become an important unique perspective to view the city night scene. Around the elevated building, we should not only consider the overall lighting composition, but also pay attention to the coordination of the overall space of the building.——Urban lighting

Eleven landscape nodes: some are urban landmarks such as Huqiu Pagoda, Beishi Pagoda, Hanshan Pagoda and Ruiguang Pagoda; some are urban population such as railway station, long-distance bus station, highway entrance, etc., which is the first node for tourists to understand the city's appearance; some are urban square green space; some are important buildings such as Suzhou Museum.——Urban lighting

The "Planning" also specifies the color of landscape lighting used in ancient and new urban areas. Ancient urban areas are mainly plain light, while high-tech zones, industrial parks, Xiangcheng District, Wuzhong District are mainly white and yellow light, supplemented by blue and green light, which fully reflects the traditional architecture of Jiangnan Waterfront and shows the rapid development of modernization in Suzhou. At the same time, lighting products must meet the requirements of green environmental protection, establish a safe recycling system of lighting facilities waste, and promote the use of new environmentally friendly energy and solar lamps. In addition, the Planning also explicitly requires the prevention of light pollution and glare in construction.——Urban lighting

Development of Urban Lighting in Suzhou

Phase I (1949-1960)

In the initial and initial stage of urban lighting construction, only some landmark buildings were mainly illuminated by outline, and only on major festivals.——Urban lighting

Phase II (1961-1980)

In the key stage of urban lighting development, road lighting began to popularize high-pressure sodium lamp. Because of its high light efficiency, good penetration and seismic resistance, it has been widely used. High-pole lighting has been popularized in public spaces such as urban squares.——Urban lighting

Phase III (1981-1999)

The overall development stage of urban lighting. In this stage, urban road lighting technology and management level has been improved comprehensively. Power supply cables enter the ground, concrete lamp poles are replaced by steel lamp poles, and the control mode has developed from manual control, time control and light control to centralized remote control.——Urban lighting

Phase IV (2000-present)

In the stage of sustainable development of urban lighting, the scientific development concept of urban lighting guides planning, design, construction and management, taking Suzhou urban cultural context as the main line, taking regional positioning as the main body, handling well functional lighting and landscape lighting, sunlight and night scenery, whole and part, light and shadow, light and dark, sunlight and color, tradition and innovation, lighting construction and energy conservation, environmental protection, investment. The relationship between management, high-tech and conventional technology application, planning, design and project implementation makes lighting construction sustainable development.——Urban lighting

Representative cases: Road and Landscape Lighting Project of Guanduli Overpass, Landscape Lighting Project of City Circle, Nightscape Lighting Project of Suzhou Center, Skylight Lighting Design of Times Square in Suzhou Industrial Park, Oriental Gate Lighting Design, Nightscape Lighting Project of Suzhou Center——Urban lighting

(The content of this chapter comes from Deng Zhimin, Design Director of Shanghai Shidan Lighting Design Co., Ltd.)

Liuguangfeng Yagu Sucheng

The night in Suzhou is like those simple lights laid, not exaggerated, not strong, somewhat primitive, somewhat poetic, not noisy enough, but intoxicating enough. On the riverside of an ancient city, boating water, such as in the tourist paintings, the riverside green belt, the ancient city buildings and various bridges on both sides of the river dye a rich waterfront landscape, which highlights the waterfront nightscape with waterfront flavor; the ancient city gate and the ancient city wall permeate the vicissitudes and majesty of history, thick and upright, over a thousand years; commercial buildings properly display the harmonious and prosperous atmosphere; elegant lighting restoration; The history and culture of the ancient city echoes each other from afar, and the aesthetic keynote of "plain and elegant" blends light with humanities and nature, not pursuing gorgeousness, but creating a harmonious and comfortable light environment, walking along the moat, like a series of classical plays; elegant road and palace lanterns, ancient color and fragrance, unique ingenuity, complement each other with the street scenery on both sides, day and night. The main Chinese-style buildings, viaducts and bridges in the ancient city show regional cultural elements such as "water" and "land of fish and rice" in the form of themes; the quiet gardens and ancient buildings with gentle atmosphere, without neon flashing, spark trees and silver flowers, displaying a leisurely and elegant taste and taste, which is worth recalling. The prosperity of the lake tells of the social changes of thousands of years; a ray of silk ribbon floats in every corner of the lake, just like the mother of nature's spirits clinging to the water.——Urban lighting

