Which O2O E-commerce Mode Is Most Suitable For LED Lighting Industry?

- Sep 14, 2018-

Looking at the existing O2O model, some have built their own platforms, some have relied on other platforms, some have played by themselves and some have played together.

But what is a good business model?

In my opinion, the core of business model is human service. Only when people bring better experience and services, can a good business model be a good one that complements the existing model.

Give consumers a good shopping experience


The O2O model makes full use of the advantages of the Internet, which is trans-regional, borderless, massive information and massive users. At the same time, it fully mines offline resources to facilitate the transaction between online users and offline commodities and services. Group-buying is a typical representative of O2O model.


For users: they do not need to go out, they can easily get the information of merchants and comprehensive introduction of the services provided online, and the evaluation of consumers can be used for reference.

To reduce the cost of sales through direct online consultation and communication;

There are online booking, personalized customization, home service and so on, customers can get better shopping experience.


Bring more tangible prices to consumers


Beyond the experience, it's easier for consumers to care about the price.

The O2O advantage can directly realize the brand to consumers, reduce intermediate links, low price, convenient purchase, and timely get discount information.

In addition, the O2O model has greatly expanded the sales channels and reduced the marketing cost of merchants.

The energy saved can be spent on improving services and improving product quality, so the price of sales will naturally be more advantageous.


It brings innovation to existing models


The first is the full utilization of social resources.

Uber, for example, is a classic example.

An app that allows you to buy a private car ride service from your phone.

Here's how it works: download the Uber app and ask for a ride;

Within a few minutes, a private car arrives in front of you (the app can track it via GPS);

You can choose to use that car;

You can also find out the distance and route map of each car to you.

Payment and tips are done automatically by credit card.

Although the cost is higher than the price of a taxi, its comfort and speed are incomparable.

Obviously, it is very competitive because it can bring great innovation to the taxi industry.


Such as lamps and lanterns of purchase, consumers more concerned about quality, design, installation and after-sales service, if the lighting industry through the integration of all resources can one-stop solution, through online booking, design of the door, the door installation of electric power industry, "the last kilometer", let the goods to the fastest speed to consumers' hands, this will be particularly welcome consumers.