What Is An Emergency Light

- Apr 22, 2018-

The general name of the lamps used for emergency lighting. The fire emergency lighting system mainly includes accident emergency lighting, emergency exit sign and indicator lamp, which is set up after the normal lighting power supply is cut off in the case of fire, and the trapped personnel are evacuated or launched to fire and rescue operations. But in daily inspection, there are many problems in the selection, installation and use of fire emergency lamps. Therefore, the rational selection of the power supply control mode and connection mode of emergency lighting system and the daily maintenance work directly affect the function of the fire emergency lighting system. In daily life, we should check regularly and take precautions against accidents.

The types of emergency lights: portable emergency lights, fire emergency lights, energy saving emergency lights, supply emergency lights, underwater emergency lights, rechargeable emergency lights, solar emergency lights, multi-functional emergency lights and so on.

The emergency lighting system used in China is mainly independent control type with its own power supply. The normal power supply is connected with the ordinary lighting power supply circuit. At ordinary times, the emergency lamp battery is charged. When the normal power supply is cut off, the standby power supply (battery) is automatically powered. The emergency lamp in this form has a large number of electronic components, such as voltage variable, voltage stabilizing, charging, inverting, battery and so on. The battery needs to be charged and discharged when the emergency lamp is used, overhauled and failed. The other is centralized power centralized control. There is no independent power supply in the emergency luminaire. When the normal lighting power fails, the central power supply system will supply power. In this kind of emergency lighting system, all the complex electronic circuits inside the lamps are saved, the emergency lighting fixtures are not the same as those of the ordinary lamps and lanterns, and the centralized power supply system is set in the special room.

Compared with the independent control lamps and lanterns with independent power supply, the centralized control type emergency lamps and lanterns are convenient for centralized management, self-examination, fire supervision and inspection, prolong the life of lamps and lanterns, improve emergency evacuation efficiency and so on. The system has good reliability, long service life, convenient maintenance and management, and low system price. However, because there is no standby power supply (battery) in each emergency lamp, the emergency lighting system will have a direct impact on the normal operation of the emergency lighting system, so there is a special fire protection requirement for its power supply line. Self controlled emergency lamps and lanterns with independent power supply are equipped with standby power supply (battery) in each emergency lamp, so there is no special requirement for power supply line, and the fault of power supply line will not affect the effect of standby power supply. When the emergency lamp fails, it usually affects the luminaire itself, which has little effect on the whole system.

When selecting the emergency lighting, the emergency lighting system should be selected according to the specific circumstances. In general, the construction of a new project or a fire control room should be used as far as possible in the construction process, and the centralized power centralized control type emergency lighting should be selected. For small places, later rectify or two upholstery projects, independent control type of self-contained power supply should be selected for urgent lighting.

1., the characteristics of various wiring modes must be accurately grasps so as to avoid blind wiring and can not play a proper role.

2. if the emergency lighting is used as a part of the normal lighting, a three wire controllable connection method should be adopted.

3. for multi-storey public buildings, if the control center is not set up, the emergency lighting of each part can be controlled by the local switch (single light single or multi light control) or the three line connection of the centralized control in the distribution box.

4. there is a fire control center project, in order to satisfy fire control requirements, the fire control center can open fire and emergency lighting requirements.