Pingjiang Road, Shantang Street and Xietang Street are the epitomes of old streets and lanes in Suzhou. The lights here are used to verify history and tell stories. This scenario with great artistic conception reflects each other with water, connects with bridges, blends with cultures, and the simple and elegant lights and shadows along the coast are the quiet life of the people living in the pillow River and the dim night of the watery countryside. The sparkling water under the lamp, the shadowy wall and the lingering ancient music contradict its silence, which makes people can not bear to disturb the dream of this millennium.——Urban lighting

There is always a light that can calm you down in a city beyond the bustle and bustle. In the lonely winter, the mottled shadows on the pink walls, the faint beans on the banks of the ancient city bridge, the flickering lights, the leaves and gardens behind the windows, the trees stretched by the palace lanterns and the millennium history all resemble a quiet place in the noisy world. The brilliant lights, the right colours and shadows, dimly emit light and shadow, also reflect the ancient city's long history and quiet heart.——Urban lighting

The night scene lighting in Suzhou was gradually promoted with the development of the city in the late 1990s. The overall construction concept mainly follows the principles of humanistic harmony, green low-carbon, scientific control, safety and comfort. Combining with the urban cultural background, it mainly focuses on the elegant expression of traditional style and the theme expression of modern city. It considers from the aspects of urban attributes, light carriers, cultural history and artistic expression. Examination planning, combined with scientific and technological innovation performance, focuses on regional differences, scientific analysis, classified implementation. On the basis of the special planning of night scene lighting, we should constantly improve the management and maintenance mechanism, promote the development of city night scene lighting steadily and rhythmically. On the basis of coordination and unification, we should build city night scene lighting by stages, subregions, levels, classifications and priorities, and create a good lighting environment. At the same time, we should create excellent projects to elaborate the charm of Suzhou. After many years of construction management, a clear region, distinctive features, based on humanities, overall coordination of the night landscape pattern has been formed. The benign and healthy landscape lighting system enriches the city brand image, meets the aesthetic needs of the public, and promotes the development of social economy and culture.——Urban lighting

This is a historical culture with profound cultural connotations and full charm.

Famous city is also a modern city full of economic and cultural vitality. Along the way, from the perspective of three-dimensional vision and the context of urban development, Suzhou has planned and laid out in harmony. In the construction of modern urban night scenery, with the goal of "modern fashion, elegant atmosphere, fluent rhythm and intelligent control", Suzhou fully demonstrates the degree of economic and social development and the level of modern urban management. According to their respective attributes and characteristics, the use of lights to highlight the vitality and tension of life of the city, with great personality and coordination and unity, to the world to enjoy the breath of the times and the spirit of Suzhou, for Suzhou to outline a beautiful skyline of the city night scene.——Urban lighting

In recent years, Suzhou has earnestly implemented the spirit of the work of its superior cities, conformed to the construction of world-class urban agglomerations in the Yangtze River Delta and the orientation of Jiangsu's regional spatial layout, conformed to the law of urban development, changed the mode of urban development, and strived to build Suzhou into a modern international metropolis with ancient and modern, full of vitality, livable ecology and distinctive features. Guided by the spirit of urban development, Suzhou has always adhered to the tenet of "humanism, green and harmony". It adheres to the principle of "people-oriented, people-oriented, demand-oriented and innovation-based practice. It integrates economic, people's livelihood, humanities, arts, natural and ecological factors into the design, construction and management of urban lighting, and strives to"better function, more standardized management, more elegant night scenery and more satisfied people". "Tourism is more splendid" as the center to steadily improve.——Urban lighting

Suzhou will continue to give night lighting ecological, humanistic, scientific and technological attributes, and strive to explore and practice in green, ecological, innovative and humanistic lighting, so as to make city night lighting more connotative and charming. On the road of socialist development with Chinese characteristics in the new era, it will continue to strive for the advancement of modernization, the progress of social civilization and the improvement of people's happiness. The rhyme of Gusu will be more perfect in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.——Urban lighting

They said the city was low-key and the night view was Soviet.

