Volkswagen LED Lights Recall 700 Thousand Defects, Quality Problems Frequent Sales Increase

- Aug 23, 2018-

Broken shaft door, intake door, cancer door...... In recent years, the quality problem of Volkswagen has been frequent.——LED Automobile lighting

On August 20, Volkswagen said it would recall 700,000 SUVs worldwide because lights installed on the skylights could be short-circuited if damped and, in extreme cases, cause fires. A spokesman for Volkswagen said the company is currently working on solutions.——LED Automobile lighting

Yesterday, Xiao Yue, a long-time Automotive Research insider, told the Yangtze River Commercial Daily that Volkswagen's frequent quality problems will certainly undermine consumer confidence.——LED Automobile lighting

LED lamp short circuit hidden danger may cause vehicle fire.

Volkswagen said in August 20th that it would recall 700 thousand SUV worldwide. The company warned that if the lights installed on these SUV skylights are wet, there may be a short circuit. The heat generated by the short circuit will damage the roof of the vehicle and cause spontaneous combustion to cause fires in extreme cases.——LED Automobile lighting

According to a Volkswagen spokesman, the heat generated by the short circuit of the LED display module may damage the roof and cause a fire. In Germany, about 52500 Volkswagen cars were affected.——LED Automobile lighting

A spokesman for Volkswagen said the company is currently working on solutions. At the same time, owners can continue to use the vehicle unless they find signs of a short circuit in the vehicle, including inactive ambient lights or signs of burning.——LED Automobile lighting

In fact, Volkswagen Group has not yet stepped out of the "cancer gate" problem. Earlier, Volkswagen Group said it might be forced to recall 124,000 Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche electric cars because its electric vehicles were equipped with plugs containing cadmium, a heavy metal thought to be carcinogenic and harmful to human organs.——LED Automobile lighting

In this regard, Volkswagen (China) in an interview, the relevant person in charge said: "is collecting information on related issues." Volkswagen (China) has not answered positively whether the new energy vehicles have entered the Chinese market and what measures will be taken to ensure battery safety in the future.——LED Automobile lighting

The aftermath of diesel engine exhaust valve is not yet available.

Not only that, since the diesel engine was released in 2015, Volkswagen has been "deeply affected".

Recently, Volkswagen European diesel vehicle with excessive emission is facing the risk of being revoked. KBA, the German Federal Motor Vehicle Administration, said some Volkswagen owners ignored the recall notice and refused to repair diesel exhaust components, which would result in their cars being banned from the road.——LED Automobile lighting

Audi and Volkswagen licenses for Euro-5 diesel engines have been revoked by authorities in Hamburg and Munich. Such diesel vehicles emit excessive emissions, and owners ignore the authorities'repeated reminders of recalls.——LED Automobile lighting

Earlier, the German Ministry of Transportation approved the Volkswagen Group's repair plan in early 2016, aimed at repairing the engine control components of the 1.2L, 1.6L and 2.0L EA 189 engines. In September 2015, Volkswagen admitted to installing cheating devices in 11 million vehicles produced worldwide, including 5 million in Europe.——LED Automobile lighting

According to the German Ministry of Transport, 95% of Germany's 2.46 million vehicles affected had been repaired by early June. Only 0.6% of the owners chose to ignore the warning after receiving many warnings. The German Ministry of Transport would transfer the vehicle that ignored the warning to the local registry, eventually causing the vehicle to be revoked.——LED Automobile lighting

In the United States, Volkswagen was forced to compensate affected car owners and pay a fine of about $30 billion, whereas elsewhere in the world, Volkswagen needed to repair only 1.6 liters of engine parts and install a single piece of hardware.——LED Automobile lighting

Sales in China increased by 0.1% in July

Despite frequent quality problems, it will not stop Volkswagen sales rising.

A few days ago, Volkswagen Group released data show that in January-June 2018, its global sales of 5.51 million vehicles, an increase of 7.1%. Sales in China and Europe are higher than the same period last year, reaching a record high.——LED Automobile lighting

It is understood that sales volume in the first half of the year in China has increased by 9.2% to 1 million 990 thousand vehicles. Among them, Audi and Volkswagen brand medium-sized car sales outstanding performance.——LED Automobile lighting

However, in July, China's import tariffs were reduced, which affected the purchase plan of consumers. Volkswagen Group's delivery volume in China market increased by only 0.1% to 309 thousand and 400 in July. Volkswagen's sales in China exceeded 2.3 million in the first seven months of this year, a 7.9% increase over the same period last year.——LED Automobile lighting

Yesterday, Xiao Yue told the Yangtze River Business Daily that Volkswagen, as a well-known global brand, has rich experience in dealing with automobile recalls and other crises. "However, frequent quality problems will inevitably undermine consumer confidence."——LED Automobile lighting

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