Wedding Lighting Design? Why Are Wedding Lights So Expensive?

- Jun 23, 2018-

Wedding lights, which may not be the first thing you notice at a wedding, are not part of your big budget, and you've even ignored them. (LED Light)


But when it comes to planning a wedding, you'll find that as long as you're doing a dark wedding, there's one extra item in your budget -- the wedding lights. (LED Light)


There must be lighting for a dark wedding. Why charge?


Take a chestnut, the wedding below (LED Light)




Bring about CAI on


The effect on the stage would have been completely different without the lights in the middle and without the little lights dotted around. (LED Light)

The lighting on the wedding is not only the lighting, but also the matching of the wedding to create some effect. (LED Light)


For example, the whole hall is covered in blue, quiet and romantic. (LED Light)

This effect would not have been possible without lighting. (LED Light)




Soloman wedding


Therefore, the wedding lighting is not the same as the lighting in our restaurant. It requires professional staff to take charge of it and different effect lights should be used according to different weddings.

Need to think design, buy lamps and lanterns, decorate build, these can produce cost. (LED Light)



You still need to find the wedding lighting team? (LED Light)


Few new alone looking for wedding lighting team, usually wedding lights is by wedding wedding out of the team to give the concrete scheme, match lamp lighting team will according to the plan, to achieve the effect of the final rendering. (LED Light)

In terms of budget, a light is also given by the wedding together with the total budget, which includes the wedding lighting budget. (LED Light)




But with so much money, many couples even make a special light show before the ceremony, only to end up with a dazzling array of guests. (LED Light)

You've collected some of your friends' impressions of poor wedding lighting: 


The light was so confused that I couldn't keep my eyes open


A series of weird green, purple, blue lights, the original wedding decoration did not see clearly.


Gem-beaded wedding lights, liaozhai handover ceremony!


Standing on the stage, the light has been shining on me all the time, the head light faint, spend, think only of the eyes also spent, only want to avoid the light, the mind is also confused. (LED Light)


Later, I heard my sisters say that when they sat down, they saw that I had a halo around me, but I couldn't see my face! (LED Light)


A lot of people complain about our photographers, but sometimes, really, there's nothing we can do about it.



Photographer said: this pot, our photographer does not back!




What makes wedding lights so expensive?

Why are there so many failed wedding lights?

How can you avoid such lighting problems at your wedding?


In fact, at the end of the day, people know little about wedding lighting! (LED Light)






What do couples need to know about wedding lighting?


We are not professional wedding lighting, do not need to know how to light, how to design?

Know a few simple basic knowledge, can be in and marriage celebration negotiation, clear what other people say is what, basic ok. (LED Light)


What is the dancing light


People used to call the lighting, special effects and stage design of the wedding scene "dancing beauty lighting", but it is not quite accurate.


Dance beauty is the abbreviation of stage art design. In a broad sense, it includes stage lighting design, stage costume design, stage makeup design, stage setting design and so on. (LED Light)

Lighting mainly refers to the stage lighting design, which is only one of the stage art design. (LED Light)

Therefore, dance beauty, lighting needs to be explained separately, not to be confused. (LED Light)




In Shanghai Yin mai senior wedding custom


2. What are the specific functions of lighting in the wedding?


The wedding trend: large-scale, professional and performance, lighting plays an increasingly important role in weddings.

Specifically, lighting has the following three functions.


1. Professional lighting


The participation of a useless lighting in indoor wedding is impossible, photographing, video-taping, ceremony, the set requires the auxiliary lights, when the original light is not enough to satisfy the conditions needed for the work, with the help of a professional stage lighting is required to supplement, such as surface light, follow spot and so on.


The influence of light on portrait photography:




Such wedding lighting plays an absolute role in both photography and scenery. (LED Light)




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2. Create a wedding atmosphere


The most important function of lighting in wedding is to create the scene atmosphere. (LED Light)

Warmth, romantic, or joy, or moved, and the change of light determines the environment changes, the whole wedding and wedding changes from visual and psychological directly affects the emotional change of the guests.