Liu Sixi, President of Zhongming Photoelectric Co., Ltd. in Suzhou: Night trip to Suzhou is very refreshing!

A: What's the impression of night lighting in Suzhou?

Liu Sixi: Suzhou is a famous cultural city with a history of 2,500 years. It is also a national high-tech industrial base and a livable city in China. The night scenery of Suzhou is very unique. The more you look at it, the more it tastes. It does not drift with the tide, nor does it need to attract tourists through the light show, such as the family jasper, gentle, sometimes refined literature and art, sometimes modern prosperity, sometimes tranquil and elegant, sometimes elegant atmosphere, which also reflects the spirit of the city of Suzhou, which is respectful and wise, open and tolerant, striving for excellence, harmonious and far-reaching.——Urban lighting

A: After years of development, what do you think is the most prominent change in urban lighting in Suzhou?

Liu Sixi: Under the guidance of the special planning of Suzhou Urban Lighting issued in 2009, the overall framework of Suzhou Nightscape has initially formed five districts, eighteen landscape galleries, three types of river-front interface, a ring of elevated boundary and eleven landscape nodes, which constitute a complete, prominent, harmonious and orderly development. Under the main line of Suzhou's cultural context, according to regional positioning, Suzhou is displayed. The different personality of the state, now it's very refreshing to visit Suzhou at night.——Urban lighting

Facilities and service belts, tourism and cultural industry belts, the overall style is simple and elegant; Xiangcheng District planning is "double core, double cross, three gardens and double chessboard" pattern, point, surface, line combination, clear theme; Pingjiang New Town is mainly quiet and elegant, the overall composition is coordinated and unified; Wuzhong District is a residential area, Wufeng Lake charm, comfortable and livable; Canglang New Town belongs to business district, with a strong sense of modernity and quality. Jin Yan New Town is a point-by-point, face-to-face and highlighted focus. The whole night scene lighting in Suzhou is in the stage of gradual improvement. The progress of each district is different. I believe that under the guidance of unified planning, it will be better and better.——Urban lighting

A: As an ancient city in the south of the Yangtze River with a history of more than 2,000 years, how can Suzhou display its culture with the help of lights?

Liu Sixi: Nowadays, night lighting is no longer a simple way to illuminate buildings and space carriers in the traditional sense. More are cultural tourism planning and night tour economic planning. Cities with profound cultural heritage like Suzhou have a lot of room for development. For example, through the combination of sound, light, electricity, projection, interaction and other means to emphasize the sense of participation to achieve the purpose of cultural dissemination. In terms of architectural and structural performance alone, Suzhou has done a good job.——Urban lighting

A: Could you give a brief overview of the current situation of night lighting in Suzhou?

Liu Sixi: Old urban areas mainly display the characteristics of history, culture and water villages in the south of the Yangtze River, which have been well inherited and developed with complete interface and unified style; high-tech zones display the unique charm of buildings according to different styles of buildings, showing the characteristics of contention among hundreds of schools of thought; industrial parks are made up of high-tech industrial belts and public.——Urban lighting

A: What are the standards for a good city lighting?

Liu Sixi: I think there are several indicators of lighting in a city. First, whether the basic lighting of urban function is complete, whether the illumination and evenness are up to the standard, and whether the glare control is reasonable; second, whether the lighting of urban night scene reflects the urban culture and characteristics, whether the lighting zoning is reasonable, and whether the function and wind of the building are reasonable.——Urban lighting

Whether the grid and characteristics match, whether the brightness and color distribution are effectively controlled, whether the important observation points can achieve a clear theme and focus; third, whether the management of urban lighting is safe, scientific and convenient, whether it can achieve low energy consumption, high reliability and stability, low operating costs and maintenance costs, and sustainable development. As a first-class qualified company in urban road lighting construction, Zhongming Suzhou has a mission to undertake the construction of sustainable urban lighting development.——Urban lighting

A: How to view the input and output of urban landscape lighting?

Liu Sixi: Landscape lighting in different cities has different foundations, different stages of development and different starting points of construction. As a basic construction of a city, urban landscape lighting can not be simply measured by input and output. Landscape lighting in some cities is affected by events. In some cities, landscape lighting simply improves the image of the city, upgrades infrastructure, and better develops the economy. To attract investment, some urban landscape lighting is to tap new growth points of tourism economy. So we can't say it all.——Urban lighting

A: What kind of management and maintenance mode does Suzhou City Lighting adopt at present?

