What Is Infrared Human Induction Lamp

- Apr 13, 2018-

   This is a new generation of lighting, we will see in front of the door, the aisle or the booth, when someone walks or moves near, the lighting will open, and after a period of delay, the lighting will be re closed. This is the application of infrared light. So what is the principle of infrared induction light? Is it suitable for every family environment in us, today we will know some of the knowledge of infrared induction lights.

    When someone enters the induction range, a part of the human body is in the infrared region of the infrared first human body sensor. The infrared emission tube will send out infrared light, which is reflected to the infrared reception due to the human body's shielding reflection. The signal is sent to the pulse solenoid valve through the microcomputer processed in the integrated circuit, and the solenoid valve is accepted. After the signal is opened, the valve core is opened to control the head water. When the human body leaves the infrared induction range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve spool is reset to control the water shutting through the internal spring.

    As long as the body does not leave the sensing area, the switch will continue to connect. After people leave, it will automatically turn off the load automatically. When people go to the lights and people go off the lights, they are quite humanized, energy saving and environmental protection.

    The advantages of the infrared induction lamp are very obvious. As long as people are in the induction area, the switch can keep on. Once people leave, they will be delayed to close, the function is quite humanized, and the safety and energy saving. It is different from sound control or other induction lights. It does not need sound to avoid sound control noise, and because it is the switch of the human body heat, which avoids the loss of the invalid power. And the probe of the infrared induction lamp itself does not emit any type of radiation, and there is no radiation problem.

However, infrared induction can only induce people?The core of the so-called infrared induction is thermal radiation.Theoretical analysis and experimental studies show that not only infrared in the light of the sun, but also any object (such as the human body) that is higher than the absolute zero (such as the human body) is constantly radiating infrared. It is ice and snow, because their temperature is also far higher than absolute zero (-273.15 degrees), so they are also constantly radiating infrared. Therefore, the biggest characteristic of infrared is universally existing in nature. That is to say, any "hot" object can radiate infrared though it does not shine. Therefore, infrared radiation is also known as thermal radiation, or thermal radiation.That is to say, infrared induction switch does not only induce human body.

The disadvantages of infrared light induction lamps are:

1. It is easily disturbed by various sources of heat source.

2, when the ambient temperature is close to the body temperature, the detection and sensitivity will decrease significantly, sometimes even a short failure.

3, the effect of induction will also be disturbed by radiofrequency radiation.

4, the passive infrared penetration is poor, when the infrared radiation of the human body is blocked by other objects, it is not easy to be accepted by the probe, and sometimes it can not be induced.

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