Wang Donglei, Chairman Of NVC: Keep Steady And Strive For Scientific Research.

- Nov 03, 2018-

"Private enterprises do encounter many difficulties in their development. I am very excited to hear General Secretary Xi's"Six Greater Good"for private enterprises. Each of these is a great inspiration and support for our private enterprises. This reassuring pill enables the majority of private enterprises to secure their development." Wang Donglei, chairman of NVC, said in an interview with the China business newspaper.——LED lighting

On November 1, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, chaired a symposium on private enterprises in Beijing and delivered an important speech.——LED lighting

Xi Jinping pointed out at the meeting that in the process of China's economic development, we should constantly create a better environment for the development of private economy, help the private economy to solve the difficulties in development, support the reform and development of private enterprises, change pressure into power, let the innovative source of private economy flow fully, and let the private economy create full vitality.——LED lighting

In the 40 years of reform and opening up in China, as a post-60 generation, Wang Donglei witnessed the development and growth of private enterprises in China. Looking back on the development of their own enterprises, especially the three important transformation nodes, are inseparable from the state's support for private enterprises. Reform and opening up changed Wang Donglei's fate. In 1996, he opened foreign markets with small appliances. By the year 2000, the market share of Dehaorenda's bread machine founded by Wang Donglei had reached more than 50% of the world's total. The sales of ovens and ovens accounted for 30% of the world's total, and the sales of electric frying pans reached 20%.——LED lighting

Recalling the opportunity from small household appliances crossing the border to LED, at that time, the national and local governments to support emerging industries and implement energy-saving emission reduction policies continue to release good signals to the LED market. In July 2011, the Ministry of Science and Technology promulgated the Notice of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Science and Technology. Energy-saving and environmental protection ranked first among the seven strategic emerging industries, and semiconductor lighting ranked first among the four energy-saving and environmental protection technologies.——LED lighting

Wang Donglei said: "LED chip energy-saving effect is remarkable, and is a new material industry, which coincides with the fourth revolution of the global lighting industry. Choosing this industry means that we have the opportunity to start with global enterprises at the same time."——LED lighting

Today, Wang Donglei leads two manufacturing listed companies, Rex Lighting and DHL Runda, to go to sea and emerge on the international stage with independent R&D, high-end and international Chinese brands. As the leading enterprise in the industry, Rex Lighting has always regarded global orientation as the responsibility of enterprises to make Chinese brands.——LED lighting

Under the support of the "one belt and one way" initiative, Rex has a layout in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and has set up a British subsidiary of Rex in the United Kingdom, one of the ten largest suppliers of industrial and commercial lighting in the UK. Due to its excellent localization strategy and super development prospects, Rex was awarded the "best foreign business award" awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, and was selected as the 2016 case report of the Sino British Trade Association.——LED lighting

It is reported that in response to the national "one belt and one road" initiative, NVC has a clear blueprint for the international layout, and rapidly promotes the localization strategy of the brand worldwide. Currently, it has established branches in the UK, Brazil, the Middle East, Australia and Southeast Asia, and has established its operating institutions in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The key layout of the global market has been completed.——LED lighting

In the future, with the release of favorable policies, Wang Donglei hopes that the upstream LED chips, packaging technology and light source products of DHL will open up the downstream channels of Rex, improve the efficiency of resource operation and become a lighting enterprise in the whole industry chain.——LED lighting

For the future of the two enterprises, Wang Donglei has a firm belief: "We have decided on the number one strategy, although it is difficult to climb the slopes and cross the barriers, but still adhere to today. Our goal is very clear, that is, the top three in the world. As General Secretary Xi pointed out in his important speech,'Keeping firm, enhancing confidence and concentrating on our own affairs are the keys to our response to various risks and challenges'. We are full of confidence, firmly optimistic about China's economic development, live up to the expectations of the General Secretary, make every effort to invest in scientific and technological research and development, pay attention to independent innovation, master core technology, promote the development of lighting and LED semiconductor industry, and add vitality to our private economy.——LED lighting

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