With An Area Of More Than 5,000 Square Meters, Hon Hai Has Built The World's Largest LED Plant Factory

- Jun 03, 2018-

By hon hai chairman terry gou, yong age foundation, in order to save the August cyclone were destroyed in the village of the villagers and bumped into a world of agriculture, organic farm, established the permanent age now in addition to Taiwan's hon hai men get yong age farm out organic vegetables, the mainland now foxconn also built the world's largest plant factory, from may start to eat home-grown vegetables.

Hon hai, foxconn's use of old factory building space has created a world's largest plant factory, covers an area of 5000 square meters, owns 14 planting layer frame, daily output can reach more than 2.5 tons, in May this year, can supply foxconn family kitchen employees, let employees can also eat the nontoxic and healthy.

Plant factories using technologies such as LED lighting, the culture medium, in indoor planting, with non-toxic, no insect pest and so on characteristics, can pick food, foxconn plant operation process of the factory building, have been used in scheduling and logistics automation.

In addition, different from traditional farming works by experience, foxconn plant factories can also set up the wisdom of databases, to collect environment parameter, growing, the data such as scheduling, lays the foundation for later to each big factory, still can share data at the same time, for small and medium-sized plants to provide experience for enterprises.