Want The Lamp Groove Effect To Be Good, How Does LED Lamp Take Pack?

- Jul 06, 2018-

      Many interior design method using the light of lamp chamfer, master of several Japanese to popularize it, also dedicated a book "indirect illumination", we will repeatedly mentioned the book behind dong-liang xu teacher translated Chinese version of the content.

Lamp groove lighting methods have been used for a long time, and the designers who haven't read this book before have done a good job.

However, with more and more lamp trays now using LED headbands, all sorts of weird effects have come out.

Let's start with a couple of counter examples:


1 the sawtooth

Photo: bizarre effect 1, called sawtooth.


3 not to

Photo: bizarre effect 2, said "can't come out".


3 as far

Photo: exotic flower effect 3, said "not far".


Now, what we're going to do is we're going to understand, how do these weird effects come about and how do we avoid them?


First, take a look at the classic installation drawings of lamp troughs in indirect lighting:


4 indirect lighting

Readers of this book will notice that the word "blackout" appears many times!


True, "block out light" the prime culprit that appears above strange flower effect 1, 2, 3!


Now the question is: why didn't these exotic creatures exist before, and are they everywhere now?


Answer: T5 fluorescent lamp bracket is used before, use LED lamp to take now.

T5 fluorescent lamp is good to throw casually, the installation method of LED lamp belt should pay attention to a lot.


Why is the T5 fluorescent "just throw it away"?


Due to the fluorescent tube diameter coarser than LED lights (at least with coarse), the height of itself of lamps and lanterns is higher also, large power and high luminous flux, so the light is generally far, and very fuzzy, near the distant light make up for each other, usually there will be no problem.


T5 fluorescent lamp holder in 5 slots


Figure: the T5 fluorescent lamp holder in the classic lamp holder, which is far away and fuzzy.


How to install the LED light belt?

Here's a live photo:


LED band in 6 lamp holder


Photo: LED light belt in lamp holder.


7 leds with

Picture: the LED light belt is thin, and the installation position is slightly lower, which will result in obvious shielding light.


8 according to near


Photo: the blinding light is very clear and the light is not far away.


So, how do you install it to avoid the "not too far" problem?

Simple geometry tells you that if the headband is installed a little higher, it will keep the shielding away from the lamp slot and the light will shine away.


9 lamp tape

Picture: the lamp belt height is almost flush with the lamp trough mask.

You don't have to worry about who's going to see them 


Besides, this kind of installation is more convenient for workers to screw, isn't it?


In this installation, the light is also more efficient than the above one, with more luminous flux output to the ceiling.

However, even so, half of the light also hide out inside the lamp chamfer, if lamp itself contains certain partial light distribution, that is more perfect ~ polarization approach has two kinds, tilt, lens.


10 lamp belt installation


Figure: when the lamp belt is installed, it has a slight tilt Angle, which can improve the light utilization rate.


This method requires the manufacturer to provide inclined mounting bracket base, there is no standard product at present, generally it needs to be customized.


11. The lamp belt has its own polarizing lens

Figure: the lamp belt has its own polarizing lens, which can greatly improve the light utilization rate and the projection distance will be longer.

This approach has only one drawback

It's too expensive.


It says "not far". What about the "can't get out" kind of thing?


12 lamp holder

Graph: appear this kind of effect, it is very clear that the lamp belt is installed wrong, worker teacher also is installed before lamp holder same as before "conveniently throw"..



What about the sawtooth effect?


The generation of sawtooth is the case that USES hard lamp blade commonly, put dislocation to cause in lamp groove.

Just pay attention to the location of the installation and keep the shielding light away from the lamp holder.

Even if it's a little bit out of place, it's not going to produce a significant serrated.

Of course, the light flux of today's flexible lamp strips is also increasing, and there are fewer cases of using hard ones.


What we said before is the case that lamp trough washes ceiling, still have a kind of case is lamp trough washes metope, how should consider again?

Let's start with a counterexample:


13 wash the ceiling

Graph: the installation way that resembles washing a ceiling, can form a perfect "blind light" in metope.


Wash the wall lamp strips

Graph: the lamp of wash metope should be installed like this, at this time, you affirmation discovered: the vertical baffle of lamp groove already did not need actually, ha ha ~ what?

Can you see the lamp beads?


Who would look up against the wall?

Except for the "lighting occupational disease" like you and me.