Liu Sixi: At present, all districts in Suzhou have set up intelligent monitoring system, which uses special radio communication mode "three remote" monitoring terminal to bring urban lighting into centralized control. Digital map submission monitoring and feedback accuracy is being established. Urban lighting management level and work efficiency have reached the advanced level in China.——Urban lighting

Wang Weidong, Chairman of Jiangsu Hongjie Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. Nightscape lighting in Suzhou conforms to the Soviet temperament

A: What are the characteristics of urban lighting in Suzhou?

Wang Weidong: Urban lighting in Suzhou is carried out around the unique features of the whole city, revealing the characteristics of Jiangnan Water Township everywhere: pink wall, Daiwa, gray edge. Building lighting is mainly based on warm tone. In different urban areas, it will be designed according to different urban buildings, but the main tone remains unchanged. It always focuses on warm color, fully demonstrating the unique architectural style of Suzhou. In the progress of the times, it combines the modern lighting breath, modern architectural design, and adds the visual experience of night lighting.——Urban lighting

A: What stages do you think Suzhou's urban lighting has gone through?

Wang Weidong: In the past, the lighting of urban buildings in Suzhou mostly relied on the outline of buildings and floodlighting. The corrugated eaves of the Soviet-style buildings became the carrier of soft light bands, reflecting the elegant turn-back ring, the extensive flooding of the powder walls, which increased the direct vision of the buildings, and used the direct and refraction of light to build the tone of Jiangnan water village.——Urban lighting

With the passage of time and the changes of the times, the architectural design style of Suzhou gradually tends to the combination of modern and antique. At present, the material and texture of buildings are full of antique fragrance everywhere, but the overall style of buildings still uses the combination of ancient and modern methods to concentrate the silhouette of Soviet-style buildings. At this stage, lighting design is more diversified, not only need it. In order to have the lighting design that conforms to the Soviet temperament, we should also find the conjunction point which conforms to the architectural functional characteristics to form the lighting characteristics of the combination of ancient and modern.——Urban lighting

A: What significant changes have taken place in urban lighting in Suzhou since the introduction of the Special Plan for Urban Lighting in Suzhou?

Wang Weidong: Before the emergence of the special planning, the lighting design of Suzhou city should belong to the period of exploration and common sense. Its characteristics are: installing freely, brightness, illumination and color temperature need not be designed deliberately. It also causes bright lights in streets and alleys. High brightness not only pollutes people, but also plants, which runs counter to the original intention of urban lighting construction.——Urban lighting

When the special planning of urban lighting in Suzhou was introduced, with the passage of time, after the planning, design, construction and transformation based on theory, the night environment in people's eyes has been formed, concise and clear design elements, reflecting the style of Soviet architecture, but also creating a modern atmosphere. They systematically describe the architectural characteristics, decorate the city and influence life.——Urban lighting

A: How to view the current situation and problems of urban lighting in Suzhou?

Wang Weidong: Nowadays, the planning and design requirements of each district in Suzhou are slightly different. The intensity of the planning and design is light and heavy. The architectural features are modern and archaic. After regional analysis, there are industrial, commercial and residential districts. In urban planning, the development direction and architectural functions of each district may be taken into account. Therefore, there are still many factors among the districts. The difference is very obvious in brightness, illumination and color temperature.——Urban lighting

However, as a developing city, I think we should consider a more comprehensive way. Each district has different development directions. But we can further improve the content of the "Planning" and design it after unified tone. Finally, we can show a very strong sense of integrity, which conforms to the night environment of Soviet architectural style.——Urban lighting

A: What are your suggestions on urban lighting?

Wang Weidong: In my opinion, if we want to implement a good lighting design, it is not only good design and construction, but also more important for detailed work: special planning, formulation of planning plans, clarification of lighting levels and color matching standards, combination of urban landscape planning, architectural planning, municipal planning and so on, to achieve the integration of design, construction and construction, with the ultimate goal of long-term effectiveness;——Urban lighting

1) Overall planning of urban lighting. Before implementation, night lighting needs to be carried out.

