Who Are The Competitors Of OSRAM In China

- Dec 11, 2018-

Yesterday in the circle of friends, I saw an article "Analysts Detail OSRAM's Business Strategy Upgrading - LED inside". Author: LED industry analyst Wang Fei. This article was written very well, and it also triggered some personal thoughts of me. So I logged on to the dusty public name and shared my views with 1412 fans who still haven't cancelled their concerns.——LED Christmas light

There are nearly 10,000 LED companies in China, big and small, but enterprises that can become OSRAM competitors need to have several hardware conditions:

1. Epitaxy, chip R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

2. Research and production capacity of LED devices.

3. Application design and R&D capabilities in subdividing areas.

After screening these conditions, we found that there are few left, and only a few people in China. It's nothing more than SN, DH and JN.——LED Christmas light

First of all, say SN, the company is located in Ludao of BRICS Conference, the first brand of small and medium power chips in China. Extension and chips are top-notch in China. The encapsulation link has TD with the largest EMC production capacity in China, and LMNS is also known for its technology. Subordinate enterprises TD is an international first-class brand OEMC products, quality control is also a first-class level. LMNS was founded in the United States, and the initial acquisition cost a lot. Although many members of the original team in the United States have left, the product is still in the background. Optical engine products for special lighting applications can only compete with OSRAM. However, SN lacks the ability of application design and R&D. What we mean here is not the simple lamp application, but the research and development of high-end applications, such as the application side of vehicle lighting.——LED Christmas light

Summary: SN has epitaxy, high-end chip research and development level, large-scale capacity level and packaging capacity can match OSRAM. What is lacking at present is high-end chip research and development and advanced application layout.——LED Christmas light

In addition to DH, corporate headquarters and the core competitiveness of Gree coexist in the same city. Industrial chain layout is also quite perfect, from the extension, chip to packaging, application has a wide distribution. Recently, the company and Lumileds had a patent dispute, and in a fury, Lumileds and Apple were sued in court. Its flip chip and flip-chip high-power devices have indeed opened a new door to the domestic packaging situation. At the same time, it holds the first value brand of domestic lighting in the common lighting application end.——LED Christmas light

However, there is still a big gap between the international giant PK like OSRAM and its high-end manufacturing. The company's inverted high-power device products have also passed the gauge level certification, and have been applied in some domestic automobile factories. In automotive use, besides headlamps, other automotive lighting can be partially PK with OSRAM. The field of headlights is limited by the manufacture of high-end chips, but there are some deficiencies. Limited by the chip technology route, it has not been involved in the fields of infrared security, iris and face recognition, sensors and so on, which can not compete with OSRAM.——LED Christmas light

Summary: DH has the core technology of visible light extension and flip chip. The production capacity of packaging products is not large. The packaging products have now entered domestic factories, mobile phone manufacturers and other applications. The application of high-profit market segmentation has not yet been involved.——LED Christmas light

In addition, JN is the leading technology company in China, and its technical route is unique. In terms of epitaxy and chip technology, it is at the first-class level in the industry and has won the first prize at the national level. In packaging products, the company's product positioning is the international first-class C enterprise, not OSRAM. With the booming domestic rear-loading lamp market, the company makes full use of resources for market layout, and has made considerable achievements. On the application side, the company has subsidiaries that focus on road lighting. It is also limited by the technology route of the epitaxy end, only in the visible range, and no other products can compete with OSRAM products.——LED Christmas light

Summary: JN has the advantages of government resources and capital, and has acquired an early LED listed company through investors. In the extension and chip side, the lack of advanced technical advantages, packaging end can only rely on joint ventures to enter some high-end applications, such as automotive and mobile phones. A special subsidiary company has been set up on the subdivision of automotive lamps and lanterns. To compete with OSRAM, further technical improvements are needed.——LED Christmas light

Above all, I think there are potential competitors. There are many domestic enterprises focusing on chips, such as HC, among which small power chips are also remarkable. There are also many listed companies focusing on packaging products, such as HL, RF, JF, JK and other enterprises, which also have strong competitiveness in packaging products. The application side has more super-large capacity enterprises like MLS, and purchases some of the original OSRAM business, which has a strong competitiveness in the general lighting market.——LED Christmas light

However, the advantages of OSRAM are particularly obvious, focusing on high-end quality, high-end technology and high value-added product applications. Domestic enterprises also need a long time to accumulate technology and brand influence to compete with OSRAM.——LED Christmas light

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