What Do You Think Of The Lights Of The Forbidden City's Shangyuan Night, Which Exploded The Circle Of Friends

- Feb 21, 2019-

"Thousands of trees blossom in the east wind at night. More blown down, stars like rain. BMW carved cars are fragrant all over the road. Fengxiao sound, jade pot light turn, fish and dragon dance overnight. Moth snow willow golden thread. Laughter is full of fragrance. But in the crowd once and again, I look for her in vain. Suddenly looking back, the man was there, the lights faded.

Yes, it's Lantern Festival.

Over the past few days, the highest attention is undoubtedly our biggest net red, the Forbidden City. Just two days ago, the Palace Museum said that on the 15th and 16th of January this year (today and tomorrow), the Palace Museum will hold a cultural event called "Shangyuan Night of the Forbidden City". The Forbidden City will be open to the public for the first time at night for free. For a time, the fight for tickets was as fierce as the "final battle on the top of the Forbidden". The official website of the Palace Museum collapsed because of too many visitors.

This year, the Palace Museum broke with tradition for the first time, holding its first lantern festival in 94 years and opening it to the public at night. During this period, the Palace Museum complex will be illuminated on a larger scale.

Just last night, the lights of the Forbidden City had been lighted ahead of time, and were being debugged for the "big show" of today and tomorrow. According to CCTV news reports, the lights in Shenwumen, Northeast, Southeast and Wumen of the Palace Museum are being adjusted. Every 5 meters, a red light, for the Forbidden City palace wall cage on a layer of festive red halo. The plaque of Shenwumen was lighted by a beam of light. Shan Jixiang, president of the Palace Museum, said that in the future, the northeast and southeast corner buildings will be lit for a long time, not limited to the two days of Lantern Festival.

Meanwhile, the president of the Palace Museum, Shan Jixiang, also said that the "Lantern Festival" in the Palace Museum can not only be seen at night. Before the Spring Festival, the palaces and pavilions of the Forbidden City had been decorated with hundreds of palace lights. Among them, the most noticeable one is the "sky lamp" and "longevity lamp" erected by His Majesty Dan in front of the Qianqing Palace.

Litian lantern and longevity lantern are one of the most grand activities in the early and mid-Qing Dynasty. From standing to withdrawing, more than 8000 manpower will be used before and after. According to the records of the Palace History of the State Dynasty, sky lights and longevity lights are installed on the 24th of December every year. The skylight was withdrawn on the third day of February, and the longevity lamp was withdrawn on the eighteenth day of the first month. With the gradual weakening of the Qing Dynasty, the emperor of Daoguang (1840) ordered that the Tiandeng and Longevity lanterns cease to be erected after that.

The video and pictures of the Forbidden City not only exploded the circle of friends, but also aroused heated discussion among netizens.

Some people agree.

@ wyqj: Fortunately, these two "barriers" have been lifted up to now: using LED lights as the main light source to solve the brightness problem without causing "light exceeding the standard", "lighting up the Forbidden City" water to the canal; the open area increased from 30% to 80%, annual visitors exceeded the 17 million mark, becoming the most visited museum in the world, and the service consciousness of the Forbidden City changed to it. New status.

But most people say the lights don't match the buildings.

@ Crossing Flower Shadow: Why not use the old palace lanterns and lanterns? The old palace is solemn and solemn. It is really not suitable for such a bright and noisy neon.

@ Wanli dragon Wanli long: Haha ha ha ha ha ha GA 1, I personally feel that the warm lights along the eaves of the palace walls are enough.

@ Black Cat loves candy: I also feel that the lamp is full of contravention with this traditional building.

@ Residents'dormitory in Jiamengshan: The solemn and profound palace culture was destroyed once.

@ Cherry Blossom Taste Immortal: It's not the stage. The lights are too destructive to the scenic spots.

@ Spring roll: In other words, I'm disappointed with the light. I still think it's true to restore the ancient style of Tianjia Shangyuan Night Lantern created by a large number of antique lanterns, but I didn't think it was this kind of modern lighting show. [The stall] has no historical charm.

Some people are concerned about light pollution and potential safety hazards to ancient buildings.

@ Vegetation -: Lighting all the ancient buildings for fear of hidden dangers, there is no fire at all.

@ Wake up lovely: Cultural protection units, the important thing is the spread and inheritance of history and culture. If it becomes a hodgepodge, it loses its value. The incidental waste of resources, energy and ecological damage is even worse.

@ History Post-it: Have you agreed to make my home like this?

@ kkakkmoon: Light pollution destroys the sense of history and culture

According to A Jun, the nearly 600-year-old Palace Museum, as the largest ancient palace complex in the world, is the largest collection of Chinese cultural treasures in the world and the most visited museum in the world. Every move of it receives the concern of the broad masses of the people. The first night lighting of the Palace Museum is also an innovation to promote traditional culture. Praise or criticism. For lighting people, it is undoubtedly a leap forward. Light, once again use architecture to tell you stories. Let's wait and see the concrete effect tonight and tomorrow evening.

What's your opinion?