What Should Be Done With The Bakery Lighting Design?

- Jun 25, 2018-

With the accelerating rhythm of life, the bakery has occupied most of the modern people's breakfast time, a lot of office worker in order to can sleep a few minutes more, almost all the breakfast is on the side of the road to solve the bakery to buy a bread.

You may walk into a bakery a million times without knowing the lights inside because you're rushing.


Today, we're going to talk about the lighting design of a bakery.



What should bakery lighting design pay attention to?

So there's a lot of debate:


"--" key lighting must be there!"

(lighting level)


"--" is it bread or cream cake?

Partition design needs to be considered.

Bread is more suitable for warm white light around 3000K.

(color temperature)


"--" if it's an advanced dessert macaron, it requires a high color temperature, a high color rendering, but a low uniformity of illumination."

(color temperature, color rendering, environment ratio)


As a foodie in the industry, I do have some feelings about the lighting design of the food shop.

So try to combine what you've learned with what you've already written, based on what you've said.



Perhaps you are reading this article, you will not know much about the industry terms just mentioned -- lighting level, color temperature, color rendering, environment ratio.

So I'm going to take bakeries as an example in this order, and I'm going to give you my personal understanding of lighting.



Lighting levels


Just like the overall dressing and matching of the light for the space, different Spaces need different levels of light environment with different characteristics:


Basic thermal comfort needs of the "leggings" - ambient light;


The "dress" that needs to show a person, pleasing oneself -- key illumination;


Still have deck small emotional appeal "deserve to act the role of" -- adornment illume.


To design the lighting environment, we must first make the overall matching scheme according to the spatial requirements, which is the level of lighting.


Commodity display need to be more prominent accent lighting, public area is suitable for the general lighting uniformity, the configuration of this kind of style, as the party to wear evening dress, workplace dress up as well as adjust measures to local conditions.




In bakeries, ambient lighting is provided by using downlights or floodlit decorative lamps, and key lighting needs to be supplemented in exhibition stands and display areas.

In order to avoid uneven exposure to light, the vertical exhibition frame of stratified display generates shadow on bread. Generally, the lamp inside the cabinet with hidden installation is used for lighting.

The lamp inside ark still applies to take vitreous cover to exhibit ark especially, in order to avoid the illuminant on smallpox because of vitreous reflex and produce dazzle.



The facade lighting


Windows are important!

Almost every bakery has glass Windows to attract diners.




If your freshly baked bread, cupcakes, doughnuts, etc. are displayed in a transparent window, my advice is: light them up!

The goal is to make way for people to be able to perceive the existence of these little lovely people far away, let them in the light of the background lovely, let foodies in the window drool!


Compared to the level of the common lighting, vertical illumination technique is the eye-catching kingly way, so don't skimp the up here your color temperature adaptation, excellent color rendering of light source the best lamps and lanterns and light distribution equipment!



Recreational area


In most bakeries, there is always a relaxing area where you can stop and rest and enjoy the food.

We don't need aggressive lighting here.

Implicit natural diffuse transmission or half light decorative lights, more suitable to create a relaxed and comfortable and private atmosphere.


People prefer to sit in such a quiet light environment with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

And the individual character and characteristic of the shop also can be reflected through the floodlight of modelling chic.




Color temperature


Like the mood of light -- low color temperature: comfortable warmth;

High color temperature: cool and cold.

Whether in the beautiful "taste" or "Paris bei sweet", we can get in open shelves surface greasy focal yellow croissants, also can from the glass cold fresh tank wrapped in white cream fruit cake, appropriate color temperature is the key to make the food more appealing.




Figure: warm yellow light around 2500k-2700k is suitable for glazed toast, bringing a fresh and fresh effect.




Photo: cream cakes that need to be refrigerated and preserved are more suitable for a slightly cooler 4000K neutral white light.


On the basis of the uniform color temperature of the large environment, such as 3000K of general lighting, the color temperature difference between the relatively low exhibition cabinet and the exhibition frame will not destroy the overall indoor effect, and it is not easy to cause the surprise of customers.




Photo: Beijing shuangjing fuli city bread new language, bread area and cake area use different color temperature.



Color rendering


Color rendering represents the ability of light to restore the original color of the subject.

Say popularly, the colour sex of the light is taller, the colour that is illuminated object more bright-coloured inviting.

Therefore, the color rendering of light source is the key to the appearance of bread and cake.




Bear the brunt of the best halogen light source color, warm white or neutral white LED, fluorescent lamp, at least you want to use this index: Ra > 85, R9 > 0 (red color), to create a "delicious" light environment.

We can even feel the soft texture of the cake and the fresh aroma of freshly baked bread under the high color light.




Environment than



This is the ratio of the luminosity of the subject to the ambient luminance. The higher the ratio, the more obvious the contrast between light and dark, the more prominent the subject will be.

Whether it's a nearly bright 1:2 environment ratio or a slightly more dramatic 1:5 environment ratio, it works for bakeries.


The environment ratio of bakery is not fixed, and the choice of light environment ratio is one of the important factors to locate the consumer group.

Compared with the dramatic environment, customers will have the psychological feeling that "the bread in this shop is more upscale".

The uniform and bright light environment will make customers feel "this shop is very friendly".


And the choice that decorates face material, lubricious department, to the guest subjective brightness experience also plays important role.

Can be in white, the indoor space that light color fastens for fundamental key, make even and bright light environment easily;


In black, brunet fastens, cold tonal indoor act the role of a face environment, can make dramatic space freely.

If you have to do the opposite, such as creating a flat space in a dark interior environment, you may be paying more for energy.




Photo: light color is indoor space.




Picture: dark interior space.



It's time to pick up the chestnuts again.

I hope to create a fresh and pleasant bakery. According to the above analysis of lighting Tips, this bakery is divided into public walkways, exhibition areas, rest areas and cashier areas by region.


1. Uniform basic lighting was constructed for the indoor environment in the way of uniform lighting distribution, with a color temperature of 3000K;


2, exhibition shelf and cases to give priority to with light inside ark, ensure that goods will not be ignored, each layer inside the lamp color temperature of the separate choice, 1.5 meters high bread exhibition 2700 k, and a little short of cold fresh ark chose 4000 k;


3, rest area, color and color temperature are halogen light source is the first selection of the area just good, gentle light sprinkling down through the chimney, both food and enjoy the food, all look beautiful;


4, and other stores, the cashier area is the face of bakery, in addition to need accent lighting guarantee function, can also be used to wash the wall lighting add one bright spot for the setting wall of the cashier, and don't forget, facade lighting but suck eyes magic weapon!




Through the above analysis, I believe you have some knowledge of bakery lighting design.

However, the specific problem still needs specific analysis, because no design method is once and for all.

The best lighting environment should be integrated with architecture, interior design and the spirit of the place, so as to bring people the comfortable experience of natural light and have their own character and characteristics at the same time.