Vice Chairman Of The Illuminating Society Of China And Professor Hao Luoxi Of Tongji University Are Elected Vice Chairman Of The International Lighting Committee.

- Oct 27, 2018-

On October 17, 2018, the International Lighting Commission (CIE) convened the 2008 Executive Committee meeting through Webex, and elected the next Board of Directors. The representatives of 23 National Committees participated in the meeting. The Secretary of China Lighting Society, Miao Yinhui, represented the National Committee of China. Director Cai Jianqi of China Institute of Standardization, participated in the meeting. As an expert, he attended the meeting. At the meeting, Professor Holloway, nominated by the National Committee of China, was officially elected Vice-Chairman of the CIE by a vote of representatives of the National Committees and was in charge of publishing for the term of 2019-2023.

Professor haorosi

Other directors of the election were as follows:

Vice chairman (Technology) -- Dr Jennifer Veitch (Canada)

Vice chairman (standard) -- Dr John OHagan (UK)

Treasurer -- Mr Volker Seibicke (Germany)

Secretary -- Mr Ad de Visser (Holland)

Vice chairman (without Portfolio):

Professor Ron Gibbons (USA)

Ms Annette Steinbusch (Holland)

Professor Erkki Ikonen (Finland)

Professor Lorne Whitehead (Canada)

Ms Teresa Goodman (UK)

Dr Anna Shakhparunyants (Russia)

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