With The Help Of The New Factory, The LED Enterprise Hongqi Dingyuan Enjoys Rapid Growth In Operation

- Jun 25, 2018-

Recently, Taiwan factory in succession announced may performance sheet and expressed the view to this year's operation, the overall trend is good.

Among them, hongqi dingyuan also performed well, the new factory assist of hongqi, display orders and other driving forces, Q3 looks prosperous.

Dingyuan expanded production, sensing component delivery strong, rapid operation and temperature increase.

Acer continued to warm up this year after reporting its best performance in recent years last year.

The new joint venture in China started production last year, and the third quarter will be better than the second, led by a peak season for consumer electronics and display orders, acer said.

Macro qi transformation efficiency continue to show, well out of the red last year, the annual net profit per share 1.12 yuan (nt $, the same below), is the best level in nearly three years, as open to inject new capacity, combined with infrared output see growth. The company is optimistic about this year's performance.

Macro, points out that last year and China LED industry joint venture guangzhou hong qi, macro qi has a more than fifty percent stake, after the unit was set up last year, in April this year start small production, delivery the shipments still not quite, monthly shipment amount about nt $10 million.

Macro, revealed that small start-up guangzhou hong qi now for the first phase, the second phase has started in production equipment, hope to the end of the year the factory monthly shipment amount can reach 30 million yuan, and across the break-even point.

Macro, think that operating season 2 is roughly the same as season 1, but there's a gap between expected earlier this year, with the company was mainly affected by partial order deferred, so far, these deferred orders for the third quarter is expected to come back, for q3 operating optimism.

Looking afternoon, macro, said that the current e-sports related products, including laptop computers, office machines, handheld devices, etc., the company listed as consumer products, about fifty percent of revenue, in addition, the display is about three to forty percent, the two products has reached the macro operating about ninety percent operating.

So far, the third quarter consumer electronics related shipment relatively optimistic, display, maintain smooth, but growth is relatively weak consumer electronics, however, as a whole, operation is expected to season 2 is obviously better than the third quarter.

In addition, ding yuan announced several may profit from, the monthly profit of 48 million yuan, up 19% from the same period a year earlier, the after-tax profit per share of 0.16 yuan, has more than 1 quarter of 0.03 yuan and 0.14 yuan in the first half of last year.

Due to the full capacity of ding yuan sensing components and the new capacity input incentive in the second half of the year, the company estimated that ding yuan's earnings per share could reach 2 yuan this year.

Ding yuan sensor 12 - new plant a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan, is the largest ChanChang over the investment, the sensing element related revenue will be under the new factory to join the challenge of 60-70%, is expected to gradually out of the LED industry price war, the new factory is the first stage equipment production capacity will reach 30000 pieces of lei 6 inch wafer.

The outstanding lamps are produced by xinghai technology company.