What's Black Technology Behind Deep Ultraviolet LED Disinfection

- Jul 29, 2018-

Have you heard of artificial satellites, "artificial light" that can be sterilized, have you heard of it? "Artificial light" can also be sterilized? (July 25th - 27), from the world's 4332 full class baby brands, the eighteenth CBME China pregnancy and infant exhibition, children's clothing exhibition (hereinafter referred to as 2018CBME China) in one by one.

The exhibition in the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) opened the curtain, a large number of "new" products made a lot of eyeballs, and the dark ultraviolet LED disinfection technology is also caused by the onlookers. The application of black technology to the field of disinfection of baby products not only meets the new needs of modern family lifestyle, but also drives the new growth of the baby industry.

Deep ultraviolet, a "artificial light" for sterilizing

Ultraviolet light is very common. It is light in the sunlight ranging from 10 to 400 nm (nm). It can be divided into UVA, UVB and UVC according to different bands. Among them, UVC (wavelength 200 ~ 275nm) can penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of biological cells, destroy DNA, and play a role in killing all kinds of bacteria, such as bacterial propagule, bud, virus, fungus and so on.

However, the UVC in the sunlight will be blocked by the ozone layer, and can not reach the earth, and can not be used by people. So, LED deep ultraviolet light - a man-made solar light with special band is born.

As a leading brand in the field of LED disinfection, "59 seconds", after a lot of market research, tailored a series of disinfectant products for users' pain points.

At present, the post-90s mother group has become the main force of the market. Their demand for high quality life is directly reflected in the consumption level, and the trend of minimalism, individuation and fashion is becoming more and more obvious. The application of deep ultraviolet LED disinfection to black technology is very attractive to this young consumer group.

Select a specific band to maximize the effect of disinfection

However, ultraviolet radiation is not a strong disinfectant for all bands. LED disinfection technology selects a specific band (260 - 280nm), which is the most likely to be absorbed by nucleic acids (affecting the reproduction and survival of bacteria and viruses). Ultraviolet radiation destroys the chemical bonds in nucleic acid molecules, causes the decomposition and denaturation of nucleoprotein or nucleic acids, and causes the synthesis of proteins and enzymes within the fine bacteria, thus achieving the result. The purpose of sterilizing.

In addition, some of the disinfectant products on the market choose about 185nm of ultraviolet light, which irradiate oxygen molecules in this band, which will cause oxygen molecules to break down and produce ozone of harmful gases. This is a big trouble for mothers like "cowards". And LED disinfection technology, not to 185nm around the band as the medium, do not produce ozone and other harmful gases; not with mercury as the medium, do not produce two pollution; do not add any chemical agents, the real green environmental protection.

Exquisite manufacturing technology, chip is more expensive than gold

LED disinfection technology was first used to build decontamination module components of the international space station project, playing an important role in water disinfection of space station. The 8000 chip is only 1g heavy. To some extent, 1g's LED disinfection chip is more expensive than 100g gold.

The volume of a LED disinfection chip is only 0.5mm x0.5mm, which is equivalent to a slight trace of the pen on white paper. The 8000 chip has only the weight of 1g, but a small chip may need thousands of processes to complete, and the production process is complex.

Because the energy generated by LED is huge, it is easy to cause damage to the auxiliary material of lamp beads, which has almost stringent requirements for manufacturing technology. UVC In order to prevent the copper oxidation from affecting the deep ultraviolet performance and increasing the service life of the lamp beads, the support parts of each UVC lamp bead were treated with copper plated pure gold.

"Disinfection field for mother infant market is the first step for our" 59 seconds "brand to enter the global disinfection market. Next, we will fully expand our home life, beauty and tourism. 59 second, the founder of the brand said, he also said that the company is currently focusing on the deep ultraviolet LED disinfection technology research, on chip development and packaging technology, there is a lot of room for promotion.

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