What Does LED Lighting Miscellaneous Army Depend On?

- Sep 29, 2018-

There are a number of low-end, cheap LED brands in the terminal market, which are often referred to as "miscellaneous" by dealers. There are no exclusive stores or billboards.

But it is such seemingly unknown miscellaneous in the market has a significant position, sales are amazing.

Recently, reporters on the scene of chengdu "miscellaneous" the existence of the situation and the sale of the investigation.

Low cost LED bulb

Lots and lots of clutter


Reporter survey found that both in wholesale market and retail market there are many unknown small brands, reporters walked in less than 10 stores saw nearly 20 small brands, of which more than 80% of the small brand is no contact at ordinary times, didn't even heard of, hui, enterprises including frames, the its, profit-sharing, neve, alvin, exquisite and so on, these small brands are dealer store sell better.


What does LED lighting miscellaneous army depend on?


Yang yuying, a Minnie lighting dealer, told reporters that his store initially operated the Minnie lighting brand, and later added more than 10 small brands, such as enterprise ge, ge hui, most of which were produced by small manufacturers in zhongshan, the price is very cheap, the price of a bulb lamp is only 3-5 yuan.


"The small brands we see in the market are mainly business photos, so many and messy that some customers don't really look at the brands.

In fact, the vitality of these small brands in the market is very strong, especially in the county market, because the price is cheap and favored by consumers.

It's not as famous as big names like op and raffles, but it's down to earth.

"Yang yuying said.


According to the survey, the most popular LED products among small brands in the market are 3w-7w bulb lamp, 3w-5w ceiling lamp, 1200mm lamp tube and 18W ceiling lamp, with monthly wholesale of dozens or hundreds.


So, what do these dealers say to compete with well-known brands?


Low price is the best weapon


Many LED brands, neither "bai mei fu" nor "gao fushuai", are in a passive position in the terminal battle.

You're at a disadvantage in terms of visibility;

Let's face it, big brands are making lots of money.

In order to find opportunities in the gap, the small brand on the price of the article.

In the "price war" of the past year, small brands mostly sneered at the competition.


Take LED ceiling lamps as an example, small brands cleverly "borrowed" the design of popular brands in the market, but the price is several parts lower.


"We are selling products made by zhongshan small factory. LED household lighting is the main product. The categories are relatively complete.

I feel small brand is living more moist at present stage, be less than big brand pressure, price is cheap, average consumer accepts degree is high."

Mr Fung said.


"We belong to the direct selling brand of the manufacturer. Although we are not famous, our products have enough advantages to attract consumers. The LED ceiling light in the store is sold very well and the price is absolutely close to the public."

"Said xiong qiang, a furama lighting fixture.


From the dealer's point of view, the only bargaining chip of "miscellaneous" is the price, though the price of the famous brand will not be lower than 3.5 yuan to buy a 5W sky lantern.


Nevertheless also have dealer to think, "miscellaneous card" win favor is sex of stage sex only, after all a lot of small brand are not pass in quality, still less quality.

With the improvement of LED technology, the price of well-known brands will become more and more affordable, and then there will be no market for "miscellaneous brand".

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