Who Will Win The Next Generation Of LED Small Spacing Display Technology Debate?

- Jul 02, 2018-

There is no doubt that 2018 will be the harvest year of the LED small space display screen, from the beginning of the year COB packaging technology attract attention, and to the near period of time, many enterprises in the LED display industry have launched MINI LED products successively, and the outbreak of MINI LED technology has been a hot topic, which not only indicates that the LED display screen manufacturers attach great importance to the small distance of LED, but also to the LED distance of LED. Small screen display technology is striding forward and achieving great success. Then, when the small spacing to the thunderbolt of the whole LED screen industry sweeping the entire industry, MINI LED and COB as the most advanced, the most mature small space technology, who will win the market to win the favor?——LED intelligent lighting

Four in one packaging technology breakthrough MINI LED successfully landing

In mid June, many enterprises have launched a new generation of small spaced LED display new products - MINILED. As we all know, MINI LED is the application of LED crystals with 100 micron or below particle size. This smaller crystal particle is almost 1/10 of the traditional 300 micron size LED crystals. Although the smaller particle MINI LED saves the upstream cost, reduces the distance between the downstream terminal pixels, and realizes the minimal spacing display of 0.2-0.9 mm pixels, it also means a higher technical challenge for the mid stream packaging technology. And the new generation of MINI LED new products can be successful to the ground, it is because of the breakthrough in the middle reaches of the packaging technology challenges, the implementation of the four in one array of packaging technology applications.——LED intelligent lighting

Four in one packaging technology can be regarded as a compromise strategy between traditional surface mounted lamp and COB products: there are four basic pixel structures in a package structure. This not only simplifies the technical process, reduces the difficulty of the "table paste" welding, but also helps to repair the bad light of the small space LED display screen, and even meets the needs of the manual repair on the spot. In addition, with the help of four in one technology, the surface paste technology is very important. Now, the application of 1 spaced surface paste technology can produce the minimum 0.6 spacing LED display, which greatly inherits the most mature technology of the LED display industry, and realizes the "low cost" of the terminal processing link. At the same time, four in one packaging technology, as a "smaller crystal particle LED" display technology, not only supports a more detailed display screen, breaks the long existing bottleneck of the mainstream product spacing, but also effectively tackles the problem of pixel granulation of the LED display, which greatly improves the firmness of the whole screen, and brings a better view to the audience. Feel the experience.——LED intelligent lighting

Thus, the four in one packaging technology not only reduces the cost of research and development, but also has a significant improvement in the display effect and experience. This has also become an important core factor for the success of the four in one technology, and the four in one technology is expected to be a "black horse" in the small space display area.——LED intelligent lighting

COB packaging technology pays attention to the unlimitable prospect of development

COB technology is also a new LED encapsulation technology, which is different from the traditional SMD pasting package. He integrates the light-emitting chips in the PCB board, effectively improves the luminous color of the LED display screen, and achieves the effect of reducing the risk and cost. It is understood that the small spacing LED display using COB packaging technology has been known as the second generation of small spacing LED products, its pixel spacing between 2mm and 0.5mm, is the future of LED small spacing HD display. In particular, from this year, the COB small space LED display market has shown a high growth momentum, known as a number of high-end smart dispatch center market "pet".——LED intelligent lighting

Of course, the reason why COB packaging technology can receive such great attention is the unique advantage of its application on small spacing LED display. For example, after COB encapsulation, the traditional "table sticking" process is no longer needed, and the reliability of the whole system is improved by omitting a step of high temperature and high precision process. In addition, the small spacing LED products in the application of COB technology, natural "non granular display", the quality of uniformity, color curve and visual angle are different. The COB packaging technology has also become the best technical path to enhance LED's "visual comfort" and "experience effect". Data show that in 2017, the sales of COB small spacing LED screens increased by more than 200%, which is nearly 4 times that of the whole small spacing LED market.——LED intelligent lighting

The technology of industrial upgrading needs to be perfected

Although MINI LED technology and COB technology are constantly improving, and gradually mature, but at this stage, there are still some limitations. As far as COB technology is concerned, the cost of R & D technology is still too high. At present, it is mainly used in the field of "no money", such as high end indoor command and dispatching system, and can not occupy the whole LED display market on a large scale; the four in one technology also has its disadvantage. In the packaging stage, the space between the final product display pixels has been determined, So that the middle reaches of the packaging enterprises must provide more specifications of the four in one lamp beads, so that the upstream and downstream industry chain cooperation is more closely.——LED intelligent lighting

On the whole, if MINI LED technology and COB technology complement each other, it will bring more perfect choice for customers, and the coexistence of a variety of new technologies will certainly play a major role in promoting the development of the industry. However, it is just like the first direct technology to the table paste technology. The application of small spacing technology in the market will enable us to win a large and small gap market and become the mainstream of the industry development. So who can win MINI LED and COB? Let's wait and see.——LED intelligent lighting