Wedding design at the beginning of a dream


3. Highlight key points and create special effects


Some specific links in the wedding ceremony need lights to create special effects. For example, when the new couple enters the wedding, the floodlights can play a prominent role and create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

A dynamic opening music, the color and design of the computer lamp constantly changing can cooperate with the rhythm of music to bring a strong visual impact, leaving a deep impression. (LED Light)




Bring about palace set Design




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What kind of staff are needed for wedding lighting?


Generally speaking, there are three types of staff required for wedding lighting.

The first type is the person in charge of overall wedding lighting design. He mainly works with the wedding team to design the lighting effect on the wedding day. (LED Light)




Soline wedding house


The second is to establish construction personnel responsible for the scene that day, wedding lights will need many kinds of lamp and props such as light frame, but also need the lamp and props to hide under the wedding arrangement, try not to make the wedding arrangement. (LED Light)




Threaded WeddingIsm WeddingIsm


The third type is the controller responsible for the lighting control on the wedding day.

On the wedding day, with music, ceremony, etc., the lighting effect changes at any time, so it is also important to have the controller on the day. (LED Light)


So, don't underestimate the wedding lights, there are a lot of people behind this gorgeous stage effect.




Threaded WeddingIsm WeddingIsm


How to find a good wedding light?


Good wedding lighting is not absolutely standard. (LED Light)

But lamplight and scene should have no disobey feeling, the time that the lamp turns on dark is just right, achieve the adornment effect that wants, do not let cameraman difficult, consider the visual feeling of guest..

These are the conditions that define the quality of wedding lighting. (LED Light)




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How do I find a good wedding light?


The only real way to do this is to look at weddings!

If you want to have a good wedding lighting experience, you must see more wedding cases, like the wedding team's wedding, like the photographer's wedding photos, and compare multiple wedding cases.

You can't judge good or bad by just one or two photos. (LED Light)


It's not enough to just look at the pictures. The wedding of friends around you, the wedding show of the wedding team, and the live broadcast of some weddings all require more real experience.




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Material gentleman lets you see more and experience more, not to let you see good, make sure to do their own wedding, decide this wedding or go sightseeing directly. (LED Light)


Most importantly, look at what you like and don't like and write it down. (LED Light)

When negotiating with your wedding team, it's easy to say what you want the wedding lights to look like and what you don't want. (LED Light)


What are the simple wedding lights?


These as newlyweds need not be particularly clear, but it is very helpful to talk with the wedding lighting team, you can understand (LED Light)


1. Surface light lamp, generally composed of rear-lamp and PAR lamp.

The surface light lamp is the guarantee of photography.


2. Retainer lamp. It is a kind of luminaire that can adjust the size of aperture and spot and can be placed in any position.

Candlelight the essential lights of a wedding;




3.LED lamps, which can flash and change color, can stain the environment, and are generally used as on-site ambient light;


4. Computer pattern lamp, smart lamp that can rotate and adjust, can adjust the brightness, light spot, light beam, concentrated light and astigmatism, color change, pattern change, etc.;


5. PAR lamp: the volume is long and short, also called tube lamp. The beam is fixed and parallel. It is used for lighting the stage, supplementing the lighting of characters and environment, changing colors, etc., but it consumes a lot of electricity. (LED Light)




Consummation Wedding-Loft Wedding warehouse


Generally speaking, from the perspective of the site: artistic conception (soft beauty, romantic) site mainly to the design of lamps;

The main areas for cool display are beam lamps, LED and so on.




At the wedding of ehli ELLEWEDDING


In a word, the lights may play an unexpected role in your wedding, and good lighting is not just a matter of placing a few bulbs at random.


The more wedding lights are used, the more lighting effects, the higher the requirements, the greater the role of the lights, of course, the higher your wedding lighting costs!