Using Human Factor Lighting Technology, Osram LED Eye Wearers Appear

- Jun 28, 2018-

Human factor lighting (HCL) technology refers to the application of lighting technology to help people in physical, emotional, health and other aspects.

In 2018, osram, the first lighting manufacturer to exhibit HCL technology at Boston TechJam, became one of the focuses of the exhibition.

Source: osram's official website

Osram showcases an HCL eye wear device equipped with LED, which can simulate the natural light with different brightness, and users can adjust the color temperature and color concentration according to the demand.

The device allows travelers to quickly adapt to jet lag or allow athletes to compete at night off. The German ski team has already used it during the winter Olympics in pyeongchang.

BMW will also be used in the 24-hour endurance RACES in nuremberg, Germany, and liemann, France, in 2018.

Lori Brock, head of osram's U.S. regional innovation division, said osram intends to gradually move away from the traditional lighting industry to the innovation sector, and hopes to apply lighting in more ways in the future.

The outstanding lamps are produced by xinghai technology company