What Is The Expression Of Urban Landscape Lighting

- Sep 12, 2018-

From the afternoon of September 3rd to the whole day of September 4th, the theme forum "24x24Talk: Urban Landscape Lighting lies in -" was successfully held in Shanghai New International Exposition Center. The forum was sponsored by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Aladdin Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Southern Network Energy and Light Asia Lighting Research Institute, and received by Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Yongdian Lighting Co., Ltd., Foshan Galaxy Lanjing Lighting Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Division, Zhejiang Yongqi Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Greenman Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Huaermei Lighting Co., Ltd. strong support.——LED lighting

This is a collision of depth, thinking, enlightenment and thought. It is an innovative feast about urban landscape lighting sharing. In urban landscape lighting, different roles have different thoughts. At the meeting, 24 speakers, including advanced city managers, designers, engineering design units and representatives of innovative enterprises from around the world, gave lectures and shared views on "Thinking of Urban Landscape Lighting" in two sessions. Among them, 12 industry experts expressed their opinions on the theme of "the expression of the city lies in -" and made an ideological collision.——LED lighting

During this one and a half day meeting, Ms. Hu Jing, Design Director of the Lighting Institute of Shanghai Fudan Planning and Architectural Design Institute, Mr. Home Qi, Deputy Director of the Semiconductor Lighting Technology Research Center of Shanghai Applied Technology University, Ms. Tian Xiang, General Manager of Zhejiang Yongqi Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., and Zhangjiang Chaoyi Multimedia System Unit of Shanghai Mr. Wang Weiwei, Director of Design, Shanghai Lightscape Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Ms. Zhen Mixiao, General Manager of Shanghai Lightscape Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Mr. Ye Yuan, Manager of Design Department of Nanjing Langhui Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Xiangyang, Director of Lighting Design of Suzhou Golden Mantis Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd., and Mr. Li Xiangyang, Director of Lighting Design of Shanghai Modern Environment Institute of Huajia Mr. Zhao Pei, Director of the Institute, Ms. Liu Xin, Design Director of Shanghai Yaton Lighting Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang Yun, Marketing Director of Zhongshan Greenman Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Yong Zhiguo, Chief Designer of Lighting Planning and Design Institute of China Architecture Shanghai Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Mr. Shi Tsunami, Associate Professor of Art School of Jiangsu University The speech entitled "expression of the city lies".——LED lighting

As the first sharer, Hu Jing, director of lighting design at Shanghai Fudan Institute of Planning and Architectural Design, said that "the main expression of urban landscape lighting is temperament." She said that the temperament of a city is a unique history of development, a unique humanity and personality of the city, and people feel the life on the street. The coming vitality is the urban spirit with the key words of religion, language, politics, academia, romance and ambition as its core. Because each city's development process, history, happening story is different, so each city's temperament is unique. Regarding architecture and landscape, the governor thinks that the most important carrier of lighting design is architecture. All architectural forms, structures, volumes, connotations, including many details, are in fact the embodiment of culture. And landscape is the most easily expressed expression of temperament and expression of emotion in lighting.——LED lighting

In the lecture, he also illustrated the differences in urban planning, architecture and landscape, urban road division, plot division, luminance of night lighting, color and temperature in different parts of the world through cases from Shanghai, Paris, Marseilles, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Xiamen, Chongqing and Changzhou. Finally, the governor said that the mass media facade now used has crossed the building and become a medium of communication. How to make good use of the media facade? And how to combine with the spirit of the city's temperament? It is worth every lighting design practitioner thinking deeply.——LED lighting

Deputy director of semiconductor lighting technology research center, Shanghai Applied Technology University

