What Are The Reasons Why Solar LED Street Lamps Are Easy To Break Down?

- Jul 28, 2018-

With the continuous promotion of green environmental protection, low-carbon and energy-saving life in society, people begin to gradually enhance the awareness of environmental protection.

And solar energy has also been popularized, solar energy as a kind of "inexhaustible, inexhaustible" safety and environmental protection new energy.

Solar energy has also contributed to the development of street lamps, so solar street lamps have gradually gained their current market position. To popularize solar street lamps, we need to understand the stability of our solar street lamps.

In fact, the stability of the solar street lamp is mainly reflected in three aspects: it will not turn off the light suddenly, the quality of the LED light is good, and it can work in continuous rainy and cloudy days.





1. No sudden extinguishing:

Solar street light is to absorb the sun's energy as an energy source, out of the sun to the battery charging, dark environment to a certain degree of battery will provide street lighting work operation of electricity, so not happen suddenly lights, solar street lamps use dc power supply, the probability of a tiny problems occur, and if it is solar battery problem happened, that won't happen suddenly the lights out, but will be in after a period of time gradually dim, this time we will increase the quality inspection for solar street lamps, to avoid some unnecessary loss.



2. Quality of LED light source: the light source of solar street lamp generally USES LED lamp holder, because LED lamp holder has many advantages, its lighting life is long (it can last about 50,000 hours), and it will not emit too much heat when it is used, which greatly lengthens the service life of the light source.



3, a number of consecutive rainy day can also be in normal use: solar street light is a use of solar energy to generate power, so in the day without sunshine lighting can also be normal, in the design of solar street lights and solar street lamps manufacturer will also consider these problems, then through the communication with customers, according to the customer to give the local rainy weather conditions are configured for the street lamp accessories, in order to solve local most consecutive rainy days also can work, unapt appear without electric lights.