2) Urban lighting design and construction is the combination of multi-departments and multi-specialties. Strengthening the direct cooperation between departments and departments, specialties and specialties is the most important and important part of lighting implementation.

3) Strengthen personnel training and conduct regular training to keep pace with the development of urban lighting.

A: What do you think of the marginal effect of urban night lighting? What is its manifestation in Suzhou?

Wang Weidong: The more times we touch things, the more indifferent our emotional experience becomes and the more tedious it is. This is the marginal effect of social perception. In the implementation of urban lighting, this feeling is more common. The basic reason is that the design of urban lighting is concise and traditional, and the lighting method is single, which can not bear the visual long-term viewing. Therefore, we should take into account the long-term factors in the early stage of design, not only to ensure its quality and final effect in construction, but also to combine the impact of the times and visual fatigue. The marginal effect of urban lighting in Suzhou is relatively low because of its natural factors (the embodiment of architectural characteristics).——Urban lighting

A: What do you think of the current maintenance mode of urban lighting management in Suzhou?

Wang Weidong: Urban lighting in Suzhou is managed and maintained by professional lighting departments. The final results of urban lighting are submitted to the Urban Maintenance Department. In the early stage, the design, declaration and construction are carried out around the special planning of urban lighting. With the special management mode from design to construction to maintenance, the ultimate visual sense of urban lighting in Suzhou is systematic and clear compared with other cities.——Urban lighting

On the evening of September 7, Aladdin National Urban Lighting Survey (Suzhou Station) was launched. We invited experts from local societies, street lighting stations, engineering design and enterprises to conduct field visits to Suzhou's night scenery, and to make suggestions for the development of the city's night scenery. This research activity has been strongly supported by Sichuan Jiuzhou Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.——Urban lighting

Jiang Xiao Fang

Director of China Lighting Society

Deputy Director of the Working Committee of Lighting Designers of China Lighting Society

Qin Yong

Deputy Director of Urban Lighting Management Office of Suzhou City

Generally speaking, I think Suzhou Nightscape Lighting is on the top of the whole country, and the work of the old city has been put in for a long time. So far, I don't think that sodium lamp consumes more electricity than LED, and the cost of maintenance is much lower than LED, because it is unified and interchangeable, and LED is like a city, can't interchange. From the comfort point of view, the sodium lamp is also better than the LED, so I don't think the pursuit of fashion must use the fashionable light source. If there is time, a walk around the ancient city of Suzhou canal at night will feel deep. In fact, it does not necessarily need to publicize, nor does it need the media facade.——Urban lighting

Now that Jinji Lake and the ancient city are connected, you can really feel the beauty of Suzhou when you walk down a circle. I think the concept of Suzhou as a whole is that small bridges and flowing families, although they have their own characteristics, are rich in cultural heritage. Whether they are new districts, old districts or parks, they have done a lot of articles from the water, and do not follow the trend, do not need very gorgeous colors.——Urban lighting

Suzhou people are more realistic, realistic and willing to use their brains. This is an advantage that should be developed. Suzhou does not blindly follow suit, including the question of how to maintain lamps and lanterns put forward by Shanghai now. Suzhou does not mention it. Although traditional lamps and lanterns in Suzhou are much more useful, they are better maintained than those in Shanghai. Suzhou is not without money, which is caused by its cultural heritage.——Urban lighting

Landscape lighting in Suzhou started relatively early. Since 2002, there have been large bridges and overpasses with landscape lighting. Later, the construction of landscape lighting has been basically synchronized with the whole country. Especially from 2006 to 2013, it has entered a rapid development stage, and a large number of landscape lighting projects have been implemented. The next step is to enter a relatively smooth process, mainly reflected in the main urban area, while facilities in Gusu, Xiangcheng and Wuzhong districts are still running and lighting, because some traditional lighting in maintenance, renewal, management and maintenance are in place, landscape lighting is relatively better, and has been in the direction of LED development, but relatively backward compared with other areas.——Urban lighting

