What If The Led Lamp Breaks Down? How Do You Fix It If It Doesn't Work?

- Jul 03, 2018-

LED desk lamp, due to the light source is LED, LED is a dc light-emitting devices, theoretically to the light, the previous generations of light source with us to the light, the traditional light source such as energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamp, incandescent lamp is communication, will follow the frequency of the input current civil power grid, to change, our country is 220 v, 50 hz) of power grid, so the frequency of communication wave makes the traditional light source will appear in the stroboscope, long-term study working in this kind of light source under the eyes hurt. (Desk lamp)

Use LED lamp, want to see you understand not understand, not all LED lamps are no stroboscopic, if is to use the desk lamp of rechargeable batteries, light-emitting panel does not directly see each LED lamp bead, no dazzle light is that it can until the protection for your eyes, please note that must choose surface is illuminated. (Desk lamp)

The other is to use constant current power LED lamps, this product, you do not understand, or to find reputable manufacturers to buy.

The led desk lamp

As the saying goes, everything will break down one day, so will led lamps.

It is believed that many people will encounter such an unexpected situation. Although led lamp has the characteristics of long life, it will also break down.

So led desk lamp is broken basically have those circumstance, led desk lamp is broken how to do? (Desk lamp)

According to the reasons for this problem to solve the problem, and see what cause, will be cut from the source, the repair is for sure, not to throw away without degree, now that can be repaired, also saved us a cost, why not do it. (Desk lamp)

Small make up here have a lot of clever move, below about the maintenance method of led desk lamp will share with everybody. (Desk lamp)


First of all, we need to see how bad the lamp is. If only the lamp bulb is broken and it doesn't work, it means that there is something wrong with the resistance. (Desk lamp)

And how do we do that?

Take this to a special repair shop for repair. (Desk lamp)

If it is to change lamp bead, it is necessary to carry out operation according to the specification that buys desk lamp at that time, the size of lamp bead and design should accord with each other, avoid safety accident. (Desk lamp)

The second case is all of the lights, less bright than before, that means that may be a desk lamp inside the battery is bad, need to replace a battery at the same time also check link and the power of the thread is broken, if it is a wire is broken, replace it, that we are unable to repair, no equipment, and can't find the repair method, the solution only replacement. (Desk lamp)

The third case is the light switch to normal, the general desk lamp can have between dark and light switch, if so, could be the governor, the interface carefully check, is there any loose or not, whether the governor is out of order, if the governor bad needs to be replaced, just stepping up strong interface. (Desk lamp)

Fourth most often happen is not light, the light is divided into parts not bright, or is not all bright, if the part is not bright, leads to such a situation has a lot of, or the circuit in the process of transportation, short circuit, or the voltage lead to light bead is broken;

Or transmission in the process of welding is not good, if so, in the case of cut off the power the lights bead is not light that were removed, ready to two-way plug into two line. (Desk lamp)


Fifth, if the charging circuit is broken and cannot be charged, it can only be used for direct power supply.

This kind of light is very easy to break down, each time pointed at the end of the use, lucky to buy a bit longer.

Defects due to circuit design combined with the switch position is not obvious often careless users in turn on the light switch position then insert the charging power supply, at this time due to the capacitance step-down circuit surge shock in the internal power supply voltage or dried up when the luminous tube a state under greater than 5 v reverse breakdown voltage, makes the parallel some of LED desk lamp of one or more damage, due to the breakdown is all light tube is in electric short circuit condition, if small desk lamp of internal battery power.

Or can charge electric also cannot light small desk lamp again. (Desk lamp)

This kind of circumstance change the socket or change a place to try to find a socket charge, can't see the light, if in a few places to try all bad, the first to find a socket plug in, the default it is charging, ran for a few hours, and then can see how long, if it can be used, then charge is good!

The electric light, then filling, can see light, not just can not charge the electricity, is the indicator light is broken, if you would light and some light is charging not bright, full of bright, look ok!

In addition to the above led desk lamp is broken, there are also a lot of unexpected situation, at present is that these are the most common, this also need careful maintenance and care for at ordinary times, avoid to touch water, avoid excessive lamp switch frequently, it will affect the use of lamps and lanterns, anyhow how bad how to solve, most people in the led desk lamp is broken is discarded, to buy one, this way is not no, since we advocate environmental protection, saving can repair to reoccupy is also a very good treatment.