The vice director of the Semiconductor Lighting Technology Research Center of Shanghai University of Applied Technology, Mr. Home Qi, delivered a speech on the theme of "Discussion on Programmable Real-time Acousto-optic Interactive Fusion Technology". He believes that the rapid development of the lighting market in recent years, Hangzhou Xiamen, Qingdao and other large-scale urban night lighting planning, the industry to a new tuyere, but at the same time the explosive growth has also brought a certain negative evaluation. The Lighting and Characteristic Town Project has also promoted the development of the lighting industry, including lighting festivals, lighting shows and interactive lighting devices, such as art exhibitions. Lighting designers should not only draw pictures, but also reflect the contents.——LED lighting

Through the controller, the director of residence told us about the devices and scenes that scientists and technicians create light interaction. We need to pay attention to three questions: who is the light interaction with? What is the expression of the light interaction? What are the senses of the three audiences for the interaction? He thinks that light is also a parameter condition for changing light, light is also light. Light can be changed. Technologists help designers to improve themselves, or create directly interactive lighting settings. At the same time, the residence director described in detail the parameters of light conditions, the interaction of intervention, audio frequency, text patterns, image transmission, acoustooptic interaction and fusion of technical issues, how to endow lighting designers.——LED lighting

The theme of Ms. Tian Xiang, General Manager of Zhejiang Yongqi Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. was "Creating ingenuity projects with the spirit of craftsmen". Tian said that night lighting in the city's time and meetings can greatly help score, good works from the lighting designer's ideas and ideas. Good craftsmanship requires a good craftsman. To create a good project, a good designer is needed to point out the soul of the whole work, including the interpretation of the whole city, the positioning of the whole city. The plan for landing is a group of lighting construction engineers who build ingenuity projects. Lighting engineers need to invest wholeheartedly and carefully sculpt to inject good souls into the works.——LED lighting

Tian Zong said that engineering companies can only do one thing: only responsible for construction drawings. Now the EPC era has come, as long as there are determined to build a good project owners, have a very good design inspiration designers, have a very focus on word of mouth and brand lighting suppliers, when these are all available, you can create a good ingenuity project. On the spot, Tian also elaborated in detail how the engineering company carried out all kinds of deepening verification, organization, preparation, coordination and construction through the Qingdao Shanghai Summit Fushan Project, Ningbo Bank Headquarters Building and other projects, and emphasized what each role should pay attention to and play in the construction process. Finally, Tian said, building high-end, differentiated lighting projects, creating the most beautiful urban works is the future direction of Eternal Qi lighting.——LED lighting

Wang Cuiwei, design director of Shanghai Zhangjiang super art multimedia system Limited by Share Ltd

As the last speaker in the afternoon of September 3rd, Mr. Wang Weiwei, the design director of Shanghai Zhangjiang Chaoyi Multimedia System Co., Ltd. shared with the audience the viewpoint that landscape lighting lies in the integration of urban culture, how to impress customers through lighting design and make them fall in love at first sight. He believes that no matter what kind of design method the designer uses, if there is no culture, then the project is not viable.——LED lighting

Through Wang Wushan, Yunnan Huaping Carp River, Silk Road Exposition Park and other projects, Mr. Wang expounded three viewpoints related to urban landscape lighting: one is the thinking of urban landscape lighting, the other is the core driving force of tourist cities, and the third is the future trend of the lighting industry. The combination of outlook and human landscape. The core driving force of tourism city landscape is the culture of tourism itself. Lighting designers have to think about how to integrate urban culture and essence into design. For the future of urban landscape lighting, General Wang said that the lighting field is an area that keeps moving forward, the future of the lighting industry must be changing with each passing day. In the future, lighting must be built in a cross-border and integration-themed form of technology, including VR, AR, acoustooptic, film, magic, Internet thinking, and even the use of naked-eyed 3D magic night scenes to achieve.——LED lighting

General manager of Shanghai light Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

