Why Are LED Lamps Bad In Summer?

- May 13, 2018-

Don't know if you have found that both LED bulbs, LED ceiling lamp, LED lamp, LED project-light lamp, LED mining lamp, etc., in summer it is easier to bad, is higher than the probability of bad winter very much, is this why?

The answer is one: lamps and lanterns radiate not good, summer weather temperature is relatively high, LED lamp illuminates also can heat, lamps and lanterns is to burn out.

So what causes it?

1. The thermal conductivity of the lamp is not enough. For example, the existing low-quality light bulb is full of plastic, and there is no heat dissipating radiator.

2. The heat dissipation design of lamps and lanterns is not reasonable. Many lamps have no heat dissipation design at all, so they can be assembled directly with accessories. Without scientific testing, why not?

3. The installation environment is unreasonable, the LED lamps and lanterns installation requires certain heat dissipation space for heat dissipation, and the installation environment humidity, LED lamps and lanterns in damp environment, also easy to bad, because the LED lamps and lanterns are of electronic components, once wet lead to easy bad impact performance.

For this reason, only the user is using his or her own attention.

Summary come down, summer LED lamps and lanterns is apt to be bad, main still is lamps and lanterns ability quality and use a problem, in choosing lamps and lanterns, use lamps and lanterns to need attention in the process.