From the national point of view, compared with the first-tier cities, eastern cities and coastal cities, Suzhou's urban lighting has not been constructed on a large scale, but still stays on the original tone. The first major principle is to conform to the characteristics of water towns and the culture of water towns. At that time, the main tone of lighting was light, the light color was relatively soft, mainly yellow and white, and some colorful light would be in part. Now, there are some colorful lights. There are also the use of color lights, we control better, or mainly yellow and white, some commercial buildings also have a "bright jump" stage, and later changed, because we have a unified management control.——Urban lighting

At present, Suzhou's landscape lighting investment is not strong, unlike other cities, which is billions of dollars in investment, basically moving forward smoothly and slowly, hoping to keep up with the trend. As a management department, we are more cautious and conservative in applying new products and technologies.——Urban lighting

Hu Hong Long

Zhongheng Design Group Co., Ltd.

Director of Light Environment Design Institute

Deng Lai Feng

Director of Lighting Department, Suzhou University Building Planning and Design Institute

When I came to Suzhou in 2009, the concept of Wenlu Lighting was introduced in Suzhou. At that time, we wanted to link all the buildings along Jinji Lake. At that time, when the Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee was bidding, we participated in the design bidding of Suhua Road and Cuiyuan Road. That is to say, now the east of Suzhou Avenue and the west of Suzhou Avenue, one is in Hudong and the other is in Huxi, which is the main road of CBD core area of Suzhou Industrial Park. At that time, the lighting requirements of this landscape design were very high, and many design companies in Beishengguang were invited to compare the plans. Fortunately, our plan was finally approved by the Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee, but it took two months to complete. We decisively used the new LED street lights in the market. At that time, the earliest floor tile induction lamps were used in the Suzhou Industrial Park. Later, for a long time, these two roads were also the demonstration points of landscape lighting in the Suzhou Industrial Park. It can be said that the lighting and technology used in Suzhou Industrial Park at that time were of the highest level. Especially the skylight of Suzhou Yuanrong Times Square is the largest LED skylight in the world at present. The new type of LED lamp bars, lamp belts, spotlights and so on are applied, which makes people feel that it is a super modern city. In addition, Jinji Lake Music Fountain, which has the largest scale, the highest technical level and the richest performing elements, can gather 60,000 people to watch during the opening weekend.——Urban lighting

Suzhou is very low-key and courageous. This is because it dares to accept new things. Of course, the control of the process in the implementation of the project, the guarantee of the quality of lamps and lanterns, and the strict requirements are also the reasons for Suzhou's self-confidence. Just like our owners, supervisors, builders and designers at that time, they must team up to conduct on-site investigation in the lighting square or the sculpture square. There are also expert demonstrations, and even some projects we will make models. It is not difficult to see that the city managers in Suzhou are proficient in professional aspects and have strict control over the whole process. Therefore, the night scenery in Suzhou is vividly displayed in three aspects: old Suzhou, new Suzhou and Yangsuzhou. It should respect the ancient places and be meticulous. In the need for new city construction, the use of new technologies will not be excluded. It will know whether these new things meet the requirements of the city, judge and inspect them carefully in the process, and finally proceed. Perfect embodiment. This kind of non-aggressive, open-minded and open-minded character of Suzhou corresponds to the development of the whole city and the excellent character of Suzhou people.——Urban lighting

I came to Suzhou in 2009. When I first came here, except for the rich night scenery of the park and some lights in some parts of the ancient city, most of the night scenery was not much brightened. Suddenly, the night scenery in Suzhou suddenly became beautiful. Of course, this was due to the first lighting project in the industrial park, followed by the overall landscape planning of the ancient city, and then more and more developers and construction units realized the benefits of lighting. The improvement of the overall lighting environment is more suitable for people's lives, conducive to urban development, talent retention, and the development and construction of Suzhou tourist city. Therefore, government departments pay more and more attention to the investment of night scene economy.——Urban lighting

From the perspective of architectural design, we will extract some cultural elements of Suzhou in the process of architectural design, such as integrating some rhombic geometric elements of panes into the overall form of the building, including the curtain wall structure, so that the characteristics of Suzhou can be reflected in the building. Nightscape lighting can also extract some elements of Suzhou according to the characteristics of the building, and then present it to residents and foreign tourists in such a way to present its unique aesthetic feeling.——Urban lighting

