Why Is The Small Spacing LED Display More Suitable For The Visualization Requirements Of Command Center?

- Mar 27, 2019-

With the rapid development of the information age, while fully enjoying the cloud computing and big data dividend, people inevitably encounter the "bombardment" of massive information. Therefore, how to effectively collect, process and utilize massive information in traditional industries to improve work efficiency has become the first obstacle to be overcome. The key to solve this problem lies in how to realize the efficient sharing of information and optimize the communication efficiency of personnel in various departments and departments. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to information visualization in the field of information centralized control application.

Today's control room market as a high-end market of the pyramid of LED display market, not only can it provide products, but also has stringent requirements in the overall application. Small spacing LED display has been widely praised and favored for its advantages of seamless, excellent picture quality, flexible use and rich information content on the same screen. It can be said that small spacing LED display greatly meets the needs of command and dispatch center.

Multi-advantages of small spacing and perfect matching of command center scenario requirements

As we all know, the command and dispatch center needs to display more complex and rich signals than video signals, which puts forward almost stringent requirements for products and technology. For example, high resolution fine display, high gray level restore display, high refresh rate, high consistency and uniformity, low noise, low heat dissipation and so on, even put forward high requirements for the comfort of long-term continuous viewing.

There are many distinct advantages in the application scenario of command and dispatch center for small spacing LED display. Firstly, the most important feature of command and dispatch center application is that it runs uninterruptedly all the time. To cope with the huge amount of data, it requires strong information gathering, rapid response, overall coordination and comprehensive dispatching ability, while the stability, reliability and durability of small spacing LED display products and equipment are required. Easy maintenance is the key to the selection of command and dispatch center. The new appearance design of small spacing LED large screen makes it easy to disassemble, beautiful and generous, and can effectively reduce the failure rate of display screen caused by wiring arrangement, which greatly reduces the human and financial investment in later maintenance.

Secondly, the temporary emergency command and dispatch center, facing the emergency treatment of major events and natural disasters at any time, may appear various environments and emergencies in emergency command. In addition to stability, the natural conditions of low air pressure and low temperature in high altitude areas usually require that the display screen is easy to install and transport, while the small spacing LED screen is usually light and thin, and can be flexibly disassembled. In emergency command, it can flexibly respond to various environments and emergencies.

At present, the large screen of command center needs to meet the needs of super-high resolution and large picture display. It collects, stores, manages and presents real-time large picture information such as geographic information, road network map, meteorological cloud picture and panoramic video. The advantages of small spacing LED screen lie in the lack of seams. A unified picture can avoid the embarrassment of splitting the picture between units. There is no brightness difference between cells. These undoubtedly put forward higher requirements for the comprehensive manufacturing strength of enterprises, which also leads to a wide variety of small spacing LED products on the market, but only a handful of high-quality small spacing LED display products are really suitable for high-end areas such as command and dispatch control room.

Smaller spacing or future trend of command center display

The advantages mentioned above can be seen that in the future, small spacing LED large screen will be more and more popular in command and control room applications, and become a sharp tool to effectively improve communication efficiency and realize efficient use and sharing of information in the information age. But at the same time, small spacing LED display still has many technological shortcomings to overcome, enterprises need to continue to increase R&D efforts and investment to innovate.

The smaller the point spacing, the higher the resolution of the picture quality, the more delicate the content displayed and the larger the visual area. This fully meets the requirements of the command (control) Center for picture details. However, due to the limitation of the existing small spacing LED technology, the display screen of the command and control center needs to be more perfect when facing up to the black screen and looking sideways. In the future, the application of small-spacing LED display in command and control room will be more intelligent, digital and networked. For example, in traffic command and dispatch center, small-spacing LED intelligent display will be bound with real-time information of traffic network, and display in all traffic routes. The display screen can be controlled and displayed in the LED screen of the traffic dispatching headquarters. Through intelligent prompting, the phenomenon of urban traffic congestion can be greatly reduced and traffic accidents can be reduced. Small spacing LED display products used in command and dispatch center field, more importantly, R&D needs more user-level operators to design and develop, in order to truly solve the user's personalized needs, and ultimately win market recognition.

With the rapid growth of information and the continuous improvement of technology demand, traffic dispatch, enterprise display and data monitoring are increasingly dependent on the help of small spacing LED display screen. As a command center and dispatch hub, it is more and more important to coordinate the overall situation of the information window. Therefore, the LED display panel will have a broader development space in the field of monitoring and scheduling, and it is also an important force to promote the growth of the market scale of LED display application. The emergence of small spacing LED display screen in command center is not only a technical inevitability, but also an active market choice for enterprises. It is also an instinctive driving force for enterprises to pursue capital efficiency and expansion. In the future, with the market opening trend becoming more and more clear, the profitability of products has increased dramatically, and the unprecedented market enthusiasm of small spacing LED display will be ignited. In the future, if the small spacing LED display of command center can make greater breakthroughs in high definition and intellectualization, the product competitive advantage will be further reflected.