With The Help Of Intelligent Lamp Pole, Finland Wants To Use 5G Technology To Build The World's Most Intelligent Road.

- Mar 14, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, Finnish businessmen and the city government of Inko have a bold plan to build a road with the highest degree of global intelligence.

According to reports, the road will use 5G technology, and its network will cover the extension of Route 51 between Siuntio and Karjaa in Inkoo municipality, which is 31 km (19 miles) long and 54 km (34 miles) west of Helsinki on the southern coast of Finland.

The Inco Municipal Government will cooperate with Karis Telefon and Tammisaaren Energia.

In addition, Nokia will provide 5G technology for smart lamp poles.

The intelligent road belongs to Lux Turrim 5G project. Each intelligent lamp pole will be equipped with network base station and antenna, which can be used to create 5G network. The intelligent road will be equipped with 620 intelligent light poles, which can only be interconnected in stages at present.


Robert Nyman, the mayor of Inko City, stressed that the project was still in infancy and that there was no clear plan for its implementation. The reason for this wording was that the ultimate decision-making power for future road development rested with the state government, not the municipal government.

Another reason is that the project has not yet been funded. Nyman estimates that the cost of infrastructure is only 2 million euros ($22.66 million). One possible source of financial support is Business Finland, whose Smart Mobility fund can provide 50 million euros ($57 million) for the transformation of the transportation industry.

If the project is approved, the digital trunk road will be able to use the C-V2X network installed in the intelligent lamp pole to realize road test of auto-driving vehicles.

The Technical Section ensures that the AV obtains continuously updated information on road traffic flow and driving environment. At the same time, the AV communication system and sensors can also be interconnected with other vehicles and basic vehicles (V2V and V2I) to enhance the safety of vehicles on Intelligent roads.

Many information and functions brought by C-V2X will undoubtedly improve the driving safety of human drivers.

For Route 51, the improvement of road safety has far-reaching significance. As the main road in the west of Helsinki, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency ranks it as one of the most accident-intensive roads.

The road is a moose collisions accident-prone area. Between 2012 and 2015, the average annual collision accident rate was 17, including one fatal traffic accident. If 5G technology is introduced, when large animals approach, warning information will be sent to the road to inform the existence of vehicle-reindeer collision accident risk.