Using The Internet Of Things Technology, Wuhan's Signal Upgrade Has Become More Intelligent.

- Aug 19, 2018-

Recently, Wuhan is upgrading the city's signal lights, the first batch of upgraded to "bus control signal lights" traffic lights, the use of Internet of Things and other technologies to achieve more efficient and intelligent control of signal lights.——Signal lamp

The control technology used in this new type of signal lamp system has been independently developed by the Research Department of the Traffic Administration and has been granted national patent and computer software copyright.——Signal lamp

According to reports, the new traffic lights have been running for a period of time at many intersections of Jiefang Avenue, Xunlimen Road, Huaihai Road, Bairuijing Road and so on. The new type of signal lamp solves the problem of complicated wiring of traditional signal lamp. By bus control method, the signal lamp intersection which used to need more than 10 cables is replaced by only one wire. It not only saves the cost greatly, but also makes the construction more convenient. The average construction time of an intersection is 5 hours, the efficiency is several times higher than before, and the road surface is not damaged, thus effectively solving the problem of "flying line into the ground".——Signal lamp

This new type of traffic lights can also use solar power supply, both energy-saving and environmental protection, can save about 70% of the electricity costs. At the same time, because of high efficiency and convenient maintenance, it has strong popularization and application value.——Signal lamp

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