Winter Solstice Banquet For Thousands Of People

- Dec 25, 2018-

On the 16th of the 18th lunar year,

At 6:22:38 on December 22, 2018,

Winter solstice.

Nearly a hundred tables are arranged neatly. Thousands of "new Guangzhou people" working in Guangzhou and local "old Guangzhou" people sit around the table, eating steaming Tangyuan while sharing the dribs and drabs of life in the spike. This is a scene in the Wei's ancestral hall of Lijiao in Haizhu District of Guangzhou on December 22, the winter solstice.

A public welfare event with the theme of "Guangzhou Winter Solstice to Home" was held here. The event was launched by Times Cultural Travel and was co-sponsored by Rex Lighting, Food Missing, Shuke and that city. Thousands of "New Guangzhou People" were gathered to eat Tangyuan at the winter solstice to feel the warmth of "home" in a foreign country and arouse people's attention and inheritance of traditional Chinese culture.

Winter till New Year's Day, a city warms up a group of people

Twenty-four solar terms are an important part of Chinese traditional culture, and the winter solstice is one of the most important traditional festivals. Everywhere there is a saying of "winter to New Year's Day". People drifting outside have to go home to celebrate the winter solstice.

A friend who came to participate in the activity said to Xiao Lei, "I'm a foreigner. I've been in Guangzhou for three years. Guangzhou has a good place and a lot of delicious food. Next year I plan to settle down in Guangzhou. How beautiful is it? Today is the first time to eat dumplings with so many people for the winter solstice. It feels warm to go home."

"Today's activities are very heart-warming, Guangzhou is a city with temperature, I like it very much." This friend from Shiyan, Hubei, said to us that he graduated two years ago, is a full science and technology control, and is now working hard for the goal of settling down in Guangzhou. "In the future, my home, no matter what style it is decorated into, should be scientific and technological, furniture interconnection intelligence is convenient, think it's cool." He said happily.

Beautiful Guangzhou, Open, Inclusive and Good Taste

Like many people we interviewed, many people living in Guangzhou believe that Guangzhou is a "warm", "warm", "belonging", "open and inclusive" city. Guangzhou's urban culture has created the character of Guangzhou people, and the human atmosphere in turn has shaped the image of Guangzhou, so foreigners are willing to come and stay.

On the same day, Chen Yang, a well-known media man in Guangzhou, exchanged with you on the spot and shared his understanding of the local culture of Guangzhou. He said that Guangzhou's personality is like swallowing noodles - tolerant, real, rich and tasty. This city, for the inclusion of foreign things, from the diet, foreign population and other aspects can be seen. Going to the teahouse, drinking herbal tea and eating midnight food, Guangzhou people's protection of traditional culture falls into every day of life.

We have reason to believe that the warmth of Guangzhou is due to the people living in Guangzhou.

Gathering together and calling for the inheritance of traditional culture

The Winter Solstice Home Event was held in Guangzhou Westerners Ancestral Hall, which was built in the forty-third year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty. It has a history of 403 years and is a typical representative of Guangzhou's traditional culture. Here, you can feel the strong traditional cultural atmosphere, while leaving a good memory of the city of Guangzhou.

Therefore, in this festival of reunion and warmth, many new Guangzhou people who can't return home on the winter solstice are gathered and spoken in this unique way. They deeply feel the warmth and tolerance of Guangzhou, which is the city. They also make more young people pay attention to and understand the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

Speaking of reunion, many people will think of the moon, "I wish people a long time, thousands of miles are beautiful." The moon is a symbol of reunion since ancient times, a round of bright moon family reunion, moonlight whispers happy.

In order to make the scene more warm and reunion atmosphere, the Art Exhibition of "Lighting, You Are Not Alone on the Road" was launched by Royce Lighting. Together, it will illuminate every inch of the way forward for all of you. The winter solstice is not lonely.

"Moon" is an art exhibition created by the pioneer artists after 1990 who graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Rays Lighting. So far, more than a dozen cities at home and abroad, including Singapore, Jerusalem and Taiwan, China, have been exhibited, which has attracted a lot of praise and people who come to punch in and take pictures.

The vast sea of people, encounter occasionally, warm each other. During the winter solstice, thousands of people gathered in the traditional ancestral hall. We worked hard together, warming time and flowing years. There's light and you too. It should be the warmest, most interesting and coolest story in the world.

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