The first speech on the morning of September 4 was delivered by Ms. Zhen Xiao, General Manager of Shanghai Lightscape Culture Communication Co., Ltd., who brought in a speech on "Lighting Dimension". Zhan said she chose this theme because of the recent reading of "Three Body" which brought her a lot of thinking: Why do people live? What is the value of something we strive to do that can trigger ourselves? Zhan believes that the dimension of lighting is based on the process of urban development, each city's festival. Sculpture, towers, buildings are the main points of the city planning, such as the Oriental Pearl in Shanghai, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, etc. have become the starting point of the lighting framework. Tall buildings and signs are the first dimension of lighting concern.——LED lighting

In her speech, she analyzed the current situation and lighting situation of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Paris, New York and other important cities. She also analyzed some ideas and suggestions on lighting projects from the aspects of node, axis, region, space-time, function, dimension, smart city and so on. At the same time, it brings us a very deep thinking: the meaning of lighting is not to limit each value to express, but to give it a high-rise building designer to guide the scope of ideas.——LED lighting

Ye Yuan, design manager of Nanjing Langhui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Ye Yuan, Manager of Design Department of Nanjing Longhui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. shared the theme of "Design and Art in Urban Landscape Lighting". Before the lecture, he asked us to think about what design is and what art is. He thought design was a process, a pre-polarization of the activities of creation. Design is artistic, and good design is art itself. Ye said that art is a very personal expression of behavior, is a light and shadow of the story. The relationship between visual art and lighting design includes point, line, surface, color, light and other elements, through the composition of a beautiful artistic visual psychology.——LED lighting

Ye believes that urban landscape lighting design is largely a visual art. In landscape lighting design, the addition of points, lines, surfaces, colors, light and other elements, not only can greatly improve people's attention, but also through various forms of different strengths and weaknesses, to enhance the visual effect of people's perception, produce compact and rhythmic effect, emphasize the interaction between landscape art carriers and people, light And shadow, light and dark, black and white, in landscape design, but also can add projection devices, interactive devices, interaction with people, foil the atmosphere to produce a picture. Finally, he said, as a lighting designer, design is the platform, art is the ultimate height, our design is to high-grade art as a result.——LED lighting

Suzhou Golden Mantis building decoration Limited by Share Ltd lighting design director Li Xiangyang

Li Xiangyang, Director of Lighting Design Institute of Suzhou Golden Mantis Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd. gave a speech on the theme of "Night View of Traditional Culture and Modern City". He shared the concept of "Inn Project, Shanghai Marine Polar Park Theme Hotel, Nanjing Yuanbao Lake Project, Western Cave Lighting Show Project, Shenzhen Baidu Building" to illustrate the different projects need to be described by lighting, to be technically regulated, and to solve the problem of atmosphere and function through lamps and lanterns. In addition, different projects extract different cultural elements.——LED lighting

For today's popular urban media facade. Li said that whether designers want to do it or not, the existence of media facade is an insurmountable fact. In the current era of media elevation development, designers not only solve the problem of function, but also do a good job as a director.——LED lighting

Zhao Pei, director of lighting Institute of Shanghai Modern Environmental Institute, Huajian group

Mr. Zhao Pei, Director of the Lighting Institute of Shanghai Modern Environment Institute of Huajian Group, has brought the theme of "Sidelights of Shanghai Landscape Lighting in 2018". According to the current situation in Shanghai, Mr. Zhao expounds that he has witnessed the development of Shanghai in the past 15 years, and expresses that he is making great efforts to march into the ranks of the world's outstanding cities in recent years. He brought us the originality and thinking of such projects as the smart city on the East Bank of Huangpu River, Hongqiao Core Business District, Shanghai Elevated Facilities, Shanghai Bund and so on. No matter which picture or project reflects the illumination's understanding of Shanghai's history, linking history with future time and restoring classics. Form. It not only guarantees lighting safety, but also reflects the image of a great power. By planning from different angles, and other conventional urban planning to distinguish, only do the Shanghai characteristics of lighting, lighting creative thinking and depth are worth every designer to consider and think.——LED lighting

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