Why OLED Light Source Has No Blu-ray Harm

- Apr 01, 2019-

  1. Spectrum of OLED

 Sunlight、OLED、LED Spectral distribution

The ultimate goal of OLED light source is to become natural light. Because OLED has a spectrum distribution equivalent to natural light in the pure state without any treatment, OLED can be said to be an efficient green light source.

2. Detection Report of OLED Light Source

Test report

Standard Implementation: IECTR62778:2014 Application of IEC62471 to assess the hazards of blue light sources and lamps technical requirements: the true brightness of the lamp L < 10 000 cd/, the use of blue light hazards at any distance of the lamp (or the lamp system using the lamp) are not dangerous. Test results: L = 2892 CD /, no dangerous category; single judgment: measured value

Spectra of Common Light Sources

Among the commonly used indoor light sources, the color temperature is 3000-4000K. As can be seen from the above figure, incandescent lamp (tungsten filament lamp) and OLED are ideal light sources (spectrum). The advantages of incandescent lamp are low price, but the shortcomings such as electricity consumption, easy heating, inadequate illumination are gradually abandoned. OLED light source is a new mainstream light source in recent two years, especially in the field of visual desk lamp. However, the high cost of OLED makes some consumers hesitate.

The author suggests that we should choose a good light source for our family, work and study, and choose OLED light source with no difference of money. Its life span is 30,000-40,000 hours, a lamp of 1,000 yuan is not much money for 10 years and a day. Of course, tungsten filament lamp can be selected appropriately in terms of price, and the overall brightness of the house can be improved appropriately (i.e. turn on the main lamp + the desk lamp).

In addition to creating a good light environment and choosing high-quality lamp, the most important thing is to use our eyes scientifically. After all, there are many blue lights in electronic products. Finally, proper outdoor sports, pay attention to diet and rest time.

Eye-loving, eye-protecting, scientific eye-using, eye-bathing sunshine.