What Is A Transistor

- Aug 25, 2018-

What is a transistor (also known as transistor) in the Chinese meaning is only a three-pin amplifier device collective name, we often say that the transistor, may be as shown in the figure of several devices.

It can be seen that, although they are all called triodes, in fact, the English version is quite different. The word triode is also a pictographic word peculiar to Chinese.

Electronic triode is the only English translation of the word "triode" in the English-Chinese dictionary. It is related to the earliest appearance of electronic triode, so the word "first-in" is mainly used, and it is also the original meaning of the word "triode". The rest of what is called a triode in Chinese can never be translated into Triode, otherwise it would be a big trouble. Strictly speaking, there is no such a word as a tube with three feet in English.

Electronic triode Triode (commonly known as electron tube)

Bipolar transistor BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor)

J type field effect transistor Junction gate FET (Field Effect Transistor)

Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor Field Effect Transistor

V slot type field effect transistor VMOS (Vertical Metal Oxide Semiconductor)

Note: All three seem to be field effect transistors. In fact, metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors and V-grooved channel field effect transistors are unipolar and corresponding to bipolar, so they can also be collectively called unipolar Junction Transistor.

Among them, the J type field effect transistor is a non insulated field-effect transistor, MOS FET and VMOS are insulated field effect transistors.

VMOS is a new type of power transistor with high current and high amplification ratio (cross-channel) based on MOS. The difference is that V-groove is used to greatly increase the amplification coefficient and working current of MOS transistor, but also greatly increase the input capacitance of MOS. It is a high-power improved product of MOS transistor, but its structure is different. There has been a huge difference between the MOS and the traditional ones. VMOS is only enhanced without the depletion type MOS tube that is unique to MOS.