Figure: install according to the above article wash wall lamp, note, metope can't mirror reflection, can appear otherwise this effect: just to wash down, but here people will see the light of the reflective particles.


So the question is: what should I do when I meet a mirror wall?


At this point, can sacrifice the light utilization efficiency, use diffuse reflection or diffuse transmission ~



Figure: diffuse reflection lamp trough light schematic diagram.

The lamp holder in the picture is not the T5 fluorescent lamp, but it is recommended that you use the LED lamp holder here.



Figure: a schematic diagram of the light coming out of the floodlight slot.

The light blue position in the picture suggests the placement of frosted acrylic sheets.


Finally, this picture is sent to the interior designer of the hotel. This method can help you solve the problem when you are making the luminous flooring on the mirror stone floor.

Look at this big picture, does it suddenly come to light?

Ha ha ~



Figure: this is a model platform, surrounded by a circle of foot lights, the original interior design is a direct light belt on the ground, mirror marble reflection can see a bead of light, it feels very low



Picture: this is the big picture after my adjustment, adding a diffuse transmission of the machine piece, no longer need to worry about seeing a grain, ha ~


The installation methods of all kinds of light belts have been discussed in a similar way. Finally, I would like to summarize that if you encounter more special situations, you need to use your intelligence and wisdom to think about several things:


Where is the solar radiation?

Would it be obvious?

Can you see the lamp beads while walking normally?



What if you start from the point of view of the lamp design?

Tell me briefly, those stories about the design of dark groove lamps.

Had designed the halogen bulbs, compact energy-saving lamps, T5 fluorescent tube edition version (red, green and blue color temperature had wide), data fully collected 10 cm high, service invention patent in the United States, of course, also applied for a few.

1 halogen bulb

Let's talk a little bit about the key points of the design.


1, according to different markets, local decoration lamp chamfer of regular size to find out, get out of the most common, as the design standard, otherwise, there will be too close to the light so weak-minded questions.


After lamp design comes out, specification book should tell somebody else: I this lamp, decorate the lamp groove of the company how to should design ability won't have a problem.

2 decoration lamp holder


2. Dark area. The lamp should design a special rotating joint. The lamp can be staggered to avoid the dark area along the length direction.

(well, then there is a T5 bracket, and the glass part of the light pipe is grown up, avoiding the dark area, which is available in all kinds of ways.)


3. Lamp design

3. In some versions, special reflector cover is required to evenly wash the light onto the ceiling with greater exposure area.


4 ceiling lamps

4, reflector cover fog on the surface or the light source to increase diffusion, help some applications due to specular reflection of a ceiling floor to see the effect of light source, it has mentioned that this kind of diffusion.


5. The Angle of some reflectors can be adjusted, and the lamps should also have adjustable supports to deal with the influence of uncommon lamp slots.

5 reflector Angle


The paper has already mentioned the problems existing in the use of LED flexible and hard lamp strips.

Let me add:


1, want to tell somebody the lamp groove specification that decorates!

For in fact, the most simple, is to do lighting design, inside the autocad drawings, design good article lamp installation position, and to facilitate the monitoring, the bottom of the article lamp design a wood (, elder brother, why are they cheap bai, decorate a company to a dime a dozen), in some cases, they can be an Angle of the tilt.

This wood strip design allows the decoration company to install it, they are more professional in location size.


Then the electrician can stick a lamp on the wooden strip.

Otherwise, you might as well expect a hen to lay a duck's egg than expect an electrician to stick you a light strip at the designated spot.

Well, this one I didn't want to say, it was the furniture factory that paid me for it.


The king of the class cut in: the construction of the site...

Can you make a special piece of wood according to the drawing?

Unless you're watching him in person, that's about as good as it gets.


2. Now there are some professional lamp strips, which have aluminum extrusion supports or simple installation supports. In fact, they are T5 scaffolds of variable type.

This is the development direction of the market segment, can avoid the fierce T5 bracket, hard and soft lamp price war.

However, at present, such product segmentation solutions are insufficient, lack of professionalism, there is a lot of room for development.

You can refer to the design principle of traditional dark channel lamp to launch LED commercial version.

I won't go into details.

Detailed writing becomes a design specification.

6 professional lamp strips

This one is more fun.

If you can, for some lace, such as wood or gypsum, let them leave you with a recommended slot to make custom light strips.

Someone has already made it. Did anyone see it at last year's Frankfurt exhibition?

Small slot lamp with lamp slot LED lamp slot