Xin Nuo Fei, The Age Of PHILPS Lighting In The Internet

- May 24, 2018-

In the 80s of last century, PHILPS lighting was the first joint venture in China. It was one of the first foreign investors to set up a joint venture and made a satisfactory report card to the Chinese market. Facing the complex competition pattern of the global economy, we should push ahead with the transformation, transformation and innovation and development. It can be said that PHILPS lighting is the success of the localization strategy of the international brand.

The layout of the Internet of things, the strategic banner behind Xin Nuo Fei

The new track of the smart city is coming. The new and old LED enterprises, which seize the intelligent "cake", are coming in to try to attack the field of Internet of things. For PHILPS, transformation is already imminent. In March 16th, PHILPS lighting announced that the company would change its name to Signify, the new company's name derives from a new definition of lighting: light has become an intelligent language to connect and transmit information.

In May 14th, Xin nofly announced the acquisition agreement with Shenzhen Lei Ming Technology Limited (Lei Ming Technology), which will buy the manufacturer of the Chinese urban landscape and building facade lighting and control system, and further strengthen the leadership position of the huge and fast growing urban landscape lighting market in China.

In May 16th, PHILPS lighting officially opened the new big China headquarters building using intelligent interconnected lighting technology and announced the company's Chinese name for the first time. This day is the first day of PHILPS lighting, the first international light day (International Day of Light), the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


It clearly expresses the vision and goal of the company: opening the extraordinary potential of lighting and creating a "shining world and a better life". PHILPS lighting with the best age, Chinese name is given a more rich meaning, embodies the company with more than 127 years of history, as the rising sun, the new, and always adhering to the concept of innovation, adhere to the Chinese market commitment to achieve the leap in the era of the Internet of things development.

This is undoubtedly the highlight of PHILPS lighting in 2018. Standing in the era of the Internet of things, the starting line for Smart City wins the battle. This is a more huge industrial ecology. In China, the Internet of things industry in the context of the "Internet" strategic pattern has already had unprecedented promotion conditions, PHILPS lighting plays the role of promoting the "core productivity" of the distribution of the Internet of things in the LED industry, with significant development potential.

The transformation of the global leap and the leader of the industrial change

The Internet of things has become a globally recognized new engine for economic development. As the industry has said, the transformation and development trend of the Internet of things industry step by step into the bowl of PHILPS lighting. PHILPS lighting, dedicated to the Internet era of lighting companies, has deployed 29 million intelligent interconnected lighting points around the world and plans to launch the Internet for all of its newly produced LED products by 2020.

Mr. Wang Yun, the senior vice president of Signify and the president of Greater China, revealed the next global layout of the company when he was interviewed by reporters. Ubiquitous lighting is the core of the Internet of things. PHILPS lighting has developed a blueprint for future intelligent city lighting and Internet of things services. We hope that PHILPS lighting will make its own contribution to improving the quality of life, improving the way of daily life, and expanding the global city, to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable development.

With the rapid development of the domestic consumer market, PHILPS lighting pays more attention to the Chinese market and increases its investment in China. From the perspective of turnover, the current proportion of PHILPS lighting in the Chinese market is around 8%. "We hope that in the next few years, we hope to increase the share of the Chinese market by increasing its share in the Chinese market through its own growth and merger in the next few years," Wang Yun said. Greater China is one of the largest PHILPS lighting markets in the world. The second largest R & D center of PHILPS lighting is set up in Shanghai, China, which is rooted in China and serves the whole world. It has made long-term commitment to Shanghai and China.


PHILPS lighting this renamed, in addition to strengthening the global team operation management, but also shows the strategic layout of the new smart Internet market. After the renamed PHILPS lighting global layout blueprint, through the official opening of the intelligent interconnected lighting technology to create the new Greater China headquarters building has already begun to show clues. And a series of development plans after renaming PHILPS will continue to advance orderly.

Rooted in the classic qualities of the past, we can see the unpredictable future. With more than 127 years of history, Xin Nuo Fei, founded by PHILPS company in Eindhoven in Holland, continues to lead innovation in the professional lighting and consumer lighting market. There is no doubt that PHILPS lighting will always stand on the top of the wave is an enterprising spirit of innovation. At present, PHILPS lighting is changing from the idea of selling products to selling service, actively adapting to the new normality of the development of the lighting industry, constantly adjusting the development strategy, transforming into a service provider with high added value, and promoting the overall innovation and progress of the industry.

The Internet of things will be the next "important productivity" to promote the rapid development of the world, and will become one of the core driving forces of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. The strategic transformation of PHILPS lighting will also become another weapon of the group card position in the interconnected times of all things in China. It will drop a strategic chess piece for its future overall layout.