What Is CE Authentication

- Apr 23, 2018-

CE certification, which is limited to the basic safety requirements of the product without endangering the safety of human beings, animals and goods, is not a general quality requirement. The coordination directive only stipulates the main requirements, and the general instruction requirements are standard tasks. Therefore, the exact meaning is that the CE logo is a safety qualification mark rather than a quality mark. It is the "main requirement" that forms the core of the European directive.

The "CE" logo is a kind of safety certification mark, which is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. CE represents the European unity (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE).

The "CE" symbol in the EU market is a mandatory certification mark. Whether it is the products produced by the European Union and the products produced by other countries, the "CE" sign must be added to the EU market to show that the product meets the basic requirements of the EU "new method of technical coordination and standardization". This is a mandatory requirement of EU law for products.

The bulbs and fluorescent tubes produced by Dalian Xinghai Technology co. are all certified by CE.Safe and reliable, it can be exported to Europe.