What Is Indirect Lighting?

- Jun 28, 2018-

Normally, have local lighting lighting way, mixed lighting, general lighting and so on, the reasonable way of lighting way can change the quality of our household space lighting, still can make indoor the overall artistic effect to the maximum, then to the popular science: what is the indirect lighting? (LED Household Lights)




Indirect lighting with lamps and lanterns, or light source through the wall, the light reflecting mirror, floor, etc after a lighting effect, pay attention to is not direct will light cast like according to the content, so the indirect lighting is called reflection lighting. (LED Household Lights)



In general, indirect lighting has three important factors:



Pay attention to the distance between light source and receiving surface (between light source, wall, ceiling)


Pay attention to the shading of the light source (the shading produced by the light)


Pay attention to the condition of the smooth surface (the decoration surface texture of reflected light).




Indirect lighting can effectively reduce the direct glare (light directly into the eyes) and indirect glare (by the screen or glass reflection of light), but because of the high cost, need more tubes and bulbs to maintain brightness. (LED Household Lights)



Three elements of indirect lighting





Generally speaking, the spread of the light effect and the gap has been crucial when clearance is not enough, light is easy to be affected, so as to form a strong contrast, seems natural enough, lead to light without diffusion. (LED Household Lights)



Cover the light


In life, in order to get the ideal effect of light source, you must realize that covered the existence of light, so at the time of household space decoration lighting, want to consider the position of the light source, so that the overall effect of the light to the limit. (LED Household Lights)



Simple sense


In some is decorated in, some of the lighting designer did not consider in advance to the interior design of the material, the last of the installation may not be so obvious, resulting in bad lighting effect, it is also the most common mistake lighting design.

In addition, if the decoration surface is rough, it is impossible to get the desired lighting effect.



Lighting distribution




General diffusion lighting: 40-60% of the light flux is reflected downward


Direct illumination: 90%-100% light flux is reflected downward


Semi-direct lighting: 60-90% of the light flux is reflected downward


Semi-indirect lighting: 10% to 40% of the light flux is reflected downward


Indirect lighting: 0% to 10% of the light flux is reflected downward




Direct lighting is more economical and efficient, but if use direct lighting, must be careful not to let the light projection Angle is too large (figure 2), select the projection Angle smaller (figure 3), or lamps and lanterns will often use the anti-dazzle partition is save money and the choice of the eye. (LED Household Lights)






Indirect lighting application effect appreciation



1. Indirect lighting effect is formed when the wall is irradiated by narrow Angle spotlights. (LED Household Lights)






2. This kind of wall lamp design is a little too cool, the plank that warped up serves as chimney, avoid dazzle light, also formed distinctive indirect lighting effect. (LED Household Lights)






Wall lights hit light directly on the wall.

Beautiful ~






When installing stair lamp, might as well try this kind of illume means, practical strong, and visual effect is very good. (LED Household Lights)







5. The bedroom can also be used as an indirect lighting scheme. Build a lamp slot in the place of the background wall and install the lamp belt. (LED Household Lights)