Generally speaking, the night scenery of Suzhou is very simple, elegant and soft, which is in line with the temperament of Suzhou. At present, the whole city environment of Suzhou has been very well built and changed greatly. As a new Suzhou people, I am very proud to be able to live here!——Urban lighting

Ni Yi

Director of Equipment Institute of Suzhou Landscape Design Institute Limited

From ancient times till now, Suzhou's economy is rich, and it does not rely on the development of lighting to promote economic development. For the small Jasper Suzhou, lighting is not the main role, but a part of adding beauty, not a means to change the urban atmosphere. The overall development rhythm of night scenery in Suzhou is relatively slow. Under the large lighting planning system, the control is very strict and the investment is relatively small. The competent government departments have their own clear goals and clear directions. If the landscape lighting is not allowed to do too much in the core area, only functional lighting will be guaranteed. The core area is still relatively relaxed, and there are few large-scale lighting projects along the road, including large display screens and multimedia buildings, and color and temperature control are in place, unlike the high-profile cities. So the city lights in Suzhou are relatively low-key and comfortable, but they are very atmospheric and modern, which is in line with the history and culture of the city and the living habits of the local people.——Urban lighting

Night excursion is not the focus of Suzhou's consideration. The real classical gardens at night are not open (only very few gardens are open). All of them do not make any excessive design on the lighting. More consideration is given to the protection of the classical gardens and the maintenance of the style and value of the ancient buildings themselves.——Urban lighting

As a lighting designer, I hope that there will be representative lighting works in this area. From the regional level of the overall control of the government, it seems that the lighting sector does not involve much, but I heard that Wujiang District seems to have a big action this year, and I am looking forward to it.——Urban lighting

Wang Teng

Gold Mantis Construction Decor


On the whole, Suzhou is paved with light, plain, white and yellow light to highlight the night scene, which makes me feel very comfortable. Although some building models have been changed, but the lamp position has not changed with the new building, there are some inappropriate places. But the overall effect of Suzhou night scenery is still beautiful.——Urban lighting

Suzhou gardens are the most famous, step-by-step landscape change, I think that lighting should also incorporate the idea of step-by-step landscape change, not to be uniform, let alone lose its own characteristics for the sake of unity. Suzhou has water, ancient buildings and history. I think we should make full use of its unique environment. Old urban areas should respect the environment and history. New areas should have some innovations. Suzhou has fashionable places and places with simple connotation.——Urban lighting

We should not only know our original appearance, but also have the new strength to strive for in the future. We should design in different areas according to different environments.

Bang Lei Liu

Sichuan Jiuzhou Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Special Assistant to General Manager of Domestic Lighting Department

First of all, the impression that Suzhou has given me is that its appearance is very low-key and not publicized, but its connotation is exquisite, elegant and well-educated city, which deserves the title of "there is paradise, there is Suzhou and Hangzhou below". Suzhou is a beautiful and charming city with Zhong Ling.——Urban lighting

Secondly, the color style of Suzhou landscape lighting is mainly white and yellow, but the east side of Jinji Lake is just another replica of Shanghai Bund landscape, full of tone. Nightscape lighting in Suzhou is closely related to the artistic conception of traditional water towns in the south of the Yangtze River and the rapid development of modernization in Suzhou.——Urban lighting

The more charming Suzhou City is overnight, the managers of urban lighting in Suzhou play a key role. Experts were hired to do professional work, and the administration was strictly controlled, and the urban lighting in Suzhou was planned and laid out in harmony. I think the inner things of Suzhou can complement each other in the night. For example, walking on the Pingjiang Road, the figure will be hit by street lights on the water surface and float up opposite. The basic lighting and key lighting contrast techniques are used professionally, creating a sparkling, lifelike modern version of Qingming River Map, which makes people linger and forget to return, and has endless aftertaste.——Urban lighting

Suzhou does not need a night view to boost its economy. Because Suzhou is a thousand-year-old city, in which the charm of ancient Suzhou, New Suzhou and Yangsuzhou can be appreciated one by one. Landscape lighting of each city has its own characteristics, no good or bad, but the degree of liking is different, but the atmosphere and sentiment of Suzhou is elegant. If the design cafe of Suzhou can further perfect the integration of the historical and cultural characteristics of Suzhou in the design process, it will be more colorful to build this ancient city with modern lighting means.——Urban lighting