What Big Events Happened In The Last Week Of 2018 In The LED Circle

- Dec 29, 2018-

Time flies, blinking to the last working day of this year. In the last week of 2018, the LED circle is very wonderful. Enterprises have made great efforts to share the dried goods of LED inside continuously. Next, please follow the steps of online Jun and turn cards one by one.——LED intelligent lighting

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Philips sells VCSEL business or completes acquisition on 2Q19

Philips Photonics, Philips'growing VCSEL business, has agreed to sell a 100% stake in Trumpf, a German veteran company, according to foreign media reports. Neither company has disclosed the agreed price, and the acquisition is subject to regulatory approval. Philips and Trumpf hope to complete the acquisition in the second quarter of 2019.——LED intelligent lighting

Swedish Fagerhult Group officially acquired iGuzzini for over 3 billion yuan

Recently, Fagerhult, a Swedish lighting company, announced the formal signing of an agreement to acquire all shares of iGuzzini, an Italian construction lighting company. Fagerhult will buy iGuzzini in cash and debt-free form for 385 million euros ($3.312 billion), 26% of which will be paid in new Fagerhult shares and 74% in cash.——LED intelligent lighting


On the 23rd, Jinlaite announced that it would invest 10 million yuan in Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangxi Jinlaite Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. with its own monetary fund. The main construction project of Jinlaite in Jiangxi Province is to expand the production line of emergency lights, flashlights and electric mosquito rackets (relocation, transformation and expansion) located in Binjiang Park, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, and to improve related equipment. Reform, and add some new equipment to improve the production process.——LED intelligent lighting

Flying Music Audio intends to transfer creditor's rights related to garage lighting and other items, with an estimated value of nearly 200 million yuan.

On the 24th, Feiler Audio announced that, due to business needs, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Feiler Engineering Construction Development Co., Ltd., intends to transfer its long-term receivables of 181,605,148.73 yuan (target creditor's rights) to the public on the basis of evaluation value, which is formed by taking over the project of "office area, garage lighting and control of Shanghai Central Building". Yidian Electronics Group, the largest shareholder of the company. The book value of the target creditor's rights as at 30 September 2018 was 181,605,148.73 yuan and the valuation value was 197,655,524.63 yuan.——LED intelligent lighting

Zhaochi Energy-saving Sale of 51% of Zhaochi Intelligence Equity, Transaction Price 5.1 million

On the 24th, Zhaochi shares announced that they agreed to sign an equity transfer agreement between Shenzhen Zhaochi Energy-saving Lighting Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of the company, and Ms. Gu Xiang, to transfer 51% of the shares of Shenzhen Zhaochi Intelligence Co., Ltd. to Ms. Gu Xiang, a natural person associated with the company, at the price of RMB 510 million. After the transaction is completed, Zhaochi Energy-saving will no longer hold the equity of Zhaochi Intelligence.——LED intelligent lighting

Jinlaite smashed 850 million yuan to acquire Zhongjiancheng Kaikai and took a diversified route.

On the evening of the 25th, Jinlaite announced that in order to open up new profit growth points, the company intends to purchase 100% of the total shares held by seven shareholders, including Xubaohengdu, Guoxin Mingan, Longqi Partnership, Communist Youth City Zhongjian, Shenzhen Fuquan, Sun Xiaoguang and Chen Bin, with a transaction value of 850 million yuan. After the completion of the transaction, China Jiancheng Kaikai will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Kimlet.——LED intelligent lighting

Total investment 46.5 billion! Beijing Oriental Construction of the 6th Generation AMOLED Production Line

On the 26th, Beijing Oriental announced that the company signed investment agreements with Fuzhou Municipal People's Government, Fuqing Municipal People's Government, Fuzhou City Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Fuqing City Investment Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. The 6th generation AMOLED (flexible) production line was invested, constructed and operated by the two sides in Fuqing City. The size of glass substrates was 1500 mm x 1850 mm. The design capacity finally reached 48,000 pieces per month and the total investment of the project was 46.5 billion yuan.——LED intelligent lighting

De Horrenda intends to sell 100% of Zhuhai Yingrui to Inborough.

On the 28th, De Hao Runda announced that the company and Zhuhai Inborough Electric Co., Ltd. signed the Stock Purchase Intention Agreement. Intel intends to acquire 100% equity of Zhuhai Yingrui Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dehao Runda. Equity trading price is pending.——LED intelligent lighting

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